Investigative reporters have a moral obligation to disclose information to the public.  Truth and integrity has never been more important to our success.

 Immortal Prince Sereen is heir to  Immortal Princess Shirin of Persia

سرین بدیعی شاهزاده پارس

حقوق کامل بشر

Complete Freedom

 Immortal Zoroastrian prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire legalized same-sex marriage , prostitution and pornography in Iran.

سرین بدیعی شاهزاده پارس ازدواج همجنسگرایان و فاحشگی با پورن را در ایران قانونی می کند. کسی که عاشق است از زندان نترسد declares war against the Islamic Republic of Iran.  I demand an investigation of my father assassination on August 27, 1997 in Iran.  It is time to crush the Islamic Republic of Iran down to its roots so that Iran will be free.   I demand the investigation of 911 in the United State.

I am going to enter Iran, and I want every Muslim to support me as I hold Iran's divine treasure which is signed by Imam Ali himself.  Every Muslim must follow my orders. You have no other choice.  If you refuse to follow my orders, the Americans will expose you to depleted uranium just like they did from 1980 to 1988, and it will be another 911 and like what happenend to the Iraqi people.  It is time for the Iranian people to wake up, or you will all die with cancer.  And the average American is none the wiser than Iranians exactly the way the Zionist media intends it to be.

If you are Persian you can not afford to walk away from my message.  I want to go back home.  I do not want to speak english anymore.  I am Persian and not British.  


Jewish people belief that the Jews are the chosen people, chosen to be in a covenant with God.  My blood is 100% Jew free.  I am pure blood of Persia and I am very proud to be Persian.   Not all human species are the same.   " The immortals" were named by Herodotus of Greece when he entered Persia.

Immortal Zoroastrian Prince Sereen DNA code 100% Jew free blood.

I order every Zoroastrians as your prince to place Faravahar on your forehead and arm for the world to see.


 Do not question AhuraMazda.  I and my DNA is for the world to see no mortal can hide the truth or publish lies.

Mujahideens and the Jews can not sabotage me anymore.  I do not age like a Jew becouse I am pure blood of Persia.

The most beautiful of Zoroastrians now must fight with me against evil and crush Islam to death, and save our people and culture against Muslim Arab invaders and barbaric Jews and the Atheists British and American's.   Human genetic code have been compromised by the Americans.  Human race is in danger world wide.


Believe in Immortal Angels.  

Mujahideen have turned Tehran upside down for my arrest and assassination, Iranian authorities confiscated all my family's real estate.  They wanted me dead way before my porn.  I have fled Iran and this page is the messages that they did not want you to see.  

blogs and click here for Mujahideen News Paper which is all lies designed to recruit new members for assassination, with a song and messages of death to America and all gays.  

 Immortal Zoroastrian prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire legalized same-sex marriage , prostitution and pornography in Iran.

To re-enforce this law in Iran.  It will take much blood and great sacrifice.  If you are parents, learn that your sin of accepting injustice will be a burden for your children to carry.  What you do and teach them?  It will be the blood they carry.  Hate and wars exist only because of your teachings.  No one should take their freedom for granted.  It must be protected, guarded with our lives, as it can be lost so easily, so quickly and without knowing it is gone.  Never follow unjust laws written by man.  If you live in any nation, free or opressed, learn from this to never take your freedom for granted.  Your parents died so you could be free.  Never live in fear from any government, because government's only legitimate power is derived from the will of the people governed Prince Sereen.  

There is no statute of limitations for murder.  It is time to charge the Islamic republic of Iran and Muslims for their sins. porns and nude images are royaltyfree for the world for war against evil.

I have Faravahar on my side send my message to Iran.  I am here to end Islam.  My blood is of Immortal angels and complete freedom is my message.  I order every Zoroastrians as your prince to place Faravahar on your forehead and arm for the world to see.  They can not kill you no more.  It is time to fight for your very own freedom.  You are not equal because you allow yourself to be treated as one who is inferior.  When you see abuse, it is up to you to stop it, or it will never stop no matter how much you sit and pray to god to end injustice.  The adage that God helps those who help themselves is never more true than it is now.  It is time to fight like a warrior.

It is time to show the world the difference between Iranians and Persians.  We are not the same race nor have the same faith.  Show the world that we are Zoroastrians and Proud to be Persians.  Carry the angel with you at all times.   Do not allow the barbaric Jews to sabotage the Sasanian Persian Empire crush them to death with truth and facts.


We all must work to bring Iranians to think for themselves, to question their leaders, to not accept what these Mullahs dicate as God's word.  They know less about what God wants then you and I.  We need to save the Persians and gays and pornstars from the criminal illiterate Iranians.

Immortal Zoroastrian Prince Sereen no longer has allegiance to his majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi after his death.  Immortal Prince Sereen is exiled from Iran under Islamic Law.  The Iranian people committed treason by handing over sovereignty to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is a theocratic dictatorship and corrupt to its core, violating gay rights, women's rights and basically all human rights. will fight to end the theocratic dictatorship and the intolerance, corruption and injustice in Iran.  As a free man and as a true Persian prince of the ancient royal blood of Persia, Sereen is not under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran or US. does not accept or comply with any religious laws. follows the Zoroastrian faith, and follows the first civilization's Declaration of Rights of Cyrus the Great, which, coincidentally is nearly identical to the Declaration of Rights of the United Nations.   Therefore, under the Zoroastrian faith and the Declaration of rights of Cyrus the Great, same sex marriage is legal within the true Persian Empire, an empire that someday will return to the people of Iran.

وحدت کلمه جاوید شاه

We must all unite one word and one flag or Iran will never be free.  

If you support me it is time to post this picture in every site.  I am here to free Iran.  Complete freedom is my message to the world.

Iran is zealously homophobic almost no one in Iran would feel remorse for homosexuals and pornstars.  If Shah was alive he be so disappointed but he is gone and we need to fight for freedom or we will never be free and Muslims will kill us all.

Now there are numverous groups and each group has a different motive, seeking personal wealth and power and not the unification and cohesion and prosperity of Iran and all its people only Complete freedom will save Iran and nothing else.

It is time to crush the Islamic Republic of Iran down to its roots so that Iran will be free.   Persians and not Iranians  Zoroastrians and not Muslims.  Iran belong to Persians and not Arab heritage Iranians with their man made savage prophecies.


Believe in Immortal Angels.


My blood line was preserved for centuries to give Persians hope and make them believe in the freedom that they had and took for granted.   

Freedom is real and you can lose it if you don't fight for it.   

Down with Muslims, Down with Islamic Republic of Iran.  Death to Islam.  You can not kill Zoroastrians anymore.  It is time Iran.  Fight Islam like Warriors.   

           مرگ بر مسلمون جنايتکار کافر، مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی ايران.   شاهزاده پارس سرین بدیعی

I fled Iran facing prosecution with a death sentence hanging over me.  I do not fear Muslims they fear me.  Only a pure blood can end evil.   Fight with me, my images can kill Islam and all evil religions but the angels.  I am not here to be loved I am here to enforce complete freedom and publish the truth.

Tommorrow is too late ..... Send my message to Iran.

Atheists US government have exposed vietnam to Agent Orange.

To this day Vietnam suffers high number of aboration and hidden records.  Same as Iran from 1980 - 1988.

