حق امتیاز آزاد ـ داستان زندگی شهید خاک وطن سرهنگ بدیعی از زبان فرزندش سرین بدیعی ـ درود بر آزادی

Sereen.com is not under Iran jurisdiction.  Sereen is exiled from Iran.  To this day Sereen remain to be a proud citizen of Persia and now a proud resident of the United State

Immortal Prince Sereen royal blood of Sasanian Persian Empire who's family swore allegiance to his majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi as a king.  Javid Shah.   

Immortal Prince Sereen no longer has allegiance to his majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi after his death.  Prince Sereen is exiled from Iran under Islamic Law.  The Iranian people committed treason by handing over sovereignty to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is a theocratic dictatorship and corrupt to its core, violating gay rights, women's rights and basically all human rights.  Sereen.com will fight to end the theocratic dictatorship and the intolerance, corruption and injustice in Iran.  As a free man and as a true Persian prince of the ancient royal blood of Persia, Immortal prince Sereen is not under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran or US.  Sereen.com does not accept or comply with any religious laws. Sereen.com follows the Zoroastrian faith, and follows the first civilization's Declaration of Rights of Cyrus the Great.

SEREEN Royalty FREE " Freedom - Azadi" Collection

This is the true story of Iran.  Not by media whose lies sabotages the Persian monarchy.  But by the official royal blood of Persia Sereen.

حق امتیاز آزاد

سرین بدیعی شهروند ایران است.  جوان ترین بازیگر فیلم های سکسی ایرانی که تحت حمایت آمریکا قرار دارد

واسه من فرقی نداره که چقدر با هم فاصله داریم.  من ایرانم و ایران من.  من به دوستان عشق خود را می سپارم هستم به قلب پاک که برایتان فیلم ها و عکس های خود را هدیه میارم.  به آرزوی آزادی ایران

سرین بدیعی

Born into Iran's most powerful aristocratic family, I fled Iran facing prosecution with a death sentence hanging over me.  This is my message that will change Iran forever.  As of 2014 I am still a proud citizen of Iran and proud resident of the United State.  I know in my heart one day the world will seek and want the truth, and when they do everyone will know that Islam was the end of  2,500 years of the most respected monarchy.  Iran could have been one of the most powerful countries in the world, but we lost it all to conquoring Islam.  I have lost my father and family, and Iranians have lost their freedom.  Islam is not peace. It killed my father and now wants me dead.  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,  and I am doing my part in making you believe in freedom once again.    

I write these words to you in the hope you shall have sight,
I pray these words will return to you in your dreams at night.
You hold the key to end so much pain
I pray my words are not lost in vain.
I would hope you would listen and read this message as the future of Iran is in your hands now.
It is easy not to see what we do not want to see. 
For if your eyes behled these things,
if you truely saw the hell war brings
if you could end it all and walk away ,
one day your soul will pay.  

Yours truly,  The Immortal Dream they call Sereen.

Never follow unjust laws written by man.   If you live in any nation, free or opressed, learn from this to never take your freedom for granted.   Your parents died so you could be free.  Never live in fear from any government, because government's only legitimate power is derived from the will of the people governed Sereen ,  

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin. Islam took everything from me. Iran is ruined.

Share my story to the world, tell everyone Islam is not peace it is death.

Hatred has no limits and no bounds It hunts its victims like the devils hounds.  They say that the sins of the father shall fall on his son, but then there is the love of a mother that is second to none. Then there is fate and what we are destined to be my name is Sereen and this story is all about me. Never seen photograph of his Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and my Father.

مرگ بر اسلام،  دولت جمهوری اسلامی ایران حکم اعدام  و گزارش اخبار دروغ را راجع به سرین انتشار داد

Tribute to all these heroes

After the victory of the Islamic revolution in February 1979, my father was one of the very few trusted members of Pahalvi dynasty to stay inside Iran and keep fighting against the Islamic revolutionaries under the order of his Imperial Majesty Shahanshah Aryamehr.  Every single man in this picture are heroes of Iran.  These men all have been assassinated..

عکس دیده نشده و نایاب از شاهنشاه آریامهر محمد رضا شاه پهلوی و سرهنگ بدیعی

In this picture, His Majesty Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi walked toward my father and other officers in his Imperial Air Force.  My father who, in this picture would in time become one of the most powerful generals in the Air Foce of Iran. My father worked so hard and had his Ph.D.  Yet after the revolution he could not reason with the barbaric Muslims whose only law was the Quran.

In 1979, the revolution was the end of a country that once was the land of free. He made a promise to the king to serve obey and protect. He stayed in Iran on his Majesty's request to protect the people against the Islamic Revolutionary Guards.  My Father only concern was well being of his family and  the citizens of Iran.

After Majesy Prince Reza Shah Pahalvi Exile  the country gone in to riot and protest, blood shade thousands were killed he said Mydan Azadi was panited Red in Blood, People were killing each other, raping, kidnapping childern and some stealing every Jewel and smash Shah's Bronze Statue of Freedom,  all you could see was blood of 2500 years of monarchy and pahlavi dynasty, history was being changed right before his eyes.

