Immortal Blood line of the Vegan Pharaohs is not under Iran or US jurisdiction. Immortal Zoroastrian prince Sereen is exiled, to this day remain to be a proud citizen of Iran and a proud resident of the United State.

  This page is what is left of Sasanian Persian Empire

Pure blood of Sasanian Persian Empire who swear allegiance to his majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

No mortal can hide the truth Believe in Freedom

Iranian authorities confiscated all my family's real estate worth tens of millions of dollars, burned all of  my family's portraits, stole every valuable we owned, including gem quality precious stones and near priceless jewels as well as hundred of thousands of dollars of furniture.  Only a few images of my family have surfaced on the Internet, and a few others were saved by me.  Those I saved included a family heirloom which dates backed to the Sassanid Persian Empire.  This vessel is Iran priceless treasure and ancient artifact.  Throughout history no publication of a photograph of this artifact has been seen until now.  Thousands of similar vessels were made from  the 7th to 18th centuries, but none of these imitations hold any information like this vessel, no are any of these copied signed by Ali himself.  The vessel was made and signed to keep a peace treaty to end the war between the conquering Muslims invading Persia and the Iranian royalty preserving their position, as well as to preserve the Persian blood line as a pure blood of Persia.  The most respect aristocrat blood line of the Sasanian Persian Empire.

Muslim Peace treaty signed by Ali himself

by Shias - Ali as the first Imam

Carved in Arabic and Byzantine languages to unite two cultures in peace in the name of Muslims god Allah and Sasanian Persian Empire sun logo and immortal Angels.

The vessel was made and signed to keep a peace treaty to end the war between the conquering Muslims invading Persia and the Iranian royalty preserving their position, as well as to preserve the Persian blood line as a pure blood of Persia.

The only blood line in the Persia that Muslims are not allowed to harm and must protect and preserve or will be criminals in the eyes of Ali and Allah.

The Muslims have broken their own peace treaty in 1979 and 1997 when they have assassinated my Father and have committed genocide against the Persian race.


Iran and Egypt divine angel vegan Immortal Zoroastrian Princess Shirin of Persia

Immortal Zoroastrian Princess Shirin, the descendant of royalty is the owner of the ancient artifact dating back to the Sasanian Persian Empire. The royal females of her blood line have always demanded to be treated equally as men.  The artifact has been handed down by the princesses from mother to daughter for more than a thousand years.

Every female in Shirin's blood line has pale blue eyes.  These women were the most beautiful, independent spirits of Persia. Every female who held this artifact were named Shirin.

The only blood line in Persia that the Muslim respected untill 1979 was my family's.  Shirin's images represented the pure blood of Persia.  Her name is a legend in Iran. شیرین

Behind the masks that we wear

We are a people filled with despair

Many afraid for their lives

So many women so many wives.


Covering our selves as if with shame

We have only our selves to blame

If we had stood and raised our voice

Given the vote to the peoples choice.


I stand now and throw down the mask

I Know This will not be an easy task

My voice is heard I say my case

I Stand For my self and the entire human race.


I was born Who I am I shall not Hide

I shall show the world who I am with Pride

No more masks shall be worn By me

I stand before you as Myself.....

I am free.

Princess Shirin and her brother Prince Dariush.

The tale of the beauty of Vegan Immortal Zoroastrian princess Shirin spread from Persia in to Egypt, Every aristocrat in Iran came for her hand in marriage before she was even a teenager as the custom then in Iran was to take a child bride, but her mother, whose was forced to marry while still a child (which comported with Islamic law), refused these proposals and sent Princess Shirin to Egypt for safe keeping.



Queen fawzia of Iran and Egypt had rename herself and her son and doughter to Shirin.

Never seen picture of Princess Shirin and Prince Dariush in Iran 


Immortal Zoroastrian princess Shirin reentered Iran and she meet her love, my father, a senior staff officer, who would in time become one of the most powerful generals in the Air Foce of Iran.  Her life was like fairly tale in Iran until 1979.



مرگ بر شاه 

ما میگیم شاه نمیخوایم​ نخست وزیر عوض میشه. ما میگیم خر نمیخوایم​ پالون خر عوض میشه. نه شاه میخوایم نه شاپور​ لعنت به هر دو مزدور

Tribute to all these heroes

After the victory of the Islamic revolution in February 1979, my father was one of the very few trusted members of Pahalvi dynasty to stay inside Iran and keep fighting against the Islamic revolutionaries under the order of his Imperial Majesty Shahanshah Aryamehr.  Every single man in this picture are heroes of Iran.  These men all have been assassinated..

I lite this candle in the memory of the Imperial Iranian Air Force of his Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi as they have bravely and selflessly defended the torch of freedom in Iran, even to the point of giving up their own lives, so that we could continuously have before us examples of self-sacrifice which would serve to encourage us to preserve ourselves and Persian culture for future generations.

Persia – A place of, unrest and blood shed gun shots and screams coming from the streets as the Guard of the New regime broke down doors and took away anyone who was close to or part of Mohammad Reza shah Pahlavi Family and his top aids.. One of the Families caught up in the complicated web of change was that of a General in the shahs army that would take him away from his wife and four children . His wife being of Egyption blood  Fled to Egypt with the help of the United Nations and made sure her sons were out of harms way, then she flew back To Iran to save the rest of her sons that she had to leave behind and husband who was held captive and being tourcherd, For a while She managed to have her husband freed but this moment was short for he was soon arressted again with new charges .No man is Immortal but through his children he shall live forever he was Excuted in 1997 by Mohamad khatami.