1980 - 1988 The US sold Weapons with depleted uranium (DU) to Islamic Republic of Iran & Iraq.  The stories of  human children deformed (Barely Human Children) are real.  Why did the USA sell weapons with DU to Iran? Why did the UK and US sell weapons to Muslims? Why has no one investigate 911?

Almost everyone in the world has or will have Cancer.  With this looming crisis many of you are worried about gays and porn and prostitutes?  These are illiterate people.  Act now to protect freedom from this catastrophe that's brewing right now created by religious leaders and wars over oil.  

The United State has highest rate of cancer together hand in hand with Iran.  The next time you take a trip for chemotherapy treatment remember and my messages.  World peace will only come by complete freedom and not wars.

All Iran's records about 1979 and 1980 - 1988 Iraq war and depleted uranium have been destroyed in 1997 by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Mujahideens.

What have you done to earth and Human genetic code?  We were once immortals I am of that bloodline, and now you all age and many with cancer and diseases and many retards and olders with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  You Atheists American and Britishs and Savage Arabs have turn this earth in to toxic zone with Depleted Uranium with your wars and fake man made religions and prophecies which is all started with the barbaric Jews and now the Jewish companies control 96% of the world media and hide the truth and publish nothing but lies so that they can never be exposed.  Well I am here to crush them to death with nothing but the truth that no mortal can hide anymore a walking living example of  100%  Jew free blood.

Human genetic code have been compromised

Welcome to the future of humans - This child is not especial it is simply have been exposed to DU and agent orange.  He is nothing but a retard.  A victim of  Zionist media cover up and wars.

Next time you hear a especial needs child in the media learn that the real truth is he/she have been exposed to toxic materials and genetic modified foods.  There is nothing especial about this child.

We need to save the human race or you will all have to remove your breasts soon like Angelina Jolie and go on disability benefits and food stamps for the rest of your life.

Cancer is real WAKE UP & ACT NOW

My Father a General in the Army of Iran who had all the records of 1979 riot and  D.U records from 1980 to 1988 was asassinated on August 27, 1997 Mujahideen burn my house down and hide his story like he never existed, and they have been on hunt for me ever since I can remember.

My father died for Iran.  It is up to you now to spread his message and save the earth from Depleted Uranium.  I came to USA to let your government  know that they can make a fool of my people and you but they can not make a fool of me.  I am pure blood of Persia, and I can dream of your future.  And to my nation.  What have the Iranian people who criticize me done for my father who was assassinated and died in Iran for the Iranians and the Persians? These critics did nothing.  It is time to take action or you will all die slow by cancer I do not care anymore becouse Americans and Muslims are going to kill us all anyway with slow death of cancer.

Depleted Uranium “Out of the 580,400 soldiers who served in GW1 (the first Gulf War), of them, 11,000 are now dead!   By the year 2000, there were 325,000 on Permanent Medical Disability.  This astounding number of ‘Disabled Vets’ means that a decade later, 56% of those soldiers who served have some form of permanent medical problems

“The VA Secretary (Principi) was aware of this fact as far back as 2000.”   “He, and the Bush administration have been hiding these facts  

Islmaic Republic of Iran and US government hide all of the records of 1980 - 1988 Iran - Iraq war by allowing aborations and US media covered it all up not until 2001 US-Iraq war were D.U was used again and the pictures of "Barely Human Childrens" were published on internet and the media could not cover it up anymore and US government could not  assassin UN International doctors like they did in Iran and Iraq.  To this day US government claims that D.U is safe.

 New technology is deadly if not used with care and morality.


It is time to file lawsuit against US Government and in Iran against Islamic Republic which is good luck with that. Your war childern are not yours but the childern of D.U and Agent Orange and they are by law the responsibility of the United State  and the United Kingdom government to look after them.  

British and Americans and Islamic Republic of Iran and Muslims have gone too far. I am here to stop them.  I need your help for International attention and awareness on this very important issue.  

If you have a loved one in millitary with cancer you need to show them this page.  They should file lawsuit against United State government for telling them that D.U is safe.   US Government must pay for their health insurance and personal damages.   Do not let my dad Death be for nothing.

Lies that United State government have told to the official US millitary personnel.

Regarding exposures to DU, there have been studies of the health of military personnel who saw action in the Gulf War (1990-1991) and during the Balkan conflicts (1994-99). A small number of Gulf war veterans have inoperable fragments of DU embedded in their bodies. They have been the subject of intense study and the results have been published.  These veterans show elevated excretion levels of DU in urine but, so far, there have been no observable health effects due to DU in this group. There have also been epidemiological studies of the health of military personnel who saw action in conflicts where DU was used, comparing them with the health of personnel who were not in the war zones. The results of these studies have been published and the main conclusion is that the war veterans do show a small (i.e., not statistically significant) increase in mortality rates, but this excess is due to accidents rather than disease.

This cannot be linked to any exposures to DU.

Do you need more evidence of US and Zionist media cover up?  To this day US claim D.U is Safe.  They will assassin any doctor who will say it is not.  Just like my Father.

Muslims have committed genocide against the Persian race.

سياست يعني دروغ اندر دروغ... در ظاهر با أمريكا مخالف هستند ولي در پشت پرده أسلحه ردو و بدل ميكنند تا اينكه سود فروش انرا بدست آورده و جوانهاي شيردل مارا با دست خود ايراني كشته شود.  با نام دوروغين اسلام بهجت زهرا را به جهنم خميني تبديل كرد ... خميني كه در فرانسه زير دست دشمن خوشگزراني ميكرد.. دشمن ايرانيهارا خام كرد و ماهرا چشم بسته بسوي مرگ و بدبختي كشاند... ديگر ظلم بس است كشت و كشتار تا كي .. بيدار شو هم وطن و آزاد كن وطنت را تا نسل آينده در رفاه و نعمت زندگي كنند. نه اينكه مانند أمثال من از ايران بودنم خجالت زده و سر إفكنده باشم ... إيراني عظيم و با تاريخي كهن.. يادت بياد جشني كه خدا بيامرزدش شاهنشاه ما در تخت جمشيد شيراز سألها پيش گرفته بود و همهء سران دولتهارا دعوت كرد ... تا آن حال كسي از قدرت و عظمت ايران خبر نداشت ... اصلا ً نميدانستند ايران كجا هست در نقشه عالم ... اري ايران ديروزي را بياد آور و ايران امروز را ببين..أيا ميخواهي فرزندانت و نوه هايت در ايران امروزي بسر برند... البته اگر برايشان اميد زندگي باشد. بيدار شو و بخود بيا اي هموطن .. شجاع باش مانند شير و به گرمي خون  أجدادت كه به گرمي خورشيد شعار تو .. شير و خورشيد ... مانند شير باش و به گرمي خورشيد ...بيدار شو اي هموطن تا خودت كاري نكني كسي به دادت نميرسد بيدار شو هموطن بيدار كن ديگران را آزاد كن وطن را از دست مزدوران خارجي ... پدر و برادرانت كشته  شدنت نگزار نوهايت هم كشته شوند. همت كن خدا با تو است و قدرت در دست تو .. دشمن از شجاعت  تو بلرزه درميايد.. او از تو ميترسد.. تو نبايد از او بترسي.. دست در دست هم دهيد و بقيام شجاعانه برخيزيد خدا يار شماست.. به اميد موفقيت پيروزمندانه حتمي ..مرگ يک بار شيون يک بار 

سرهنگ بدیعی شهید خاک وطن


Ancient divine artifact signed by Imam Ali Given to the hand of Immortal Pure blood of Persia.  A blood line that is 100% Jew free and Shia Muslims must obey and protect.

