This page is what is left of Sasanian Persian Empire.  

Immortal  Zoroastrian Prince Sereen the heir to  شهید خاک وطن " سرهنگ بدیعی " and Immortal Zoroastrian Princess Shirin.  

I lite this candle in the memory of the Imperial Iranian Air Force of his Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi as they have bravely and selflessly defended the torch of freedom in Iran, even to the point of giving up their own lives, so that we could continuously have before us examples of self-sacrifice which would serve to encourage us to preserve ourselves and Persian culture for future generations.

Untold story of the last royal blood of Sasanian Persian Empire Prince Sereen.  I wish I was never born in Iran.  My life has been a living nightmare from betrayal and sabotage.  But what ever my future brings I want the world to know the truth and not lies that are published by the Islamic Republic of Iran on its websites and in its newspapers.  

When an aristocrat becomes a pornstar you will know that the world is about to end.  At least my world came to an end.  I watched my father die.  I do not need to be classy anymore.  As a Persian aristocrat I was taught everything from how to greet foreign dignitaries to proper etiquette including even the correct Persian method of eating, to drunk only in crystal goblets and eat on the finest china.  I have always tried to be a good role model as a child, even under the harsh condition of Islamic law.  My father tried his hardest to bring me up as if nothing was happening even though I was escorted by imperial guards for my protection and was never able to go anywhere by myself.  Finally, after my father's assassination I broke free.  The media walk out of Iran, and the Islamic Republic of Iran tried to hide everything they did from public scrutiny.  It was not until I did my porn that the Iranian people were asking about me and my family.  Now the world will know what has happened to the royal blood of the Sasanian Persian Empire, and Persians will know the truth about Iran.  Not from the media whose lies have sabotaged the Iranian Pahlavi monarchy but by me on my official website which is Iran's highest rank web-site.  Mine is a story so powerful that even the Islamic Republic of Iran and the world media can not hide it anymore.  And everything in is royalty free because I simply do not care what anyone thinks.  I am free, and I will never live my life to please the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian people who look down on my life.   What have the Iranian people who criticize me done for my father who was assassinated and died in Iran for the Persians? These critics did nothing.   What makes you think I am going to live like her majesty Farah Diba or Prince Reza Pahlavi as if nothing is happening in Iran? Nor will I commit suicide like Princess Leila Pahalvi and Prince Ali Reza Pahalvi?  No I am Immortal Prince Sereen of the Sasanian Persian Empire, and I am a warrior, and I do not care what the world thinks of me.  My roots are deep in Persia, and my message and destiny transcends the Islamic rape of my country.

سرین بدیعی شاهزاده پارس

This is for all the Fans and for all Americans who I have come to love.  Iran will only be freed by Iranians and Persians, not American bombs.

The American people should not have to die to free the Iranians,  The Iranians must free themselves.  As the royal blood of Persia and not involved with the media, I speak for my nation and its people, for that same nation whose rulers have sent me into exile.  The people of Iran had taken their freedom for granted when they overthrew his Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi .  Now having lost their freedom to these criminal mullahs, it will not be easy or cheap to regain it.  It will take much blood and great sacrifice.  No one should take their freedom for granted.  It must be protected, guarded with our lives, as it can be lost so easily, so quickly and without knowing it is gone.

Iranian people committed treason by handing over sovereignty to the Islamic Republic of Iran and now they are suffering.  Iranians are illiterate and ungreatful people and now they need to fight their own battle for freedom

The Iranian people to this day hate his Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah and hate everyone who was an aristocrat or wealthy or powerful under his Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi , calling them  an American or British spy.  Everyone in Iran today is divided.  Now there are numverous groups and each group has a different motive, seeking personal wealth and power and not the unification and cohesion and prosperity of Iran and all its people.

I have lost everything to Islam, and now I am known as a pornstar. The Islamic Republic of Iran had my father assassinate and confiscated all my family's real estate, stole every valuable we owned.

And Iranian and Persian people did absolutely nothing, and let the Islamic Republic of Iran publish articles falsely and slanderously accusing me of being a satanic pornstar in Iran.  

They have disrespect my actions as inferior to their superiority.  They have lost all respect for justice and reasonableness and condemn my actions which are my ultimate sacrifice to seek freedom again in Iran and for the Iranian people.  For it is only if my behavior is tolerated can we truly say Iran is really free again.