Shortly after 1980 Iran went to war with Iraq and he was assigned to protect Iran. He did it not for Muslims but to protect the civilians.  In 2 August 1997 Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami was ellected, and he ordered the death to all family members of the Imperial Air force as traitors and Savak members.  They were all to be killed in Iran.  I was no longer safe or protected.  My life in Iran was just a nightmare ever since I can remember.

شهرک اکباتان

I was sent to one of our condominiums in Shahrak Ekbatan with Imperial guards, the most secure location in Tehran at that time, 

My Father purchased this condominium for emergencies.  It was German engineered  and made of Béton to stand against earthquake and bombs. From my window you could view Mehrabad Airport where my mom once stood and watch Shah fly out of Iran. I grow up there. I never was able to go out because the Islamic guards would spot me from miles away, I was home schooled and only had few friends.  After my father assassination I decided to release my porn.  It was my way of fighting the Islamic republic of Iran.  I knew at that time it was my destiny.    I ignite a fire in Iran with my porn and story so powerful that Iranian publications could not hide anymore.  Shortly after my condominium in Shahrak-e Ekbatan was confiscated and everything inside it was stolen by the Islamic guards once again I went in to hidding  untill arrangements were made for me to leave Iran.

I was told to go into hidding for my safety and stay hidden, but I have refused. This is not my story anymore.  It is the story of Iran, not the story in most of the media who has published lies and walked away from the truth or politicians, but it is the story of a boy who left Iran crying blood.

Iran one and only infamous teen Pornstar known as  سرین بدیعی

A life without freedom is not a life worth living

You lose track of who is who, your compass is gone all screwy, you started out knowing for sure, and you end up adrift, and the more you think on it the more the clarity of the argument sort of melts like people in 900-degree Fahrenheit heat, and all you can see anymore is pain, pain and more pain, like it's not about ideas anymore, it's just about raw naked suffering what has really happning in the world and Iran.

Sereen The son of Iran most powerful general of Army of Shah, with a story so dark that goes to deep underground military base

I am in United State to save Americans and Iran.  Do not walk away from my message.  As if you do 911 will be a drift of fresh air for what is about to come to you.  At this time I am asking for all nations to come as one.  I had no help from any media who had walked away from my family left me and my father to die in Iran.  I was saved and this is my message to the world.  A real story by the people for the people.

Sereen.com is not under United State of America or Iran jurisdiction.  I am the poud citizen of Iran and Proud resident of United State.  Event the United States Supreme Court have no power over Sereen.com.  Freedom is real.  We as the people make our governments and some people in our governments are evil.  They will bring wars upon us on innocent civilians for greed of wealth. By mind control MKULTRA.  In Iran Basiji's use mind control techniques to recruit war children for suicide bombing. 

 They need people they need you and me to fight.  The hate over religions and race have made us divided, and that make's their job easier to sabotage you with the media.  To get you do what they want you to do. My Father had the records of 1979 revolution which was not about Islam but greed for wealth and empty promises.  Now Iran believe in my story that every member of  Imperial Army of Shah is assassin, and  they want me dead.  The real question is you as the people not media who left my father and me to die in Iran is going to do about it?

I stand before you as a boy with no home in exile asking for justice.

I have immortalize my name SEREEN This page will be recorded in the Internet Archives.

I am pure blood of Persia, the true voice of Iran and my story and images are royaltyfree. No media can cover up my story anymore. 

Deep Underground Military Bases exist and have been the subject of Conspiracy Theorist for some time."Project Greek Island" The Washington Post revealed it in a 1992 story; immediately after the Post story, the government decommissioned the bunker. The facility has since been renovated and is also used as a data storage facility for the private sector. It is featured as an attraction in which visitors can tour the now declassified facilities, known as The Bunker. In researching Deep Underground Military Bases, one comes across much information. Some might be considered plausible, some hard to believe, yet knowing that the US Government maintains one of the highest levels of Secrecy when it comes to Department of Defense matters, then the impossible might actually be possible. Occasionally one comes across unclassified documents  that help put pieces of the puzzle together. Soon Us dollar will collapse while some individual in governments will have billions by promoting wars, chaos and genocide.   In order for their evil plan to succeed they have been founding the Muslims.  In 1947 United State and Soviet Union began spreading influences in Afghanistan,  led to bloody war United State backed Mujahideen forces who is goal was to take over Iran.  By 1978 they have succeeded and brought their hezbollah troops in to Iran and Tehran.

These Arab ethnic men are not Persians and had no business in Iran.  Yet in 1979 these men had enough founds for Muslim advertising and political campaigns with weapons against Pahlavi Monarchy to make an Islamic revolution.  They have killed every member of Savak while US media reported Savak for their ruthless brutalities.  To this day Savak is Iran's "most hated and feared institution"

The Muslims won over Imperial guards.and soon after every member of Savak and their families were tortured and killed. No one in the media published their stories.  They left them all to die. While every documents were burned like they have never existed.  To this day they have made museum of Savak torture chambers in memories of Shah.  All paintings, sculpture & decorative arts are staged and fake.