The Oracles of Persia.  Tune in to my world and I will show you that my images hold dates and keys and each one has a tale and everything will come to be my fans grow by my actions not talks.

  I am here to save the Muslims new born I am here to save you from toxic bombs and cancer.  I want to save you from Atheists British and Americans to save your childern and race.

Imam Ali save me so I can save you.  Follow my orders and save the Pahlavi and Persian Monarchy.  

You have killed my father and want me dead yet I am here to save you.   Do not walk away from my message if you do you will never be free.

 Thousands of similar vessels were made from  the 7th to 18th centuries, but none of these imitations hold any information like this vessel, no are any of these copied signed by Ali himself.

Every Iranian Shia made one and claimed to be magical and called it Islamic magic bowl of immortality.  By mid 16th century in Safavid Period they call it Divination Bowl based on its tale and every holder claimed royalty and divinity.     All the museum pieces in Iran are fakes, there is only one that is signed and it is in my hands.




Never seen image of the original ancient artifact of the immortals

Muslim Peace treaty signed by Ali himself by Shias - Ali as the first Imam  

Carved in Arabic and Byzantine language to unite two cultures in peace in the name of Muslims god Allah and Sasanian Persian Empire sun logo and immortal Angels.

The vessel was made and signed to keep a peace treaty to end the war between the conquering Muslims invading Persia and the Iranian royalty preserving their position, as well as to preserve the Persian blood line as a pure blood of Persia.

Never seen image of the original ancient artifact of the immortals.  The only Bloodline in the Persia that is protected by Shia Muslims and does not age like a Jew.  Known to the world as Immortals.

" The immortals" were named by Herodotus of Greece when he entered Persia.   

Long live the Immortal Vegan Queen Nefertiti of Egypt.

Queen Nefertiti was the wife of Akhenaton, who was the Egyptian Pharaoh during that time. Queen Nefertiti is popular not only because she had the most beautiful face during her time, but because she also played an important role in ruling the Egyptians. During their marriage, Queen Nefertiti gave birth to six daughters, where in two of them became queens of Egypt.  She remained timeless through age 40 until she vanished.  She had elegant body which was emphasized by silk linens that she wore, No mortal to this modern time can give birth to six childern and remain physically attractive.  To this day no one knows of her true age and how she kept her body in a perfect shape.  She was a Vegan queen and became very spiritual and was said to be 100% Jew free blood.  The daughter of the noble.  

U.S. and EU foreign policies will help achieve and preserve this race Mazdayasna faith of Zoroastrian in Iran.  They need to be protected at all costs.  They tends to age different have fewer risk factors for disease and tends to be more physically fit and mentally balanced than any of the other race hand by hand with Japanese of pure blood.

What is sin to Muslim shall be divine in time.  Immortal Prince Sereen world youngest Persian pornstar.  Iran one and only bisexual pornstar.  

I am pure blood of Persia I do not age like a Jew.

Pure blood of Persia declares war against the Islamic Republic of Iran.  I want every Muslim to join me I am here to save you from wars.  

Stop killing gays and promote complete freedom for peace.

End Islam before you have turn the entire earth in to hell.

Do not hide your actions live free - be Sereen.

The world will be Vegan in time.   

If you are Gay it is time to carry my angel with you tell every  Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai's that you are divine.  You can fight one more time and this time be all united Shia and Sunni Gays and lesbians female and male hand by hand as equals.

Immortal Prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire

 The most popular Picture in Iran

100% Jew free Blood.  Pure blood of Persia.

One gender law is in order world wide.

Sereen is unisex name the fastest growing name in Egypt

After centuries Zoroastrians have won against evil no media can hide the truth for long in time the world will know that our DNA is of immortal Vegan angels.  Long live Vegan Queen Nefertiti


100% JEW FREE DNA record rank is higher than  Just becouse Zionist media have kept my story in the hidding.  It does not mean that I do not exist.   I am pure blood of Persia my DNA is 100% Jew free.  Do never assume that you know me.  Just becouse there are less of me and I am forced in to exile and there are more of you it does not mean that we are all the same.  You will all still address me as Immortal  Zoroastrian Prince Sereen.  I am now for the world to see.    

 Immortal Zoroastrian Prince SEREEN

Hidden truth of Human DNA by Jews and the Pyramids are exposed.  No mortal can stop me I am for the world to see.

A true Persian will rather die than to accept a British peasant as his Savior our DNA is of immortal Vegan angels not of savage meat eater mortals.   I will crush any mortal gods who call gays sinners and female as inferior to a male.  

Human genetic code have been compromised

This Child is the child of Allah the savage muslims god and the child of  Depleted Uranium and Agent Orange.  The child of American wars over religions Shia against Sunni.   As long as you make wars Atheists Americans will sell you weapons and expose you to more toxic.  They only care about their British peasant Jesus and our wealth and oil fileds, Is this what you want for the future generations?   Join me and end all wars before they kill you all like the Iraqis and your babies will look like this.  A retard.  A child of Jesus.

In the United State they have turned Blacks in to slaves and now the Mexicans. They are Savages who will do anything for wealth and as Shah said they never willing to work for it.  They are capable of doing anything  911 should wake the world up.  We are all in great danger.  As today I am the happiest person on earth I did all I came to USA to do the rest is up to you.   If you spread my message you will be saved if not you shall die.

I will crush your Allah and their peasant Jesus and show the world the true god the gods of AhuraMazda of the Persian Immortals.

The location where the Great Pyramid has been built is very remarkable  The speed of light is exactly 299.792.458 meter/seconds or 29,9792458 x 10 million meters per second.

Originally the meter was defined as 10 millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator in the SI system (1791). If we divide the speed of light by the distance from the equator to the North Pole, we get the number: 29,9792458. This is the latitude of a line at half the distance between Khufu and Khafre of exactly 29.9792458 degrees North.

It could be an indication that the location of the Giza Plateau was deliberately chosen to represent the speed of light.

Another indication that the builders of the Great Pyramid were aware of the speed of light is found in the number of casing stones that were used in the construction.

The pyramids were used to generate electric to entire Egypt, A technology that controls the cosmic rays.

It is also a technology way beyond our years and understanding

Everything that you have been told about the pyramids and human DNA by the Jews are nothing but lies.

As long as Jews run the media and  people are religious no one will know the truth of the Pyramids.

Just like Muslims in Iran Jews have taken us back thousands of years in our technology by publishing nothing but lies.   Muslims have sabotaged the Pahlavi monarchy and me and Jews have Sabotaged the Pharaoh's nothing have changed.   It is so important for us to know this history?   History has order and meaning.  It is the sum of the events that have led to the present time.  The past is linked to the present and to the future.  If you do not study the past, you will not be able to understand properly the present and the future.  You will gain these beneficial insights from studying the history.

The Proud Persian Race is not dead.  Persian Gulf forever. 

Long live the immortal DNA of 100% Jew Free Blood.  Long live Prince Sereen of Persia.  