Protest out in the street and out side Vegan Immortal Zoroastrian Princess Shirin resident Muslims demanding that she has to cover up and convert to Islam or be hanged for every Zoroastrian to see.  In 1979 every single image of Vegan Immortal Zoroastrian Princess Shirin and her entire family was burned in Iran.  This page is what remians of her tale.  Islamic Republic of Iran to this day claim that Vegan Immortal  Zoroastrian Princess Shirin has a Jewish ancestry and is not from Zoroastrian ancestry and she had committed suicide right after her husband assassination in 1997.

Believe in the Vegan angels, the light of the Aryamehr is in your DNA.  Evil won in Iran in 1979.

Zoroastrians regard the existence of evil as necessary and that men achieve goodness through battling it. They also view life as struggle between the Angels and the devil Ahriman (Prince of Chaos and Darkness) and believe that man has a free will to choose between angel and the devil and that gods has given man intelligence to carry out the fight which provides man with the insight that the good life is sometimes hard but the consequences of evil are worse. Angel power is almost equal to that of evil.  

The world of Vegans.

In the Era of Sasanian Persian Empire the angels lived amoung the living.  Immortals.

 "The immortals" were named by Herodotus of Greece when he entered Persia.

All the Kings and Queens came to Persia for the hands of the most beautiful of Vegan Immortal Zoroastrians in marriage.

The image of Vegan Immortal Zoroastrian Princess shirin

The image of Princess Shirin as Pure blood of Persia

In 1979 every single image of Vegan Immortal Zoroastrian princess Shirin and her entire family was burned this page is what remians of her tale.  

Immortal Zoroastrian princess Shirin's images represented the pure blood of the Sasanian Persian Empire.  The only blood line in the world that was protected on the direct orders of Imam Ali.  

Her images are Royalty free.  Disrespect to them is disrespect to sovereignty of the Sasanian Persian Empire, Her images are divine as a symbol of Immortal beauty of Pure blood of Persia in Egypt and Iran.

The world of Vegans before Islamic invasion.   Where animals and humans lived in peace once in Persia love ruled.

The Arab conquest of Persia led to the end of the Sassanid Empire and began in 644 A.D.  The fall of the Sassanid dynasty in 651AD.  Millions of Zoroastrians were converted by the sword to Islam and forced to eat meat , and those who did not submit to the Muslim invaders were killed or enslaved. For the next 1400 years and still to this day, faced with violence and discrimination later by christians , the Zoroastrian numbers began to shrink dramatically; impoverished by heavy taxes and forced to live as a second-class citizen in the very land of their ancestors, now numbering less than 150,000 world-wide.  and Handful from Mazdayasna faith blood line who are alive amoung us as superhumans direct ancestors of a Pharaohs "Aryan race.

Being pushed into oblivion, misery, and near-extinction only the immortal Genetic code rediscovered West to Zarathushtra. and Vegetarians

The temple of fire was destroyed by Christians

Persecution of Zoroastrians was the religious persecution inflicted upon the followers of the Zoroastrian faith. The persecution of Zoroastrians occurred throughout its history. The discrimination and harassment began in the form of sparse violence and forced conversions. Christians are recorded to have destroyed fire temples. Zoroastrians living under Muslim rule were required to pay a tax called Jizya.

Zoroastrian places of worship were desecrated, shrines were destroyed and Churches built in their place. Many libraries were burned and much cultural heritage was lost. Gradually there were increased number of laws regulating Zoroastrian behavior, limiting their ability to participate in society. Over time, persecution of Zoroastrians became more common and widespread, and the number of believers decreased significantly.

The end for Vegans. U.S. and EU foreign policies will help achieve and preserve this race Mazdayasna faith Vegans of Zoroastrian's in Iran.  Vegans in Iran are endangered species who are of Aryan bloodline.  The children of the light of Aryamehr.  There are very few  Persian Vegans lett in the world.  Persian race is on edge of extinction.

Untold story of Princess Shirin of Iran divine angel of Egypt.

A true love story and a power of pure blood of Sasanian Persian Empire

The rumors were true that Princess Shirin did reenter Iran.  She went under the mask of evil to see her husband and child.  It was a suicide mission, but she was a strong, independent woman.  Many who knew her or knew of her, were shocked when she enter Iran as if they had seen a ghost.  She brought with her the ancient artifact so divine that even the Muslims were at their feet with supernatural words in the Arabic and Byzantine languages.

She meet her husband and her child.  But this moment was short lived as she had to leave once again bescause the rumors of her return were spreading, and her life was seriously in danger in Iran.  At first she refused, but her husband assured her that her son would be safe without her, and both her husband and son will return to her.  On his promise and that hope she agreed to leave.  She wept for days as she left and cursed those who had caused such evil that had spread across Iran.  She admonition was that no child should be left behind by a mother.  The vowed that these revolutionaries would pay for this sin.

She said that no one in the world could comprehend the pain and evil that she had seen in Iran.  After 1979 she vanished from the history of the Persian Empire.

After her husband was assassination in 1997.   She refused to speak of Iran.  She has no interest in politics, nor in the media whose lies sabotages the Iranian monarchy.

She said part of her died with the Iranian Empire, and that no human on earth can fix what was broken, like a broken glass.  She has now sacrificed her entire life only to raise and nurture her childern in Egypt.

Iran could have been one the most powerful nations on earth, but Iran lost it all. We lost our Freedom

Now that Iran has  face evil you know to believe in Angels.

Love                Peace             Freedom

Good Deeds            Good Thoughts            Good Words

Bring Cyrus declaration back to Persia and Iran will be free Vegan Immoral Zoroastrian Princess Shirin

شیرین بدیعی  

Immortal Zoroastrian prince Sereen of Iran DNA report ,  Heir to Vegan Immortal Zoroastrian princess Shirin of Persia.

 "Immortal Zoroastrian Prince Sereen of Iran is "Pure blood of Persia"