I would like the Media to publish the tourcher chambers of Islamic Gaurds. I will assure you that it will be bigger than Nazi concentration camps..

 Do you still need more evidence in a cover up?

I do exist Iran and now rest of the world knows it.  Someone will take actions.  Stop Depleted Uranium or we shall all die by cancer.  Muslims are illiterate killers but evil words of Jihad in Quran can't kill people, but weapons can.  Both must be stoped.

We need to impose severe trade weaponry sanctions to Iran, and stop the people who influence U.S. government in Founding Muslims. Deport Muslims in order to prevent America's destruction like Iran.  Together we can do it.

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The new undercover operation "سازمان شیر وحشی سرین" established to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran at all cost from Persecution of Homosexuals and Persian Pornstars.  Iran's "Most hated institution" Iran is the most zealously homophobic.  Over thousands lesbians and gay men have been executed.  While world media has ignored this very important issue.  This Organization of Intelligence will not tolerate injustice.  Advocates equal rights for women, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals in Iran and around the world.  A life without freedom is not a life worth living. Wild lion organization.   Shirvahshi.com

Shirvahshi.com you either kill or be killed


Deport Muslims in order to prevent America's destruction like Iran. For graphic images check Shirvahshi.com

Wake up America, Muslims are coming Warning the images are very graphic.

calling the woman a “whore” and a “slut,” how Muslim men describe unveiled women.  Tell to every American Sweden did not listen to all the warnings and stories and the entire country is going through high crime all by Muslims.  It is time to expose them.  Sweden has been suffering from a rape epidemic. Rapists who were born abroad reportedly outnumber rapists born in Sweden four to one. This isn't entirely surprising, considering that Sweden is being colonized out of existence by Muslim hordes exploiting liberal immigration policies. European women have taken to dying their blonde hair black and even wearing head scarves to avoid being attacked by Muslim colonizers, who hold them in total contempt.     Muslims are not humans they are cult of barbaric criminals Do not get them in your country. Kill Islam or it is going to kill you.  If you are a single female it is time to own a gun it is a fact of life in Sweden now. You either kill or be killed

Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the world. 250,000 cases of rape or attempted rape were recorded by police annually.


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Muslims are in power with their guns. Even a Pornstar with gun can make laws and make riots.  

Most of the news in the media is planned. what is real is you and your life. Someone is providing Muslims with weapons and let them lose like wild dogs.

Take away their guns and Islam will die in Iran and the world.

There is way more than meet the eyes.  

I dedicated this poem to Iran.

No matter where we are we are proud to be Persians.

  اي هموطنان عزيزم 

من زاده ايرانم           ايران در خون من است 

درهركجا كه باشيم      قلب و ذكر ما ايران است 

ما همه ايراني هستيم          از يک نژاد و خوي هستيم 

امروزه مسافتها و دوري            از هم هيچ معني نداره 

نقشههء زمين كوچك شد             دنيا بين انگشتهاي ما شد 

فاصلها پنهان شد              باسكايب ديدارها لحظهاشد 

با قلبي پاک و پر از عشق       ميفرستم عكسهاي خود را 

فيلمها و گفتارها را          هديه به هموطنان ديرينم 

با آرزوهاي قلبي             به همزبانان شيرينم 

شاهزاده جاودانه پارس سرین بدیعی   

شیر هم که باشی جلوی جماعت گاو کم میاری  A Persian female is equal to a men.  Royal blood flowing thru their veins so blue as turquoise.

I fled Iran not becouse I was frighten.  I was outnumbered by hundreds of barbaric Arab Muslims with imported weapons.  I had no other choice but to run and solve the problem from the source.  Together we can save Iran and end all wars across nations.  Promote gender equality and  peace with  love.

The Proud Persian race is on the edge of extinction in Iran, U.S. and EU foreign policies will help achieve and preserve this race Mazdayasna faith of Zoroastrian in Iran.  Invading Muslim forces has butchered and tortured my people for centuries.

by sharing my story I hope to give you courage to raise up against injustice - by taking legal actions freedom can be yours with fight.  No one will give you freedom.  People who are free have fought and have won battles.  I am here to make you believe in freedom.

Once again the choice is yours. It is People who can fight for freedom.  You make Governments. خودم كردم كه لعنت بر خودم باد

   کمکم کن که با این دین بی شرفیم. اخلاق نداریم. به هیچ چیزی احترام نمی گذاریم. فقط حسودی بلدیم و دودره باز، نه تنها هیچ وقت به کسی کمک نمیکنیم  از روی حسادت، همدیگر را زمین می زنیم که مبادا از ما جلو نزند، یک دین از یکی دیگه بدتره، ایران به جای اشك خون گریه می کند، اینکه رعایت دینی دستور قانونی شد . چی شد هم وطن من؟  که فقط گناه من این بود که درایران متولد شدم، کمکم کن که آزادی توی خواب  هست و بیداری من همه ظلم و ستم و بی عدالتی از دین تو. من فرشته عشق از خون گریه های ایرانم کمکم کن که تصویر من از پایان اسلام است، درود بر آزادی            سرین بدیعی

This page is dedicate to Iran

A life without freedom is not a life worth living

Freedom is real and no one will give you freedom.  You have to fight for it. 