Sereen fled Iran after releasing his Porn.  Sereen's quest for freedom drove him to the edge of doing the potential suicide of doing porn in Iran.  That courage has made immortal in Iran, even so that the Islamic Republic of Iran can not hide Sereen's story anymore, and they are now forced to publish lies. Iran one and only openly bisexual pornstar who stand against all religions.

سياست يعني دروغ اندر دروغ... در ظاهر با أمريكا مخالف هستند ولي در پشت پرده أسلحه ردو و بدل ميكنند تا اينكه سود فروش انرا بدست آورده و جوانهاي شيردل مارا با دست خود ايراني كشته شود.  با نام دوروغين اسلام بهجت زهرا را به جهنم خميني تبديل كرد ... خميني كه در فرانسه زير دست دشمن خوشگزراني ميكرد.. دشمن ايرانيهارا خام كرد و ماهرا چشم بسته بسوي مرگ و بدبختي كشاند... ديگر ظلم بس است كشت و كشتار تا كي .. بيدار شو هم وطن و آزاد كن وطنت را تا نسل آينده در رفاه و نعمت زندگي كنند. نه اينكه مانند أمثال من از ايران بودنم خجالت زده و سر إفكنده باشم ... إيراني عظيم و با تاريخي كهن.. يادت بياد جشني كه خدا بيامرزدش شاهنشاه ما در تخت جمشيد شيراز سألها پيش گرفته بود و همهء سران دولتهارا دعوت كرد ... تا آن حال كسي از قدرت و عظمت ايران خبر نداشت ... اصلا ً نميدانستند ايران كجا هست در نقشه عالم ... اري ايران ديروزي را بياد آور و ايران امروز را ببين..أيا ميخواهي فرزندانت و نوه هايت در ايران امروزي بسر برند... البته اگر برايشان اميد زندگي باشد. بيدار شو و بخود بيا اي هموطن .. شجاع باش مانند شير و به گرمي خون  أجدادت كه به گرمي خورشيد شعار تو .. شير و خورشيد ... مانند شير باش و به گرمي خورشيد ...بيدار شو اي هموطن تا خودت كاري نكني كسي به دادت نميرسد بيدار شو هموطن بيدار كن ديگران را آزاد كن وطن را از دست مزدوران خارجي ... پدر و برادرانت كشته  شدنت نگزار نوهايت هم كشته شوند. همت كن خدا با تو است و قدرت در دست تو .. دشمن از شجاعت  تو بلرزه درميايد.. او از تو ميترسد.. تو نبايد از او بترسي.. دست در دست هم دهيد و بقيام شجاعانه برخيزيد خدا يار شماست.. به اميد موفقيت پيروزمندانه حتمي ..مرگ يک بار شيون يک بار 

سرهنگ بدیعی شهید خاک وطن  


To this day the Islamic Republic of Iran burns Sereen's photographs and Persian films.  No website in Iran is allowed to use Sereen's images or publish anything about Sereen, his father or family,  unless, of course, it is lies that are published by the Islamic Republic of Iran on its websites and in its newspapers.  In their very own controlled media they have claimed that Sereen has a Jewish ancestry and not from Zoroastrian ancestry.  Inspite of Sereen's images with Farohar the Zoroastrian guarding angel in his forehead, in his bracelet and in his pornographic materials.  This shows the world how illiterate these thugs running the Islamic Republic of Iran are.

All Iranian Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai's publications are prohibited in publishing anything about Sereen or his family.

They have hidden my story but now they can't hide it anymore is Iran highest rank website.  I want justice for my father.  I will not let them get away with Murder.

Iran and soon the world will know of my story.

Lies that are published by the Islamic Republic of Iran in their very own controlled media, with Hezbollah and Mujahideen blog that sabotage every Persian aristocrat and helping recruit and send men to fight in jihadist groups for assassination. Mujahideen blog with lies that sabotage Immortal Prince Sereen

A life without freedom is not a life worth living

To this day I have remain to be a proud citizen of Persia .I am proud to be Persian.

The difference between royal blood and common blood.

When I enter United State I thought every Persian will come to my rescue.  Instead they have refuse to publish my story becouse of pornographic nature of my work.  Some even went as far as making fun of my english knowing that I have never spoke english before entering United State.  This page and my story is now for the world.  No human can hide the truth and walk away from murder.  I did it all alone.  My story grow by people and not media.  Today is Iran highest rank website more than any Persian celebrity and even Reza Pahlavi who is the crown Prince of Pahlavi Monarchy.