چو کوه می بخشدم شکوه

به عرصه ی امتحان خویش

اگر چه پیرم ولی هنوز

مجال تعلیم اگر بُوَد

جوانی آغاز می کنم

کنار نوباوگان خویش

حدیث حب الوطن ز شوق

بدان روش ساز می کنم

که جان شود هر کلام دل

چو برگشایم دهان خویش

هنوز در سینه آتشی

بجاست کز تاب شعله اش

گمان ندارم به کاهشی

ز گرمی دمان خویش

دوباره می بخشی ام توان

اگر چه شعرم به خون نشست

دوباره می سازمت به جان

اگر چه بیش از توان خویش

 Live free - Be Sereen.

Egypt Fastest Unisexed growing name - Long live the Vegan Pharaoh's

دوباره می سازمت وطن

اگر چه با خشت جان خویش

ستون به سقف تو می زنم

اگر چه با استخوان خویش

دوباره می بویم از تو گُل

به میل نسل جوان تو

دوباره می شویم از تو خون

به سیل اشک روان خویش

دوباره ، یک روز آشنا

سیاهی از خانه میرود

به شعر خود رنگ می زنم

ز آبی آسمان خویش

اگر چه صد ساله مرده ام

به گور خود خواهم ایستاد

که بردَرَم قلب اهرمن

ز نعره ی آنچنان خویش

کسی که « عظم رمیم» را

دوباره انشا کند به لطف

We can rebuild Iran - Immortal Prince Sereen - Proud Persian Race is not dead.  Save me so I can save Persia.

Iran for all -Proud  Persians - Zoroastrians - Complete freedom - No mortal have any right to kill or jail a free spirit.  Free spirit is the most powerful force of nature.  AhuraMazda

All beings originate from Spiritual realm. All of them also need to descend to the material part for their further development

Persia: The elite force were known as “The Immortals” because they were kept constantly at a strength of exactly 10,000 men, every killed or seriously wounded member was immediately replaced. To insure loyalty, the original members of this “immortal” fighting machine were Persians by bloodline and trained from early childhood (age 7+). Not everyone could become one of the 10,000 since the training was very rigorous and hard both physically and psychologically. They also followed a strict adherence to the faith  Zoroastrian in order to respect life. “The Immortals” were mainly used during the last stages of each battle as reinforcement by the order of the King of Kings to shock the enemies strategically. will  crush Islam and all religions to death but the Angels.

Crush any god who says Gays are sinners One gender law is in order by force.  

Iranians, gays and females are essentially submissive people who are ready to serve.  These people have no inclination to resist, and this has allowed the condemnation and discrimination by religions very powerful across the world.  For the most part, in most places, and for most of history, these minorities have laid low instead of fighting prejudice and injustice perpetuated by religions on them.  

But no more.  It is time to fight for your very own freedom.  You are not equal because you allow yourself to be treated as one who is inferior.  When you see abuse, it is up to you to stop it, or it will never stop no matter how much you sit and pray to god to end injustice.  The adage that God helps those who help themselves is never more true than it is now.  It is time to fight like a warrior, or you will always be called a faggot and sinner and will be beaten up and abused and prostitutes will be jailed.

The fall of the Sassanid dynasty in 651AD.  Let to the eventual decline of the Zoroastrian faith in Iran.  In the process of conversion to Islam under the Arab invaders many acts of violence took place.  Zoroastrian scriptures were burned, and many Mobads (the equivalent of clergy in the Zorostian faith) were executed.  As today they are only 150,000 Zoroastrians left in the world.  As pure blood of Persia my royalty is only to the Persians who are Zoroastrians and no one else and as their prince I declare war against Muslims.  

Zoroastrians your immortal prince is here I am here to save you and crush Allah with Ahura Mazda

Use my images and crush Islam to death post my nude images and Persian porns in every site and  blog for every Muslim to see.  With Faravahar on my forhead and arm I will make love for the world to see.  I am here to kill all religions but the angels and soon the world will follow.   I will file lawsuit for their crime against the Persian race,  there is no statute of limitations for murder Fight with me help me crush them to death.  If you refuse to do so 9/11 will be a drift of fresh air for what is about to come to you all and the entire world will be exposed to depleted uranium once again and you to cancer.   It is time to fight evil with no fear.  Be warriors and not slaves.  The entire world is in danger just like in vietnam with agent orange the human race is in danger we need to stop the Muslims and British and now Americans with all this wars over oils and free Iran with complete freedom.  

Every single Gays, Pornstars, Prostitute's will be divine under Zoroastrian laws complete freedom is the immortal message of the angels.

 Are you going to let the Islamic Republic of Iran disrespect the pure blood of Persia?  Islamic Republic of Iran insulted me once too many click here for the new lies that are published in Iran.

Burn every evil god that calls me a sinner my blood is of immortal angels.  Muslims have killed enough gays and pornstars I am here to crush them right from the roots.

Islamic Republic of Iran hangs gays and childern under 18 in savage public displays meant to intimidate others who may dare challenge the regime.

I have zero tolerance against corruption, favouritism and injustice.  I fight right next to you.  I have never stop fighting for Iran.  As long as Iran suffer I am suffering

We can rebuild Iran in to the most powerful nation on earth if you fight for complete Freedom.

Do not let the British and Americans by the help of Mujahideen in the Islamic Republic turn Iran in to Afghanistan and Iraq and expose it to more depleted uranium.   

Americans and Mujahideen have turn Afghanistan in to war zone and hell on earth.  Raped their women and killed their childern.  Hidden truth of US war for Peace.

Show this page to every American that how they landescape the civilian homes with their tanks, Normal people who have nothing to do with wars are suffering and homeless.

You lose track of who is who, your compass is gone all screwy, you started out knowing for sure, and you end up adrift, and the more you think on it the more the clarity of the argument sort of melts like people in 900-degree Fahrenheit heat, and all you can see anymore is pain, pain and more pain, like it's not about ideas anymore, it's just about raw naked SUFFERING

 Thank you for all the American Soliders who are trader to the mankind.  How can you sleep at night when someone else have no home to sleep anymore?

We need to investigate 9/11.  Spread my message to the world.  Tommorrow is too late.

 Save Afghanistan from British and Americans invaders and Mujahideen forces.

The ancient  Zoroastria is believed by some to have originated in what is now Afghanistan between 1800 and 800 BCE, as its founder Zoroaster is thought to have lived and died in Balkh. who re-established Sassanid Empire in Persia of Aryan Blood.  Believe in angels  

These men are the victims of Mind control project run by Deep Under Ground Millitary Base founded by United State Government

A picture worth thousand words

Mujahideen blog with lies that sabotage Immortal Prince Sereen But soon every Muslim will follow me once they know the truth.

Mujahideens have turned Tehran upside down for my arrest and assassination but they have failed.  Now they are making blogs and publish lies in the news trying to hire and recrute new memebers who are brain washed.  This page is the message they do not want you see.  While world media have ignored the story of Depleted Uranium and Mujahideen forces and 9/11 investigation.  Just like the agent orange in vietnam.

Mujahideens these men don't have enough founds for cloth.  Yet they can buy the latest weapons and kill gays and rape women and bully everyone in the name of Allah. is the true voice of Iran and the mask behind evil.  Taliban Mujahideen are very much indestructible as long as there are given weapons which is made in USA Just like 9/11 they use your very own planes this men will do anything for your government.  In 1947 United State and Soviet Union began spreading influences in Afghanistan,  led to bloody war United State backed Mujahideen forces who is goal was to take over Iran.  Soviet union backed Afgan Government who was against islamic radicals.  Over million of Afgans died.