My father was right.  Evil is all over the world you can never run or hide from it.  Evil can win if you don't face and fight it.  Evil won in Iran.  I am my fathers son.  I will make Iran believe in freedom once again.

Muslim Arabs and Iranians were burning the Picture of Shah and his Family.  1979 Violent out of control riot.

They burned their freedom that day and give their future and country in the hands of Arab Muslim invaders under the law of  Quran.

My Father witness all of this, He was a true Persian who died for his people and country.  He loved Iran with all his heart and hated all Iranians who took part in 1979 riots.  He did everything in his power to stop them, but no one could.  He told me this is what they were chanting.

مرگ بر شاه 

ما میگیم شاه نمیخوایم​ نخست وزیر عوض میشه. ما میگیم خر نمیخوایم​ پالون خر عوض میشه. نه شاه میخوایم نه شاپور​ لعنت به هر دو مزدور 

حالا صبر بدید که یک روزی این عرب های حروم زاده مسلمون با تفنگ های آمریکاي خر بهتون بموقه اش نشون میدن.  آن وقت آینه را نگاه کنید. بدبخت های قدر نشناس  نفهم بی سواد.  که خون پاک ایران را توهین تحقیر می کنید.  جاوید شاه

سرهنگ بدیعی

Iranians did not respect their monarchy and the world will see what has happened to them.  Now you all can witness it with your own eyes.

My Father never raise hand on one civilian but this Arab barbaric Muslims will give you a good whipping as he predicted in 1979.

No one can talk back or they will kill you and no Media will report the truth. I was there. I know the truth.

2008  Muslims are not going to leave nice like shah you have to kick them out.  It is going to be a tough fight they will kill for power and money.

You Stupid Iranians You can run like Animals now, when you could have had freedom and you took it for granted.  Iran wealth and oil is taken and you are left with nothing, You think Americans or British will care for you ? or give you freedom ?  They just wanted Irans oils and you give it to them.

You think Islam will take you to the kingdom of god and heaven?  When they have turned Iran in to hell? 

.  برای شاه زبان درازی میکردید حلا جرات داری؟  به این بگو خر یا مرگ بر اسلام،  چوب سیاهشو تو کونت میکنه.

اي هم وطن من

حالا صبركن تا اينكه...   يک روزي              اين عربهاي ديروزي و مسلمون هاي امروزي

وقتي كشتننتون با دستهاي خودتون          ولي با تفنگ هاي ساخت ..   امريكائي

شماهارو خام  ديدند          و تن جوان هاي  ما را دريدند

براي منفعت خويش دوستان ما شمردن          و از سياست و دوروئي ماهارو خر ديدند

با دستهاي دشمنان تحقير شد ايران ما          آن تاريخ كهن بايمال شد در عالم

تا كي بخواب رفتي بيدار شو اي هموطن         بركردان به ايران ما .. وطن و افتخار ما

برگزار كن مهركانها و جشنهاي بيروزي          بس است سوكواري بيار شاد كامي

أزاد كن ايران زمين را و با صداي بلند اواز         خوان ..جاويد شاه. جاويد شاه ،جاويد شاه

شاه هموطن ما بود دلسوز و غمخوار ما بود         غريب هموطن نيست دلسوز و دار ما نيست

بيدار شو اي هموطن غوغا كن هموطن          بيدار كن ديگران را     آزاد كن    ايران را

سرین بدیعی  

As an American resident all I want to know is why?  The tuth that even the Supreme Court of the United States have no power to stop.

1980 - 1988 US have sold Weapons with Depleted Uranium to Islamic Republic of Iran & Iraq.  The stories of  human children deformed (Barely Human Children) are real.  Why USA sold weapons with DU to Iran? Why UK and US sell Weapons to Muslims? Why no one investigate 911?

I want everyone to support me and tell the world my true life story so that we can seek justice.  I want to free Iran. I want the truth.

We do not hate Americans We hate American weapons.

We need to impose severe trade sanctions on Iran . We should not trade or negotiate with killers or sell Muslims weapons or depleted Uranium which is made in Albany NYC. I guess 911 was eye opener for all Americans.  We have to fight for humanity, At this point a race doesn't matter anymore. Persians or Americans we are all human. We all cry when our loved ones die. But we do not have to cry anymore we can end all this wars.  

Islamic Republic of Iran is not scary.  They are only in power with their guns not Qurans.  Stop selling them weapons and Iran will be free.