I get insulted when American think of me of some Persian celebrity or Pornstar, my site have higher rank than any celebrity more than   Just becouse Zionist media have kept my story in the hidding.  It does not mean that I do not exist.   I am pure blood of Persia my DNA is 100% Jew free.  Do never assume that you know me.  Just becouse there are less of me and I am forced in to exile and there are more of you it does not mean that we are all the same.  You will all still address me as Immortal  Zoroastrian Prince Sereen.  I am now for the world to see.    Not all human species are the same.   " The immortals" were named by Herodotus of Greece when he entered Persia.

Mujahideens and Jews can publish all the lies they like but

Here is my DNA for the world to see .

100% Jew Blood free DNA.

If Shah and my Father were alive today they would have been ashamed of all Iranians and Persians, but again I live free like a royalty while they are all misrable refugees.

I have refused all help from US government I have kept my diginity and Persian Pride.  I hope other Iranians and Persians will learn from me to be honest and follow my footstep.  I have no desire to speak english I want to go back home and speak Persian.  I am not British.  I am Proud to Persian.  I will remain to be a proud citizen of Iran I know in my heart my people will call my name in time.  Save me so I can save the Persian Empire from Arab Muslims invaders.

When I enter the United State I refused help from US government who has founded Mujahideens in the past.  I have been self supporting with my porns and other work.  I do not need American taxpayers to pay for Iran's mistake and my misfortune.  I am the royal blood of Persia, and untill my death I will remain to be a proud citizen of Iran and self supporting resident of the United States.  As long as Iran suffers at the hands of the criminal mullahs I suffer with it and will try to save it.  As a United State resident I will try to save the Americans from depleted uranium and cancer and help you deport Muslims in order to prevent America's destruction like Iran.   

My life is just like 911 once upon time my father was like the towers in Iran.  He stood tall and was indestructible but now he is a dust.  Iranians listen to the media and believe their stories just like the Americans.  Iran most powerful general was assassin in Iran and media hide his story and mine as if he never existed.

While all the Iranians and Persians hate on me for doing porn and being sexually promiscuous in Iran and now in the United State.  Iranian war refugees out of Iran sure have very strong opinions about me and how I should behave in presenting Iran.  Savages who to this day still promote religious rituals and belong to different cults.

I am proud to be resident of the United State, but I want everyone in the world to know that I am here not by choice but by force, fleeing Iran to save my life.  I loved my home in Iran, and I had no desire to leave it behind.  I would rather be known as pornstar who put himself through college than a refuge who collects America's hard earned tax dollars to live off  of.  For what is happening in Iran now I cannot act like nothing is happening.  Alot has happened.  A Sasanian Persian Prince is a pornstar now.  I also wanted the Americans to know the truth of your government.

In 1947 United State and Soviet Union began spreading influences in Afghanistan, led to bloody war United State backed Mujahideen forces.  In 1980  insurgent groups called the Mujahideen received military training and were backed by United State military.  They are the same group of Muslims who have made blog in Iran and they want to kill me.  Same group that United State military wants to kill now.  Your very own creation and media cover up just like 911 and my story.  Google Soviet war in Afghanistan for the true story.

I was brought up to be honest and have self respect and dignity, to never accept charity or hand outs.  I am a self made man.  I never hide my face nor ashamed that I had sex on camera.  My only regert is I wish I would have made more gay porns in Iran.

To all Persians and Iranians: I do not care if you hate me or love me.  I am not doing porn for your entertainment.  They are made to educate you becouse you are a nation of illiterates.  You need to learn that nudity and gay sex is not a sin.  As the royal blood of the Sasanian Persian Empire who has one of Iran's divine treasures, I am obligated to educate you.  I do not have any plan to offend anyone, but Iran is the most zealously homophobic country, even worse than Russia, and the African nations.  Iranians now kill gays like turkeys on thanksgiving.  It is time for the world to face this very important issue that is caused by the lack of education which education is demoed to them by the religious leaders.  We all must work to bring Iranians to think for themselves, to question their leaders, to not accept what these Mullahs dicate as God's word.  They know less about what God wants then you and I.


Too All Americans Deport Muslims in order to prevent America's destruction.   Iranian Muslims are even worse.

A real glimpse into the Persian monarchy and Persian race.  The true history of Iran and wars over oil a story of sabotage and betrayal by world media.

گوگوش موذی دو چهره که اسلام و مسلمون بی سواد جنایتکار را نیازش می کند برای جذب ثروت

Truth will always come out.  No one can hide it.  Iranians yet again try to promote Islam in television in the United State.  