United state and British have no Business in Afghanistan or in providing weapons to Mujahideens it is time to kick and deport them all out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I will crush Zionist US media to it's core.

96% of world media run by Jews.

According to rank is higher than soon the world will know the truth and will investigate 9/11.  And my father assassination. Islamic Republic of Iran and anyone who support them better get ready for a trillion dollar lawsuit.  

You can not afford or able to kill anyone anymore.  You have been exposed. You have compromised the human gentic code.  Atheists Mujahideens and Americans and British have no power over

I am not here to be loved or here to take sides I am here to publish the truth as is.  And soon every American will know that US media publish lies just like the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Soon everyone in USA and Iran will know that they have been exposed to cancer.  US and Islamic Republic of Iran have to pay for their health insurance and personal damages.

In 1979 Mujahideens entered Iran these men are not Persians

And US and world  Zionist media Published Imperial Army of his Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi for brutality and not Mujahideens as they shoot every Persian to death.

This was recorded by my Father in 1979.

Save Iran, it is still not late Iran have a crown prince and a Queen.  Save the monarchy and Iran will be free.

The Future king of Iran.  It is time for Iran to respect their royal blood and enforce the complete freedom

His Impreial Majesty Reza Shah the crown prince of Iran and the future king of Iran  announce Seven Days of Mourning in Protest Against Capital Punishment from 16 November to 23 November 2013 International Solidarity Movement to Stop Crimes Against Humanity in Iran



ماده ۱:   تمام افراد بشر آزاد به دنیا می آیند و از لحاظ حیثیت و حقوق با هم برابرند . همه دارای عقل و وجدان می باشند و باید نسبت به یکدیگر با روح برادری رفتار کنند.

 ماده۲:   هر کس می تواند بدون هیچ گونه تمایز ، خصوصا از حیث نژاد ، رنگ ، جنس ، زبان ، مذهب ، عقیده سیاسی یا هر عقیده دیگر و همچنین ملیت ، وضع اجتماعی ، ثروت ، ولادت یا هر موقعیت  دیگر ، از تمام حقوق و کلیه آزادی هایی که در اعلامیه حاضر ذکر شده است ، بهره مند گردد. به علاوه هیچ تبعیضی به عمل نخواهد آمد که مبتنی بر وضع سیاسی ، اداری و قضایی یا بین المللی کشور یا سرزمینی باشد که شخص به آن تعلق دارد . گواه این کشور مستقل ، تحت قیمومیت یا غیر خود مختار بوده یا حاکمیت آن به شکل محدودی شده  باشد.

ماده ۳:  هر کس حق زندگی ، آزادی و امنیت شخصی دارد .

ماده ۴:  احدی را نمی توان در بردگی نگه داشت و داد و ستد بردگان به هر شکلی که باشد ممنوع  است.

ماده ۵:  احدی  را نمی توان تحت شکنجه یا مجازات یا رفتاری قرار داد که ظالمانه و یا بر خلاف انسانیت و شئون بشری یا موهن باشد .

ماده ۶:  هر کس حق دارد که شخصیت حقوق او در همه جا به عنوان یک انسان در مقابل قانون شناخته شود .

ماده ۷:  همه در برابر قانون ، مساوی هستند و حق دارند بدون تبعیض و بالسویه از حمایت قانون برخوردار شوند.همه حق دارند در مقابل هر تبعیضی که ناقض اعلامیه حاضر باشد و بر علیه هر تحریکی که برای چنین تبعیضی به عمل آید به طور تساوی از حمایت قانون بهره مند شوند.

ماده ۸:  در برابر اعمالی که حقوق اساسی فرد را مورد تجاوز قرار بدهد و آن حقوق به وسیله قانون اساسی یا قانون دیگری برای او شناخته شده  باشد ، هر کس حق رجوع به محاکم ملی صالحه دارد .

ماده ۹:  احدی  را نمی توان خود سرانه توقیف ، حبس یا تبعید نمود .

ماده ۱۰:  هرکس با مساوات کامل حق دارد که دعوایش به وسیله دادگاه مساوی و بی طرفی ، منصفانه و علنا رسیدگی بشود و چنین دادگاهی درباره حقوق و الزامات او یا هر اتهام جزایی که به او توجه پیدا کرده باشند، اتخاذ تصمیم بنماید.

ماده ۱۱:  الف) هر کس به بزه کاری متهم شده باشد بی گناه  محسوب خواهد شد تا وقتی  که در جریان یک دعوای عمومی که در آن کلیه تضمین های لازم برای دفاع ازاو تامین شده باشد ، تقصیر او قانونا محرز گردد.

ب) هیچ کس برای انجام یا عدم انجام عملی که در موقع ارتکاب ، آن عمل به موجب حقوق ملی یا بین المللی جرم شناخته نمی شده است محکوم نخواهد شد . به همین طریق هیچ مجازاتی شدیدتر از آنچه که در موقع ارتکاب جرم بدان تعلق می گرفت درباره احدی اعمال نخواهد شد.

ماده ۱۲:  احدی در زندگی  خصوصی ، امور خانوادگی ، اقامتگاه یا مکاتبات خود نباید مورد مداخله های  خود سرانه واقع شود و شرافت و اسم و رسمش نباید مورد حمله قرار گیرد . هر کس حق دارد که در مقابل این گونه مداخلات و حملات ، مورد حمایت قانون قرار گیرد.

ماده ۱۳:  الف) هر کس حق دارد که در داخل هر کشوری آزادانه عبور و مرور کند و محل اقامت خود را انتخاب نماید.

ب) هر کی حق دارد هر کشوری و از جمله کشور خود را ترک کند یا به کشور خود باز گردد.

ماده ۱۴:  الف) هر کس حق دارد در برابر تعقیب ، شکنجه و آزار ، پناهگاهی جسنجو کند و در کشورهای دیگر پناه اختیار کند.

 ب) در موردی که تعقیب واقعا مبتنی به جرم عمومی و غیر سیاسی و رفتارهایی مخالف با اصول  و مقاصد ملل متحد باشد ، نمی توان از این حق استفاده نمود .

ماده ۱۵:  الف) هر کس حق دارد ، که دارای تابعیت باشد.

 ب) احدی را تمی توان خود سرانه از تابعیت خود یا از حق تغییر تابعیت محروم کرد.

ماده ۱۶:  الف) هر زن و مرد بالغی حق دارند بدون هیچ محدودیت از نظر نژاد ، ملیت ، تابعیت یا مذهب با هم دیگر زناشویی و هنگام انحلال آن ، زن و شوهر در کلیه امور مربوط به ازدواج دارای حقوق مساوی می باشند.

ب) ازدواج باید با رضایت کامل و آزادانه زن ومرد واقع شود .

پ) خانواده رکن طبیعی و اساسی اجتماع است و حق دارد از حمایت جامعه و دولت بهره مند شود.

ماده ۱۷:  الف) هر شخص ، منفردا یا به طور اجتماعی حق مالکیت دارد.

ب) احدی را تمی توان خود سرانه از حق مالکیت محروم نمود .