من فرزند ایرانم.  خون کوروش در رگهای من است، مرگ بر اسلام،  آتش زرتشت پاينده باد ايران.  سرین بدیعی

I am here to save Iran, and Americans, I am here to stop cancer and stop Depleted Uranium. I want to save the earth, animals, fishes, trees,  them who cant defend or speak for themselves.

I want to save the Persian Gulf and our waters from contamination.

If you walk away from my message 911 will be a drift a fresh air for what is about to come to you.  Help me save Iran. Stop selling Muslims weapons. They can not make their own.

What is wrong with this picture the Iranian Islamic guards wearing Police uniform which is imported. Muslims even cant make their own uniforms our national language is Persian not English.  Police? Since when? It is time to free Iran and expose the mask behind Islam Guns not Quran.

I will promise you Victory if you all unite in fight for humanity and freedom.

Allah mentions the greatness of fighting in the path of Allah in very many places in the Qur'an.

Generally, these are all references to this type of Jihad.

Killing Gays and Pornstars are highest and greatest reward for Muslims in the kingdom of Allah. As sinners.

To all the illiterate gays who support Muslims be my guest they will come for you one day just like Iran

It is time to Expose Muslims for what they really are Brain washed gay killers who are at their knees Just like gay guys.

Walk like a duck crack like duck you're duck

Deport Muslims back to their Muslim nations.  Jihad killing is so divine to them and their evil book Quran written by Muhammad who was illiterate peasant encourage it.  Just like bible written by Jesus who was Peasant.  God must weep blood at the carnage done in his name.

کونی های کلیمی و مسلمون و بهاي که کون به هوا می دید برای این دین عرب حروم زاده به نام خدا.  لطفا این عکس را بعد ازنماز نگاه کنید. ویاد بگرید که چطوری قمبل کنید. که لاغر وقتی من می بینم از کون شما یه حالي ببرم. با تشکر از شما سرین کون کن خستگی ناپذیر

Sharia Laws for Jihadist Terror in Iran and around the world. Their task is to assassin anyone that they are told.

Their forces are growing around the world. The jihadists already enforcing sharia laws in Syria.

Every American now must read my story the Muslims are coming for you and me with your very own weapons.

Muslims are illiterate followers who kill anything in the name of Allah with IQ lower than 5th grader.  They can never make their own weapons. If they were they wouldn't be Muslims would they?  Most Iranians are illiterate and most follow religious cults as their salvation. They live in fear of god and hide their actions behind close doors. That fear has made Islam and Religions grow very powerful and strong in Iran.  That is the reason we had the 1979 revolution. Our job is to take the weapons off their hands. Do you give a weapon to a 5 year old kid who pray to Jesus?  NO  So why do you sell weapons to the hands of kids with Quran?

 Act now Spread my message MKULTRA is REAL.  Investigate 911.

By Joe Valiquette and Andrew Rafferty, NBC News

Russian authorities have told U.S. investigators they recorded a 2011 telephone conversation between Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his mother in which the pair discussed jihad, according to a source briefed on the investigation.

This mindless "brainwashed" Arab Muslim Zombies fucks must be stoped from the source.

 There are People in your government who found Muslims Stop them..

   What happen to our Wealth?

US Natinal  Debt $ 16,741,725,559,263.85  your Government spend all your money on Wars while some individuals make profit on selling weapons for trade of oil,  by founding Muslims this wars are possible.  They are the best religious groups to make wars Quaran encourage Jihads.

US dollar is going to clapps next.  911 will be a drift of fresh air for what is about to come to you if you don't take my message serious.   We are going to have staged terrorist attack all over US soils.  Save United State Do not let it turn in to Iran.

Deport Muslims in order to prevent America's destruction like Iran.

     Before - After

                         $1  US 7Toman - 70 Rial       now       $1 US 2483 Toman,  24830 Rial

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin. Islam ruined Iran.

Yet another without a doubt huge environmental disaster in Iran.  Zayandeh-rood, a critical and life-sustaining famous river passing through 500 years old Khajoo bridge has been dangerously contaminated by oil, industrial wastes and chemicals that are being illegally dumped at its banks. As a result of negligence by corrupt Mullah's regime, the contaminated water has caused catastrophic and adverse environmental impact with major consequences. Thousands of fish have died and vital resources including environmental sensitive areas along the river banks have been destroyed.

Since the rise of Muslims they have destroyed Iran and its resources, We have gone backward for thousands of years.

The Shah's efforts at Westernization were reversed. Women were ordered to wear head coverings and full body cloaks called chadors; gangs of religious zealots roamed the streets enforcing the mullahs' moral edicts; political opponents were imprisoned and tortured ruthlessly under Islamic laws.

As long as Iran suffer I am suffering with Iran.  I have left Iran with nothing but a true story of sabotage lies and betray by Nations and Media.

It is time for Persians to Unite and free Iran.  Truth will be told and one day my people will fight for freedom.

