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The Dream they call SEREEN


Poems dedicated to sereen by DR Publication


Author: James Lynch   2009  - Model Sereen   Location Hawaii

We are Nature, The dream they call SEREEN


Peter Max Dedication to SEREEN

     Learn more about Pamela Anderson and her book Title "Star"


In Florida, Esther Wood Leigh was dubbed “Star” by her best friend when they learned from a Streisand movie that Esther means star in Hebrew. Star spent her school years hiding her intelligence from her friends acting the cutup though she received straight “A”s in her classes. She works days at Talon's Nail and Tan Spa and nights at Mother Pearl's Steak and Oyster Emporium. Star enjoys her life though she would prefer more time playing volleyball or having wild sex with her boyfriend, but believes something is missing.

Star attends a Dolphins game with her friend Brandi and a few other pals. That leads to accompanying Brandi on a photo shoot at Visage Studios. The photographers take shots of Star too because they think she is beautiful. Suddenly over night, a Star is born as she graces the cover of Mann Magazine, ends up with a guest role on the TV show Hammer Time, and finally becomes a sensation on the show Lifeguards.

Star wonders if playing the role for her fans and the media as a dumb blond pinup with “no” brains all the way to the bank is worth it?This not so disguised biographical fiction is a well written fun tale that shows not only does Pamela Anderson have the ability to write, but as she did with her series VIP, she satirizes her life.

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