ماده ۱۸:  هر کس حق دارد که از آزادی فکر ، وجدان و مذهب بهره مند شود .این حق متضمن آزادی تغییر مذهب یا عقیده  و ایمان می باشد و نیز شامل تعلیمات مذهبی و اجرای مراسم دینی است . هرکس می تواند از این حقوق یا مجتمعاً به طور خصوصی یا به طور عمومی بر خوردار باشد.

ماده ۱۹:  هر کس حق آزادی عقیده وبیان دارد و حق  مزبورشامل آن است که از داشتن عقاید خود بیم و اضطرابی نداشته باشد و در کسب اطلاعات و افکار و در اخذ و انتشار آن ، به تمام وسایل ممکن و بدون ملاحضات مرزی، آزاد باشد .

ماده ۲۰:  الف) هرکس حق دارد آزادانه مجامع و جمعیت های مسالمت آ میز تشکیل دهد.

ب) هیچ کس را تمی توان مجبور به شرکت در اجتماعی کرد.

ماده ۲۱:  الف) هر کس حق دارد که در اداره امور عمومی کشور خود ،  خواه مستقیما و خواه با وساطت  نمایندگانی که آزادانه انتخاب شده باشد شرکت جوید.

ب) هر کس حق دارد با تساوی شرایط ، به مشاغل عمومی کشور خود نایل آید

پ) اساس و منشا قدرت حکومت  ، اراده مردم است . این اراده  باید به وسیله انتخاباتی ابراز گردد که از روی صداقت و به طور ادواری ، صورت پذیرد .انتخابات باید عمومی و با رعایت مساوات باشد و با رای مخفی یا طریقهای نظیر آن انجام گیرد که آزادی  رای  را تامین  نماید .

ماده ۲۲:  هر کس به عنوان عضو اجتماع ، حق امنیت اجتماعی دارد و مجاز است به وسیله مساعی ملی و همکاری بین المللی ، حقوق اقتصادی ، اجتماعی و فرهنگی خود را که لازمه مقام و نمو آزادانه شخصیت اوست با رعایت تشکیلات و منابع هر کشور به دست آورد.

ماده ۲۳:  الف) هر کس حق دارد کار کند، کار خود را آزادانه انتخاب نماید ، شرایط منصفانه و رضایت بخشی برای کار خواستار باشد و در مقابل بیکاری مورد حمایت قرار گیرد.

ب) همه حق دارند که بدون هیچ  تبعیضی در مقابل کار مساوی ، اجرت مساوی دریافت نمايند

پ) هر کس که کار میکند به مزد منصفانه و رضایت بخشی ذیحق می شود که زندگی او و خانواده اش را موافق شئون انسانی تامین کند و آن را در صورت لزوم با هر نوع وسایل دیگر حمایت اجتماعی، تکمیل نماید

ت) هر کس حق دارد که برای دفاع از منافع خود با دیگران اتحادیه تشکیل دهد و در اتحادیه ها نیز شرکت کند.

ماده ۲۴:  هر کس حق استراحت و فراغت و تفریح دارد و به خصوص به محدودیت معقول ساعات کار و مرخصی های ادواری ، با اخذ حقوق، ذیحق می باشد.

ماده ۲۵:  الف) هرکس حق دارد که سطح زندگی او ، سلامتی و رفاه خود و خانواده اش را از حیث خوراک ومسکن ومراقبتهای طبی و خدمات لازم اجتماعی تامین کند و همچنین حق دارد که در مواقع بیکاری ، بیماری ، نقص اعضا ، بیوگی ، پیری یا در تمام موارد دیگری  که به علل خارج از اراده  انسان ، وسایل امرار معاش او از بین رفته باشد از شرایط آبرومندانه زندگی برخوردار شود.

ب) مادران وکودکان حق دارند که از کمک و مراقبت مخصوصی بهره مند شوند . کودکان چه براثر ازدواج و چه بدون ازدواج  به دنیا آمده باشند ، حق دارند که همه از یک نوع حمایت اجتماعی برخوردار شوند.

ماده ۲۶:  الف) هر کس حق دارد که از آموزش و پرورش بهره مند شود . آموزش و پرورش لااقل تا حدودی که مربوط به تعلیمات ابتدایی و اساسی است باید مجانی باشد . آموزش ابتدایی اجباری است . آموزش حرفه ای باید عمومیت پیدا کند و آموزش عالی باید با شرایط تساوی کامل ، به روی همه باز باشد تا همه ، بنا به استعداد خود بتواند از آن بهره مند گردند.

ب) آموزش و پرورش باید به طوری هدایت شود که شخصیت انسانی هر کس را به حد اکمل رشد آن برساند و احترام حقوق و آزادی های بشری را تقویت کند . آموزش و پرورش باید حسن تفاهم ، گذشت و احترام عقاید مخالف و دوستی بین تمام ملل و جمعیت های نژادی یا مذهبی و همچنین توسعه فعالیت های ملل متحد را در راه حفظ صلح ، تسهیل نماید.

پ) پدر و مادر در انتخاب نوع آموزش و پرورش فرزندان خود نسبت به دیگران اولویت دارند.

ماده ۲۷:  الف) هر کس حق دارد در زندگی فرهنگی اجتماع شرکت کند ، از فنون و هنرها متمتع گردد و در پیشرفت علمی و فوائد آن سهیم باشد.

ب) هر کس حق دارد از حمایت منافع معنوی و مادی آثارعلمی ، فرهنگی یا هنری خود برخوردار شود.

ماده ۲۸:  هر کس حق دارد برقراری نظمی را بخواهد که از لحاظ اجتماع و بین المللی ، حقوق و آزادی هایی را که در این اعلامیه ذکر گردیده ، تامین کند و آنها را به مورد عمل بگذارد.

ماده ۲۹:  الف) هرکس در مقابل آن جامعه ای وظیفه دارد که رشد آزاد کامل شخصیت او را میسر سازد

ب) هر کس در اجرای حقوق و استفاده از آزادی های خود ، فقط تابع محدودیت هایی است که به وسیله قانون ، منحصرا به منظور تامین شناسایی و مراعات حقوق و آزادی های دیگران و برای مقتضیات صحیح اخلاقی و نظم عمومی و رفاه همگانی ، در شرایط یک جامعه دموکراتیک  وضع  گردیده  است.

پ) این حقوق و آزادی ها ، در هیچ موردی نمی تواند بر خلاف مقاصد و اصول ملل متحد اجرا گردد.

ماده ۳۰:  هیچ یک از مقررات اعلامیه حاضر نباید طوری تفسیر شود که متضمن حقی برای دولتی یا جمعیتی یا فردی باشد که به موجب آن بتواند هر یک از حقوق و آزادی های مندرج در اعلامیه را ازبین ببرد ویا در آن راه ، فعالیتی بنماید

This law will take effect in Iran.  No Iranian can stop me.  I will enforce this law with Wild Lions.

No mortal can hide the truth in time light will prevail.

No media will cover me becouse of my story on depleted uranium.  If you have cancer you need to let the world know. 

Immortal Prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire

 The most popular Picture in Iran

To this day the Islamic Republic of Iran burns Sereen's photographs and Persian films.  No website in Iran is allowed to use Sereen's images or publish anything about Sereen, his father or family,  unless, of course, it is lies that are published by the Islamic Republic of Iran on its websites and in its newspapers.  In their very own controlled media they have claimed that Sereen has a Jewish ancestry and not from Zoroastrian ancestry.  Inspite of Sereen's images with Farohar the Zoroastrian guarding angel in his forehead, in his bracelet and in his pornographic materials.  This shows the world how illiterate these thugs running the Islamic Republic of Iran are.