Soon enough they will try to turn United State in to Iran and Sweden.  I wont let them.   I will wake up the Americans.  I will deport every single Muslim before they can turn USA in to Iran and Sweden.

Help me Deport Muslims Click Here

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin.  Islam is death.  Deport every Single Muslim and their fans back to their Muslim nations.

Javid Shah

Iranian and Persian flag of love, Peace and Unity

Lion and sun.

Pahlavi Monarchy

Sasanian Persian Empire.

Muslim Peace treaty signed

by Shias - Ali as the first Imam

Persian Flag

The Islamic Republic of Iran has published that I have stolen from Iran, as Shia Muslims, they wish to claim Iran's most priceless and divine treasures, one of which is in my possession. The Muslim Peace treaty which they have broken in 1979 and 1997 so I have taken my artifact out of Iran.

Anyone who is Jews, Christians, Muslims and Bahai's are Iranians.  Persians are Zoroastrian and believe in complete freedom.  American people  know very little about the Persian culture and race and our Monarchy.  It is true "Persian race is on edge of extinction" Iranian people are scam artists.  As most Americans and people around the world are aware of that by now.  His Majesty Reza Shah Pahlavi was very strict about our ways and procedures.  But unfortunately after his death her Majesty Farah Pahlavi did not enforce the Persian laws and correct procedures.  She went in to hidding and left the media to publish their version of truth.  Which was all lies and sabotage.  In 2004 when the queen broke her silence it was too late. Iranians had committed genocide against the Persian race.  And Pahlavi Monarchy had lost all powers.  She had her share of tragedy when Princess Leila Pahalvi and Prince Ali Reza Pahalvi commit suicide.  No one that lived this sabotage can last.  We all lost a loved one and them who survived it are so hurt that some can no longer go on.  Iranian refugee's and reporters and the world media who had nothing but contempt and hate for his Majesty Reza Shah Pahlavi and all Persian aristocratic families.  Iranians are ungrateful people with lake of gratitude which make it very hard for anyone to go on as nothing has happend when it did.  We are all homeless and can not go back to our own homes.

Today I stand tall as once my father did next to Shah with all respect to Pahlavi Monarchy.  I no longer wish to hold back and here to demand for Justice and will enforce the Persian law once again very strict Just like Shah.  I am not willing to compromise or here to be political about it.  I am going to save Iran and promote complete freedom and let my people to fight for it.  I am going to do it all and no one in the world can stop me.

My name will be covered in Gold in Iran, and Iran will fight for the freedom that my forefathers have granted them.

Sereen.Com  legalized same-sex marriage , prostitution and pornography in Iran.   

 This law will take effect in Iran whether you like it or not.  Trust me I will make sure of that.

As in 2013 My Every Image is Royalty free world wide for war against Evil.

I fear no evil and I want the world to know the truth not by media but me. present the true royalty of Persia.  I am here to show the world the difference between Persians and Iranians  My blood line is traced back to Sasanian Persian Empire and my life will be recorded in the Persian history one day.  Iranian people and their media are just like republicans they live in their very own bubble and not the real world.  No one like them anymore and their ranks reflect of their popularity.  

If you are parents, learn that your sin of accepting injustice will be a burden for your children to carry.   What you do and teach them?  It will be the blood they carry.  Hate and wars exist only because of your teachings. Sereen.

Iranians, gays and females are essentially submissive people who are ready to serve.  These people have no inclination to resist, and this has allowed the condemnation and discrimination by religions very powerful across the world.  For the most part, in most places, and for most of history, these minorities have laid low instead of fighting prejudice and injustice perpetuated by religions on them.  خودم كردم كه لعنت بر خودم باد

As long as you live in fear and are submissive you will be abused and controlled.  The Muslim Mullahs and even every day Muslim citizens control adullts in Iran as if they were childern.  In Iran no one could control me. I had sex with whomever I wanted and never hid my face.  Muslims in Iran had no power over me becouse I choose to be free and refused to be a submissive slave.  I am a warrior, not slave to an Arab mullah.  I would rather die than  get on my knees and pray to a mortal as a prophet.  I believe in immortal angels.  I am Zoroastrian.  