Zoroastrians regard the existence of evil as necessary and that men achieve goodness through battling it. They also view life as struggle between the Angels and the devil Ahriman (Prince of Chaos and Darkness ) and believe that man has a free will to choose between angel and the devil and that gods has given man intelligence to carry out the fight which provides man with the insight that the good life is sometimes hard but the consequences of evil are worse. Angel power is almost equal to that of Evil. 

Tell the world that you are Proud to be Persian and you rather die than to accept an Arab orphan as prophet or to follow european British peasant slave Jesus as our savior.  Persian Empire was way far superior before they set their savage illiterate feets in to our divine land we use to proudly call Persia. We were the Proud Persian race our blood was of immortal vegan angels.

" The immortals" was named by the herodotus of greek when he entered persia  "

Now that you have face evil you know to believe in:

Love                Peace             Freedom

Good Deeds            Good Thoughts            Good Words

Persian Gulf forever - I believe in angels  - I am Proud to be Persian.

Gods Loves all of us and gave us choice. Free will to all man kind.But Angels are everywhere and they can be angry or outraged with the things that we do, some will let there anger take a face and remove you from the human race.  

1979 Iranian Muslims demanded every female to wear hijab or be killed.

دولت جمهوری اسلامی حکم اعدام سرین را گزارش داد

مرگ بر جمھوری اسلامی

آتش زرتشت پاينده باد ايران

SEREEN Message to Iran.  The words that will be covered in gold and flawless diamonds.

 خون پاک آریایی تو رگهای سرین هست خون من از عرب حرومزاده کلیمی مسیحی‌ مسلمون بهائئ نیست

The Immortal Dream they call SEREEN the end of all religions are here. One gender law is in order world wide.

Good Deeds            Good Thoughts            Good Words

دفتر نامه شاهزاده سرین "  من فرشتهً عشق از خون گریه های ایرانم،  تعجب نکن که چرا بی پر شدم نگاه به این دین کن قدرت کور مذهب اسلام مسلمان  پابرهنه وحشی  بی شرف را سلطان دربار کرد، آزادی را فقط در خواب ببین، اینکه رعایت دینی دستور قانونی شد، بگو بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم که ظلم و ستم و بی عدالتی بر پا شد.   زجر من شادی مولاها شد، خدایا سلام برسان به پدرم و شهیدان ایران  ، گناهان ما چیست؟  خون در خیابون جای گل سرخ راز سفید پوشان قربانی مثل گوسفند در راه دین اسلام شد.  گمراه ترین انسان خوش و شاد شد در روز جمعه، قیامت شد برای من،  محتاج به تو هستم هموطن که گناهکار شدم و جرم من فقط اینکه متولد از خون پاک زرتشت ایرانم

شاهزاده جاودانه پارس سرین بدیعی



This images are Royalty Free  , For more XXX Royalty Free images please Join Club Vip "

Make your very own XXX Sereen Freedom Posters

The key to freedom and success of our future generations are in the hands of the Asians.

 Love and embrace the Asian race.

IRAN MOVES TO EXECUTE PORN STARS TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran's parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of a bill that could lead to death penalty for persons convicted of working in the production of pornographic movies. With a 148-5 vote in favor and four abstentions, lawmakers present at the Wednesday session of the 290-seat parliament approved that "producers of pornographic works and main elements in their production are considered corruptors of the world and could be sentenced to punishment as corruptors of the world." The term, "corruptor of the world" is taken from the Quran, the Muslims' holy book, and ranks among the highest on the scale of an individual's criminal offenses. Under Iran's Islamic Penal Code, it carries a death penalty. The "main elements" refered to in the draft include producers, directors, cameramen and actors involved in making a pornographic video

Sereen royalty free images are advocates equal rights for women, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals in Iran and the world.  A life without freedom is not a life worth living.

If you like to be a priest or mullah we respect you and wont jail or kill you why do you kill and jail people for their free choice?

Kiling might be normal to Muslims but it is not to me.

Together we can End Islam and all religions "Help me"

Email  from fan Tehran Iran.   Internet censorship .

سرین جان سلام من هر موقه به شما ایمیل میزنم روحیم تازه میشه امید وارم همیشه شاد سربلند و خندان باشی

عزیزم اینجا رژیم ایران سایت تو بسته دیگه نمی شه وارد شد من به فیلمات علاقه دارم نمی تونم ببینمشون اگر میتونی برام ایمیلشون کن

دوستار همیشگی شما         I LOVE YOU SEREEN       

"به دلیل رعایت نکردن شعونات اسلامی این سایت بسته می باشد"

Sereen.com  IP are banned by Iranian government. Anyone who contact sereen is jailed, yet many brave young persians email sereen daily.

At the beginning of March 2012, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader told Iranian authorities to set up a body to oversee the Internet.   As in May 18 Sereen.com Rank drop to# 6,968 which is still higher than any persian celebrity in or out of Iran. Rank out of 80 million web sites in which google is #1.

Sereen.com also blocked in China.  

Sereen.com also blocked in Russia which is now stone gay pornstars as Antichrist and jail gay people.