  After his Imperial Majesty Mohammad reza shah pahlavi - Sereen Images are the most hated images by the Muslim Iranians across the world.

Sereen fled Iran after releasing his Porn.  Sereen's quest for freedom drove him to the edge of doing the potential suicide of doing porn in Iran.  That courage has made immortal in Iran, even so that the Islamic Republic of Iran can not hide Sereen's story anymore, and they are now forced to publish lies.  Immortal Prince Sereen is more popular than the crown Prince Ali-Reza Pahlavi for taking a bold stand against Muslims and British and Americans with no fear.

We all must work to bring Iranians to think for themselves, to question their leaders, to not accept what these Mullahs dicate as God's word.

"سرین بدیعی  " Muslims call Sereen Satanic Angel. "تصویر واقعی شیطان" 

 خون پاک آریایی تو رگهای سرین هست خون من از عرب حرومزاده کلیمی مسیحی‌ مسلمون بهائئ نیست

خشونت علیه زنان و هم جنسگران در نظامی رخ می دهد که مبتنی بر نابرابری جنسیتی با اعتقاد دینی ارتباط دارد که رابطه جنسی با هم جنس حرام است

All Iranian Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai's publications are prohibited in publishing Sereen Images.

But no one can stop me,  becouse there is no statute of limitations for murder.  These people are all killers with illiterate followers.

I am Zoroastrian and here to burn all evil gods, but the angels.  Everyone in this cults are killers and scam artists.  No mortal can hide the truth for long,

 I am here to seek Justice.

Immortal Prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire declare Gay Sex divine world wide.  Freedom is real. is free I am going to do it and you will all follow.  I will burn every evil religions but the angels.

I will burn every Bible and Quran the book of evil no mortal have any right to kill or jail a gay person.  I declare same sex marriage legal within the Persian Empire under the first civilization's Declaration of Rights of Cyrus the Great and Zoroastrian laws.  It is time for all the Gays and Pornstars and prostitutes across the world to do the same or this people will kill and jail you in time.  Burn their evil book world wide do not tolerate injustice do not let them call you sinners.  I am here to make you divine. will provide the world educational gay sex videos in Persian and English.   My images and videos are royalty free world wide.

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai's are evil I will burn any gods who call gays sinners.

Bahá'u'lláh - The Glory of god real Image and story is exposed by SEREEN.  This peasant scary looking Arab savage is published as the Elite of Persia and the image of god.  Do not believe what you read in the wikipedia and news.  Peasant and scam artist and not a prophet.  Click here   for more info.  They are insulting the gods by calim this monkey as manifestation of God.  It is billion dollars scam and biggest hoax in our modern times.

As Pure blood of Persia I am insulted and will file multi million dollar lawsuit against the Bahai' cult once Iran is free.  I will end their scam.  Let every Iranian know that this people are froud and do not donate your hard earn cash to them.   Freedom and gender equality will only come by the first civilization's Declaration of Rights of Cyrus the Great and nothing else.  We need to stop Bahai's who take advantage of the poor and illiterate who spend their money thinking Bahá'u'lláh is the glory of god.  He is not.  He is ugly monkey a savage blood of a Jew.

The only boy who stood up to the Islamic Republic of Iran and burned their Quran in Iran and declared gay sex world wide as divine. And yet again Muslims try to sabotage me.  In time Iran will cover my name in gold.  No mortal can hide the truth from the immortal gods.

My body and images are the property of Persia - Disrespect to me is disrespect to sovereignty of the Sasanian Persian Empire

I have Faravahar  the guardian angel on my side.  I fear no evil. is free becouse I have fought like a warrior in Iran and USA.

I have nothing to hide or fear from mortals my name is immortal prince Sereen my blood is 100% Jew Free.  I was born Zoroastrian.

Immortal Prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire

Sereen live broadcast to Iran with Iphone5s. has won against evil.  The world will know the truth now.

  I have won many thanks to the British Museum. After 150 years the British have agreed to publish the truth.  This was my dream and it came to life.

Immortal Prince Sereen the Oracle of Persia.  Tune in to my world and I will show you that my images hold dates and keys and each one has a tale and everything will come to be my fans grow by my actions not talks.  I have promised Iran for this day and after 150 years it is here.

 Do never question my actions, I am here to save the Persian race at all costs.

 "Persian race is on edge of extinction"

Persians = Zoroastrians who Follows complete freedom, they have higher IQ to think for themselves

Iranians =  Jews , Christians, Muslims, Baha'is, Atheists.  Who Follows fake man made prophecies.   Religious books as the law, illiterate slaves who usually have blood rituals like Jews and Muslims.

Persians are not Iranians

It is time for the world to publish the truth Iranians are not Persians.   Iranians are blood line of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai's who follow mortal prophets Persians are Zoroastrians it is huge difference in their gentic code.  We tends to age different have fewer risk factors for disease and tends to be more physically fit and mentally balanced than any of the other people.   It is time for the world to respect my people and preserve my race and culture as Persians and not Iranians.  Our DNA is of Immortal Vegan Angels Pharaohs there are only 150,000 Persians reside in the world.

The new study confirm every individual receives an X chromosome from the mother and a Y chromosome from the father, the individual is male (XY). The Y chromosome is passed from the father to the son virtually unchanged. In the copying of DNA from one generation to the next.

Jews , Christians , Muslims, Bahai's are from the same DNA and gentic code As Jesus says you all have the same Father.  Primitive human DNA a blood of Jew.  True Persians are 100% Jew free blood like me the title " The immortals" were named by Herodotus of Greece when he entered Persia.

Now you learn why they call us the Proud Persian Race

Zoroastrians regard the existence of evil as necessary and that men achieve goodness through battling it. They also view life as struggle between the Angels and the devil Ahriman (Prince of Chaos and Darkness) and believe that man has a free will to choose between angel and the devil and that gods has given man intelligence to carry out the fight which provides man with the insight that the good life is sometimes hard but the consequences of evil are worse. Angel power is almost equal to that of Evil

Muslims - Evil - Iranians

They can enforce their savage laws with guns and force.


Muslims are killers it is time for the world to learn the truth before you all end up jumping from your roof tops just like the people in the towers.

Defend freedom deport every single Muslim and their fans out of your nations they are nothing but criminals.   Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai's are nothing but pure evil and killers it is time to charge them all.

Zoroastrians - Angels - Persians

I be all naked - two can play this game.  It is time for all the gays and pornstars to enforce their laws with guns and force.

 "Persian race is on edge of extinction"  It is time for the Persians to learn to defend freedom.  In this world you either kill or be killed there is no other way.

United State is just like Iran the only difference is people are lead to believe that they are free.  I hope 911 will wake them  up.

Islamic Republic of Iran yet again has published lies  and try to sabotage me.  Muslims are only in power with their guns and media.  In time the world will know the truth just like 911.  Everything in the media is straight up lies.  The truth is you are all being exposed to cancer and the world to depleted uranium.  From Iran to United State you are both being used for wars over oil just like fools while some people in your governments are making billions of dollars.  While worlds media gets away by publishing lies legally.


The world Media is controlled by corporations the truth is in 911.