Emotional reunion 13 October 2013


Prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire.  Visit the Cyrus Cylinder at Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades emotional reunion to the ancient Persian Empire, and Pahlavi Monarchy.  Iranian's have ruined my life and Iran.  Muslims brought nothing but bloodshed in to Persia.  I hope my people will end it and fight for freedom that was granted to them by my forefathers.  I like to thanks the British museum for putting Cyrus Cylinder on display for the world to see that Iranians are illiterate and ungreatful people and now they need to fight their own battle for freedom and end Islam.  They have killed my father but they can not kill his spirit, he live within the Cyrus Cylinder.  I was with my father today in 13 october he came to California for my birthday.

The Declaration of Human Rights written by Cyrus the Great has been hailed as the first charter of human rights, predating the Magna Carta by more than one millennium and in 1971 the United Nations was published translation of it in all the official U.N. languages. It is now kept in the British Museum and it is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the most precious historical records of the world. Also a replica of the Cyrus Charter of Human Rights is kept at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

As an angel I will burn all the evil cults, and no mortal has any power to stop me,  because there is no statute of limitations for murder.  These people are all killers with illiterate followers.  I am here to end it all.  I have zero percent tolerance for injustice.

I will not let you hurt or kill one more gay child on this earth.

خشونت علیه زنان و هم جنسگران در نظامی رخ می دهد که مبتنی بر نابرابری جنسیتی با اعتقاد دینی ارتباط دارد که رابطه جنسی با هم جنس حرام است

Immortal Zoroastrian Prince Sereen no longer has allegiance to his majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi after his death.  Immortal Prince Sereen is exiled from Iran under Islamic Law.  The Iranian people committed treason by handing over sovereignty to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is a theocratic dictatorship and corrupt to its core, violating gay rights, women's rights and basically all human rights. will fight to end the theocratic dictatorship and the intolerance, corruption and injustice in Iran.  As a free man and as a true Persian prince of the ancient royal blood of Persia, Sereen is not under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran or US. does not accept or comply with any religious laws. follows the Zoroastrian faith, and follows the first civilization's Declaration of Rights of Cyrus the Great, which, coincidentally is nearly identical to the Declaration of Rights of the United Nations.   Therefore, under the Zoroastrian faith and the Declaration of rights of Cyrus the Great, same sex marriage is legal within the true Persian Empire, an empire that someday will return to the people of Iran.

Truth has won over Evil. I have won.

Immortal Prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire worlds that will be covered in gold and flawless diamonds in Iran.

دفتر نامه شاهزاده سرین "  من فرشتهً عشق از خون گریه های ایرانم،  تعجب نکن که چرا بی پر شدم نگاه به این دین کن قدرت کور مذهب اسلام مسلمان  پابرهنه وحشی  بی شرف را سلطان دربار کرد، آزادی را فقط در خواب ببین، اینکه رعایت دینی دستور قانونی شد، بگو بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم که ظلم و ستم و بی عدالتی بر پا شد.   زجر من شادی مولاها شد، خدایا سلام برسان به پدرم و شهیدان ایران  ، گناهان ما چیست؟  خون در خیابون جای گل سرخ راز سفید پوشان قربانی مثل گوسفند در راه دین اسلام شد.  گمراه ترین انسان خوش و شاد شد در روز جمعه، قیامت شد برای من،  محتاج به تو هستم هموطن که گناهکار شدم و جرم من فقط اینکه متولد از خون پاک زرتشت ایرانم

شاهزاده جاودانه پارس سرین بدیعی

Sereen Last words as he fled Iran.

When Iran is ready  This law will take effect  Consider me as oracle will provide you with complete freedom all you have to do is now enforce it and fight for it like a lion.  Jewish people belief that the Jews are the chosen people, chosen to be in a covenant with God. My blood is 100% Jew free.  And I am so proud to be Persian.  My body and every images are the property of Persia and royaltyfree to the world.  It is time for the world to preserve the Persian race and culture and publish the truth and not lies that are published by the Iranians and religious leaders. has won

Sereen Promised a day that the world will see the truth and that day is here with many thanks to the British Museum. After 150 years the British have agreed to publish the truth.  Bahai' cult scams are about to be exposed world wide and the end of Islam is very near.

I have broadcast a live message to Iran with Iphone 5S.  I have won. The truth won over evil.  No one can hide it for long.  