And you thought its Jews and Muslims we have to worry about? The craziness never end.

Persia belong to Persian - Farsi was languange of my ancestors.  I was brought up speaking Farsi and by having my major in the Persian history I will not tolerate death treats coming from the illiterate Arabs with Jewish ancestry who has conquered my country.  Muslims in Iran have tried their hardest to burn all the old scriptures and force their beliefs on Iranian society, and the world.   I am a Persian and not an Iranian, and the persecuted are my people.  I am exiled from Iran, I will be killed in Iran, and this is a fact not an opinion about Jews, and Muslims, they are savage killers and my life story is now a part of the Persian history.

We can not accept death threats from savages , If Jewish people belief that the Jews are the chosen people, chosen to be in a covenant with God tell them my blood is 100% Jew free and I am proud to be Persian. Now the world will see why Adolf Hitlor burn them all. 


Investigative Reporters have a moral obligation to disclose information to the public. Truth and integrity has never been more important to our success.

Arabs not Persians Muslims came in peace "so they say" and they have taken my land and freedom they have done nothing but lie in the name of god and taken all of our wealth. I am in exile becouse they will love nothing more than to kill me in Iran, my only crime is I rather die than to be Muslim.

Mujahideen People who struggle in the path of Allah Radical islamic groups who forms Jihad and kill anyone that they are told - Some orders are by the religious leaders and others by some people who Influence the United State Government.  

In 1947 United State and Soviet Union began spreading influences in Afghanistan,  led to bloody war United State backed Mujahideen forces who is goal was to take over Persian Empire.  "Iran"  Soviet union backed Afgan Government who was against islamic radicals.  Over million of Afgans died.

In 1979 the war ended and  Mujahideen Muslims gained power in Iran and was the start of Islamic revolution that would soon shake the world and end Pahlavi Dynasty.  

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Muslims are in power only with their guns not their Qurans.

مرگ براسلام مرگ بر عرب مسلمون کثافت

The Image of this peasent Arab Poppet is published in wiki pedia as Supreme leader Prophet Khomeini in Iran.

In 1978, the French government betrayed the Iranian people by allowing the Ayatollah Khomeini to relocate to France. As protests against the Shah of Iran swept across Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini was living in a cozy house in the Parisian suburb of Neauphle-le-Chateau, engineering an Islamic revolution that would soon shake the world. Under the watchful eye of the French government, Khomeini met regularly with journalists and actively campaigned for the shah’s overthrow. He distributed cassettes to Iran inciting against democracy, peace in the Middle East, the Jews and Israelis. In fact, when Pahlavi finally fled his country in 1979, Khomeini was provided with a chartered Air France flight to Tehran, where he presided over one of the world’s most repressive regimes in the world."


As long As there are illiterate people who follow man made prophecies we are going to have scum bags like this men coming to take away your wealth and freedom. French government saw this as opportunity to gain access to Iran and our oil fields and Americans sold weapons to Muslims for trade in oil and British wanted the exclusive right to Iran oil fields since they set their greedy eyes in to the Persian Empire.

Russia during cold war and then from 1980 - 1988 Iraq - everyone was after us for our oil and during this process they have  killed our culture and took away our freedom so that they can control us under the mask of ISLAM.


Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami

He hire childern to blow up buildings as suicide bombers. He proudly say that on his official web site in Iran.

He is the man responible for the death of every one in Imperial Iranian Air Force.

اخه احمق خاتمی کون نشور کثیف و نژادپرست مسلمون عرب تو خبر نداری از ساواک من یه روزی چه بلای به سرت میارم که هرگز توخوابت ندیدی. حطا ساواک شاخ در میاره وقتی کون دریده حروم زادت را می بینه همین آمریکاي که بهت قدرت در تفنگ دادن میان به سراغت چاپلوس عربت

Media published Savak as killers, Why they don't publish anything about Mullahs in wiki pedia this man is published as prophet?  Media only publish what they want you to see and, not the truth.

Iranians watched too much television and now they are not allowed to watch anything ! Do you still hate Savak?

Now the world will know who order the death sentance to innocent people around the world.

The lies media publish about this men : Khatami was liberal in his cultural leanings, he did much to encourage freedom of expression in film and media in Iran.   YEAH Right what FREEDOM

Under the Mask of Islam there is Evil. Stop it before it come and hunt us all.

It is time to expose all the killers and Educate the world about the true history and save the Persian empire.

When Iran becomes free, and I know it will be soon.  Persian people are best force against Muslims and all religions. Freedom is what we die for not savage Arab mortals and their prophets the same goes for the British peasant slave boy Jesus and his bible.

There is no statute of limitations for murder and this people are killers and Persians have the power to sue them for damages.

I will not let the Jews and Muslims to enter West as I know they will turn your country in to hell with their savage god of Allah. We need peace and education not Arab prophecies which involve animal sacrifice, and male and female genital mutilation circumcision.  We want love and not bloodshed or need wars.