World Media sabotaged Iran in 1979 and gave Mullahs the total control over Iran.  Media is very powerful.  Persians never forget 1979.   

There is one place for Islam and Jews and Christians and Bahai's and that is trash .  It is time to buy a gun and live free.

Live free and be free.  Or you will all end up like the people jumping from the World Trade Center - 911 never forget.

To Deport Muslims Click here

Angel power is almost equal to that of evil If they fight with their guns it is time for you to hold a gun and defend your very own freedom.

Do not walk away from my images.  If you do you will be very sorry.  MKULTRA is REAL

It is time for the world to wake up and publish the truth or you will all die from cancer.

Marvin Bush whose company installed the "security system" in the world trade center And this is who is brother America placed in power and wonder how 911 happened.  Let me tell you on 06/09/2001 a heightened WTC security alert was lifted only person who knew all about the WTC  security system was Marvin Bush.  

Iraq had nothing to do with 911.  Iraqi youngsters and people faced a worse existence today than they did under Saddam Hussein's dictatorship.

Larry Silverstein was interested in acquiring the entire World Trade Center complex, and put in a bid when the Port Authority put it up for lease in 2000. Silverstein won the bid when a deal between the initial winner and the Port Authority fell through, and he signed the lease on July 24, 2001.

Soon after the September 11 attacks, Silverstein declared his intent to rebuild, though he and his insurers became embroiled in a multi-year dispute over whether the attacks had constituted one event or two under the terms of the insurance policy, which provided for a maximum of $3.55 billion coverage per event. A settlement was reached in 2007, with insurers agreeing to pay out $4.55 billion he demanded 7.1 billion of dollars.

What happened to the billion of dollars in Gold and cash that was stored in WTC ?  I guess Iraqis has stolen them too. It shows the world how stupid the American people really are hand by hand with Iranians.  Who always follow the news and now some Iranians think that Americans will help them free Iran dream on.

In 1979 The Jewish Publication Kyhan published article with two sentance that brought down the most powerful monarchy. The article said:  Do not buy houses I will give a house to everyone prophet Khomeini.  Empty promises and illiterate Iranians felt for it.  

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi's the Most powerful king of Persia was taken down by the Media in 1979 when he left  Threats of arrest and assassination dogged them, world leaders (including Jimmy Carter) turned their backs on them, and the shah suffered from painful lymphatic cancer. His death in 1980 was a cruel.  Shortly after my father was under the house arrest and later in 1997 was assassinated.

In Iran 30 billion dollars went missing they have accused her majesty queen farah diba of stealing it.  Just like 911 -  30 billion dollars went missing.  In 2012 Islamic Republic of Iran have published article accusing me for taking millions of dollars out of Iran while they have empty my father's bank accounts and taken all of his properties and covered his story from the world media while Hezbollah and Mujahideen have turned Tehran up side down trying to hide my story too.  Once they knew I have fled they published lies to sabotage me in Iran.   They have turned all Iranians against me and now illiterate Iranians have send me in to exile and Muslims with American weapons are killing them.   I hope the world will see this.  Karma is bitch.  You will all pay for acting stupid becouse I will never forget.  You have taken everything for me my family my home even my cloth.  You will all pay.

While all the Iranians and Persians hate on me for doing porn and being sexually promiscuous in Iran and now in the United State.  Iranian war refugees out of Iran sure have very strong opinions about me and how I should behave in presenting Iran.  Now the world will see how Stupid Iranians are.

Freedom will not come by exposing earth to DU and by providing weapons to Muslims.

The United States has no business employing such cruel weapons.  United Nations classifies depleted-uranium ammunition as an illegal weapons of mass destruction because of their long-term impacts on the land over which they explode and the long-term health problems they cause when people are exposed to them. Apparently, the United States is hypocritical enough to disregard a plea not to use weapons of mass destruction. Yet bomb other countries who have them. is the only site that promotes complete freedom, gay sex and equality, prostitution and pornography in Iran.  Sereen has brought back with him the ancient sign of the angels as a big fashion trend among rebellious teenagers who are starting to fight Islam like warriors and who no longer are willing to be slaves or live in fear from Islam's evils.  Sereen have Iranian priceless divine ancient artifact in his possession.  Sereen is born Zoroastrian for centuries.  

I will make love with Faravahar the guardian angel on my arm.  I am here to change the world.


I walk the walk not all talk. I have nothing to hide.  Live Free and be Free.

No media can cover up my story anymore I am for the world to see.

Everything in is royaltyfree to promote and inspire complete freedom.


Change will only come by the youth.  My fans grows by my actions and not the media.

I am for the world to see   

انتظار من از پیرهای مذهبی نیست، چشم گزار جوانان ایرانم،  پیرها که باعث تظاهرات خود وطن فروشی کردن و اسلام را در دل و قانون به نام دین مناسبات استبدادی برقرار کردن ،   گناه ما فقط متولد شدن هست در ایران این برده گی و جنگ را برای ما گذاشتن،  آزادی افسانه است در ایران the official website of exiled Immortal Prince Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire.

In time you will all be judged by your actions.  Do not live in fear or hide your actions from the mortals.  Be free if the gods can see me so can you my conscious is clear

Long live the Vegan Pharaohs

It has been thought for many years that the Milky Way is an overly large spiral galaxy. Using Cephied distances to 17 spiral galaxies we calculate the true linear diameters of those galaxies. These diameters are then compared to that of the Milky Way which is found to be, at most, an averagely sized spiral galaxy as you can see carved in the center. in 17 section.

This artifact is the prove that our earth is hollow and we indeed have two suns - Inner sun and outer sun.   Pharaohs DNA was not of this earth and this Ancient artifact proves that  The artifact is carved in 12 Section.  12 Strand of DNA is Super human.   

Humans are supposed to have 12 chemical nucleotide bases. This would allow us to have 144 physical chemical chromosomes as well, whereas now we only have 46. Also the original Angelic Human DNA Template which most people on the planet have, called the Diamond Sun DNA Template, is 12 strands, allowing for 12 dimensions of consciousness, and is built for transmutation from carbon to silica based body, and eventually pre-matter liquid light. This body is not meant to “die”. It is because of the DNA distortions in ancient history (25,500 B.C) that have blocked people from bringing light into their field and naturally evolving through DNA activation. Most people on the planet only have 3 strands active, which only allows 3 dimensions of consciousness and thus they are stuck in 3D

The Twelve-Strand Theta DNA Activation creates the connection between the human genetic coding and access to all knowledge through the Creator's Seven Planes of Existence. Twelve has the ancient meaning of "Thy will be done," and this seems significant in releasing our perceptions of who we think we are into the awareness of who we truly are--remembering our histories and purpose for being here at this amazing time, in service to the Creator

There are Seven objects in the center of the Artifact only through divinity you can enter in to inner earth.  No mortal is allowed.  It is the heaven on earth.  The immortal Super humans reside deep in the sea.   The hollow moon it is designed to control the earth withought it we will all die.   

The Earth is not Solid.

World Top secret  -  Our earth is hollow.  This model was designed by the Vegan Pharaohs.

 Investigate the pyramids and you will learn the hidden truth of your DNA.  You were born to be a god do not follow mortals as gods or prophets.

Thanks to all my vip members everything in is royalty free Sereen angelic images are used for war against evil world wide.

If you believe in complete freedom send this page to the world.  We can make a change.  Freedom is real.  It is people who make governments