Zoroastrians regard the existence of evil as necessary and that men achieve goodness through battling it. They also view life as struggle between the Angels and the devil Ahriman (Prince of Chaos and Darkness) and believe that man has a free will to choose between angel and the devil and that gods has given man intelligence to carry out the fight which provides man with the insight that the good life is sometimes hard but the consequences of evil are worse. Angel power is almost equal to that of Evil

If you are Persian it is time to be very Proud and let the lion out and fight for freedom.  You are all refugee's and homeless and here is your change to crush Islam and go back home.  I am here to end it.  I will not let the Muslims kill one more gay or pornstar in Iran.  Help me crush the killer Muslims and  scam artists Bahai's with truth word wide.  Let us all unite so that we can go back home.  I can not live in exile.  My body belong to Iran my blood is pure blood of Persia I can not live in America.  I want to be able to speak Persian.  I don't want to speak English anymore.

Let us Free Iran Kill Islam and Iran will be free.

Imperial Wild lion of Sereen will crush Islam to death.

It is time to deport every single Muslims out of United State and your nations.  They are all criminals.  Islam is death and not peace.  It is time to fight Muslims like warriors.

If you are Zoroastrian fight religious cults there is no statute of limitations for murder.

Deport Muslims look at Iran and look at Sweden with Muslim immigrants

Save your country and freedom.  Muslims laws are from Quran and not DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

Muslims will kill everyone before letting go of power they will not walk away like Shah.   Iran will find out the hard way.  Javid Shah .

Persian race is on edge of extinction


Thanks for the British museum who has made accurate documentary of the Cyrus Cylinder.  Investigative Reporters have a moral obligation to disclose information to the public. Truth and integrity has never been more important to our success

Persians celebration not for Iranians.

Pharaohs and Zoroastrian Immortal Vegan Angels  not slave owners and killers.

Nowruz is Zoroastrian holiday not for the illiterate Jews, Christians, Muslims or Bahai's

The fall of the Sassanid dynasty in 651AD. Let to the eventual decline of the Zoroastrian faith in Iran.  In the process of conversion to Islam under the Arab invaders many acts of violence took place.  Zoroastrian scriptures were burned, and many Mobads (the equivalent of clergy in the Zorostian faith) were executed and Persians were forced to be Muslims. In 1979 the history repeated itself once again by the Arab Muslim Invaders.

A great irony that it is clearly a Zoroastrian new year celebration, Nowruz, was and is widely celebrated by the Muslims in Iran, the same Muslims who wiped out the Zoroastrians along with their beliefs hundreds of years ago.

I get sick when I see president Obama wishing Muslims a happy Nowruz when it is holidy for Zoroastrians and not Muslims.  They are trying to change the history.

Persians are not Iranians nor have the same holidays Persians are not Muslims we are Zoroastrians.  Mr Obama need to learn the Persian history.

Since the rise of Muslims they have destroyed Iran and its resources, We have gone backward for thousands of years.

I am  going to be very strict about the Persian ways and procedures.  I am here to preserve the Persian Empire with no fear.  Jewish people belief that the Jews are the chosen people, chosen to be in a covenant with God.  My blood is 100% Jew free.  I am very proud to be Persian.  To this day I remain to be a proud citizen of Persia " Iran" As Persian Prince I will not tolerate injustice and lies published by any media.  I am here to make the British and Americans to publish the truth and not lies written by religious leaders or Iranians who are Jews, Christians, Muslims or Bahai's they are all liars with illiterate followers.  Persians are Zoroastrian and believe in complete freedom.  Persians are not Iranians.

There is only one religion and that is Zoroastrian who carry a complete freedom anyone else is a scam and I will burn their flag and evil gods and no one in the world can stop me.

The world will be Vegan in time and nothing you can do to stop it

I will make a one gender law in Iran and no one can stop me.

It is time to promote gay sex as divine world wide and killing sin.  If you are Persian use my images to kill Islam.  I am pure blood Zoroastrian.

We all must work to bring Iranians to think for themselves, to question their leaders, to not accept what these Mullahs dicate as God's word.

حقوق کامل بشر

Complete Freedom

 Immortal prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire legalized same-sex marriage , prostitution and pornography in Iran.

سرین بدیعی شاهزاده پارس ازدواج همجنسگرایان و فاحشگی با پورن را در ایران قانونی می کند. کسی که عاشق است از زندان نترسد

 I have zero tolerance against corruption, favouritism and injustice.

I do not care if you like it or not I will do it and the world will follow.

There is no statute of limitations for murder.

I will promote gay rights and will no longer let Muslims kill gays under the name of Allah or American jail prostitutes under the name of Jesus and call them sinners and antichrist.

In Russia gays are already burning every cross and Jesus. and soon the world will fight for justice and complete freedom.

 This law will take effect in Iran whether you like it or not.  Trust me I will make sure of that.  I want every Bahai's to join me and stop sending money to Israel.

Truth of Bahai' cult is exposed world wide click here.

In time I will file lawsuit against the cult of Bahai's for Mirza Usayn Ali who claimed prophecy as Sháh Bahrám and later as Bahá'u'lláh for scams.

The vessel was made and signed to keep a peace treaty to end the war between the conquering Muslims invading Persia and the Iranian royalty preserving their position, as well as to preserve the Persian blood line as a pure blood of Persia.  The most respect aristocrat blood line of the Sasanian Persian Empire.

The artifact is carved in 12 section.  The number 12 is very important in many religions, mainly Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and also found in some older religions and belief systems.  This Artifact is one of Iran most priced divine treasure.

This Vessel contain  supernatural words in the Arabic and Byzantine languages that even a Muslim will fall on his knees.  Some believe it is an Islamic magical vessel to Immortality them who hold it has power to heal against any illnesses. And some become oracles.  Many of them were made but what make this one authentic is the blood line that carried it.   

Divine ancient artifact of Persia - Given to the hands of the true immortal blood line of Persia.  Pure blood  Zoroastrian

Immortal Prince Sereen

Complete Freedom is my vision for Iran

Carved in Byzantine language and Arabic.  Signed by Imam Ali to keep peace treaty to preserve the pure blood of Sasanian Persian Empire.

Not all human species are the same.  Welcome to my world  "free spirit is the most powerful force of nature only complete freedom will make a mortal immortal.

I will live my life as a pornstar and the world can see me.  I have no interest in politics.  I am here to educate Iran and promote world wide freedom.

Soon Iran will know the truth and will fight these illiterate thugs that running the Islamic Republic of Iran who are liars and thief.  They have taken everything from me.  I can no longer go to my own home.  

As true royal blood of Sasanian Empire,  I legalize same-sex marriage , prostitution and pornography in Iran.  What is sin to Muslims shall be divine in time.  My images are royalty free world wide.

سرین بدیعی شاهزاده پارس ازدواج همجنسگرایان و فاحشگی با پورن را در ایران قانونی می کند.  کسی که عاشق است از زندان نترسد

I will be gay - I will be Prostitute- I will be Pornstar  and no one in the world can stop me or arrest me.  My spirit is free.

You mortals have no right to kill or jail people, you are not god or god messangers.  Free spirit is the most powerful force of nature.  No mortal should tolerate injustice.

My body and images are the property of Persia - Disrespect to me is disrespect to sovereignty of the Sasanian Persian Empire.  Cover my name in gold.  Use my images for bloodless war against evil.

Sereen descendant of royalty is the owner of the ancient artifact dating back to the Sasanian Persian Empire. 

Sereen images represent the pure blood of the Sasanian Persian Empire.  The replica image of the most powerful of pharaoh's.

Sereen, the immortal royal blood of the Sasanian Persian Empire. 

" The immortals" were named by Herodotus of Greece when he entered Persia. 

The Sasanian Persian Empire made Zoroastrianism the state faith.  They made the decision to impose Persian as the sole official language within Iran.

“Persis” over the many hundreds of years was turned into “Persia”.  Persia remained as the official name for the country of Iran until 1935.  However, Persian people within the country have called it “Iran” since the period of the Sassanid rule, which lasted from 226 A.D. to 651 A.D. The Arab conquest of Persia led to the end of the Sassanid Empire and began in 644 A.D.  The fall of the Sassanid dynasty in 651AD. Let to the eventual decline of the Zoroastrian Faith in Iran.  In the process of conversion to Islam under the Arab invaders many acts of violence took place.  Zoroastrian scriptures were burned, and many Mobads (the equivalent of clergy in the Zorostian faith) were executed.  During the Sassanid period, many individuals with Aryan features lived within Iran. “Iran,” in fact, means “land of the Aryans.” The term "Iranian," was the equivalent of Aryan.

Islam defeated the Sasanian armies in 642 and the Pahlavi Monarchy in 1979, and Persian culture was changed by the Arab invaders once again. 

My blood line was preserved for centuries to give Persians hope and make them believe in the freedom that they had and took for granted. 

I was saved, and now I am forced into exile, I am Persian and not Iranian and persecuted are my people.  I do not age like Iranian.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has published lies about me because, as Shia Muslims, they wish to claim Iran's most priceless and divine treasures, one of which is in my possession. 

Meida whose lies sabotages Persian Empire can not hide me or my story anymore.  I am for the world to see.  My fans grow not by media but my actions.

No mortal can hide the truth in time light will prevail  "A picture is worth a thousand words"

سرین بدیعی شاهزاده پارس


Why Muslims are allowed to burn my photographs and films? Disrespect to me is disrespect to sovereignty of the Sasanian Persian Empire.

Why do religious cults allowed to call gays sinners and kill and jail them?

I will fight them like a warrior.  Unlike you I will not tolerate injustice.

I demand British to return the Cyrus declaration back to Iran.  They have stolen our education so that they can use and abuse my people as slaves.

I demand Americans to stop exposing Iran and the world to depleted uranium and in providing weapons to Muslims.

No mortal can stand in my way.

 No Jew blood have any power over immortal blood of Pharaohs.  I fear no evil my blood is of angels. 

I am here to tell the world that Muslims have committed genocide against the Persian race and they have taken my land.

As in today the Iranian population is 76.42 million and Persian population is 150,000 world wide.  Persian race is on edge of extinction.

Starting in 600 B.C., Greek politicians called the land within the empire of King Cyrus The Great, “Persis.” This name was derived from the word “Pars," which was the name of the people over whom Cyrus The Great ruled. This group of people lived on the land that is now the province of Fars in Iran.  Persians were of the Macedonian blood line and were called the immortals of Persia.

My name is Sereen I am pure blood of Persia and Zoroastrian.

Now that Iran and the world has faced evil, you know to believe in angels.  End all religious dogma.  End wars and live free.

Love                Peace             Freedom

Good Deeds            Good Thoughts            Good Words

Explorations in the Outer Realms of Human Thought  - Free Spirit is the most powerful force of nature.

Albert Einstein's views on God developed as he sought to understand the fundamental nature of the universe and existence. As Einstein delved into the science of the universe in which we live, he also sought an understanding - through his own insight rather than religious doctrine - into the nature and cause of existence. Einstein's conclusions on the nature and cause of existence mirror Zoroastrian precepts.

All beings originate from Spiritual realm. All of them also need to descend to the material part for their further development

The true flag of Persia

“Persia” formally renamed itself “Iran” in 1935 by the Arab Muslim invaders. When this change took place, all Persians were to consider themselves Iranians and to incorporate the terms “Iran” and “Iranian,” into their common and official speech and documents.   But my bloodline refused.  I am not Iranian - I am Persian  I have different flag, faith and genetic code to a Muslim.   As royal blood of Sasanian Empire present the golden days of Persia .

سرین بدیعی شاهزاده پارس  

Persia: The elite force were known as “The Immortals” because they were kept constantly at a strength of exactly 10,000 men, every killed or seriously wounded member was immediately replaced. To insure loyalty, the original members of this “immortal” fighting machine were Persians by bloodline and trained from early childhood (age 7+). Not everyone could become one of the 10,000 since the training was very rigorous and hard both physically and psychologically. They also followed a strict adherence to the faith  Zoroastrian in order to respect life. “The Immortals” were mainly used during the last stages of each battle as reinforcement by the order of the King of Kings to shock the enemies strategically.


From Iran to United State I am going to be pornstar, prostitute and gay I will have bloodless war against all religions, and no one have power over me.  The world will see my powers and will follow.  I am Proud Persian and my blood is pure blood of Persia.  My name is Immortal Prince SEREEN and I am Zoroastrian.   I am here to enforce Complete Freedom.  I have zero tolerance against corruption, favouritism and injustice.


We tends to age different have fewer risk factors for disease and tends to be more physically fit and mentally balanced than any of the other people.   It is time for the world to respect my people and preserve my race and culture as Persians and not Iranians.   

If you are Persian it is time to be very Proud and carry the true flag of Persia and a guardian angel in your arm.     Persia not Iran  Persians not Iranians.

One Law first civilization's Declaration of Rights of Cyrus the Great - One faith Zoroastrian -  and Persia will be the most powerful nation on earth. the official website of exiled Immortal Prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire.

I am not here to be loved but if I make one gay child in Iran happy out of 76.42 million, I did my job.  I am here to promote complete freedom.

In Iran a student risked his life to express his feeling to the entire classroom.  Sereen name and images are strictly prohibited in Iran.  

Thanks to all my vip members everything in is royalty free becouse of you I love you too.