In 2013 Iran is going to ban education on women and transsexuals.  They want them to be illiterate so that they can use and abuse them.

 When you are historical illiterate you will become a Jew or Christian or a Muslim or Bahai some times even Atheist. We need to provide free education world wide.

That is the reason we need to study the history, I am proud Persian and my race have never hold a gun and only follow the declaration of human rights. That is the reason they call us the Proud Persian Race.

We  fight with love. My nude images can turn Mosques and Churches in to dust. Spread it in Iran and Islam will die.

When I enter America I promised Everyone the Cyrus Cylinder (Persian: منشور کوروش‎) will enter USA, and going to be on on display and it has.

 Gays right to marry will be legal by the end of 2014.  Americans have no right to kill or jail gay people anymore, under the human right declaration.

Iranian  Islamic government authorities seized and confiscated all assets in Iran, and reorder my arrest ,  I am in the United State not by choice but force I am exiled from Iran.

There is no statute of limitations for murder. Muslims have killed enough it is time to charge them all .


سرین فرشتهٔ  آزادی

رازونیاز دل تو،  در اندیشهٔ فکر منه  

غم و قوصهٔ تو در حال منه،  دلبرو یار وفادار توأم

دلگرمي من،  از خواب آزادی تو است

عشق را کرد آتش گناه غم،  کافر مذهب دین

خون من از اشک گریه هاي تو است

كسي حرف منو انگار نمي فهمه،  مردو زن،  مرده یا زنده ،  خواب و بيدار نمي فهمه

غرور تو مثل یک سنگه،   بکش مرا و خلاصم کن،  که وجود من فقط از ظلم هاي تو است

تصویر من از پایان اسلام است،  من هیجگاه از تو نمي ترسم،   وبا عشق و محبت به سوی تو میجنگم


Sereen message to the world.  If you stand for freedom post a Persian flag and show the world that Proud Persian Race is not dead.

Lets fight one more time, and this time enforce the international human rights law in Iran. I believe in Angels with all my soul.

It is time for all the Persians across the world to post one flag and unite or Muslims will kill us all.

The Proud Persian race is on the edge of Extinction, there is only few Mazdayasna faith followers " Immortals" and 150,000 Zoroastrian left in the world.

A cosmic conflict between good and evil. Evil can Win the choice is yours.  It is time to take side.

When you live a free life and have a free spirit you are Persian, Sereen.com is free and I will never operate under US or Iran savage barbaric religious laws. I only have one king and one law Cyrus Cylinder. Javid Shah.

The immortals was named by the herodotus of greek when he entered persia

Now that you have face evil you know to believe in: Angels

Love                Peace             Freedom

Good Deeds            Good Thoughts            Good Words

A life without freedom is not a life worth living

This is what Islam will bring to your country once they out number you, Do not let the Muslims in your land, stand for freedom

This is a reality of life under Islamic laws no one can stand against them or get beaten and killed.  There is no justice. You are either force to be Muslim or dead. Religious cults must be banned before they kill us all.  

Poor or Wealthy - Educated or illiterate will both suffer under Islamic laws, Females suffer the most.  They are forced to wear Hijab or beaten.

Islam is the second largest religion " Cult" in the world after Christianity. As a monotheistic faith that originated in the Middle East, Islam holds many beliefs and practices in common with Judaism and Christianity.  It is time to charge every Jews Christians and Muslims role in promoting genocide in Iran and the world.

Killing might be normal to them savages but it is not normal to me.  We can not sit back and watch them kill!

 خون پاک آریایی تو رگهای سرین هست خون من از عرب حرومزاده کلیمی مسیحی‌ مسلمون بهائئ نیست

Females and gays will no longer be slaves and treated as second class citizens under religious laws.   The girls who you abuse will be mothers and they are your doughters and sisters treat them with  dignity and respect. women are as equal to men not even better.

People who kill are war heroes and people who make love are prostitutes and end up in jails and killed, you illiterate mortals.

In Iran and United State no American or Arab Jew or Muslim have anyright to kill or jail a gay person or treat a female as inferior, equal rights for pay and full legal rights are in order.  No more Bible or Qurans in schools the book of Evil. There is no statute of limitations for murder. Jews , Christians, Muslims, Bahai's are killers and soon they will all pay for their sins.

Your antichrist is here Jesus means nothing to me. I am Proud to be Persian.

The ancient  Zoroastria is believed by some to have originated in what is now Afghanistan between 1800 and 800 BCE, as its founder Zoroaster is thought to have lived and died in Balkh. who re-established Sassanid Empire in Persia of Aryan Blood.  Believe in angels  

Fight Religious cults who fight against Equality.  Do not follow humans as gods and Prophets follow your Conscious.

Freedom is all I dream for Iran and Afghanistan.


فرشته عشق منو نجات داد

سرین  در تهران به دنیا آمد پسر اکباتانی و یکی از بازیگران معروف فیلم های سکسی ایران سایت سرین حتا از گوگوش و تمام هنرپیشگان ایرانی در ایران و خارج بیشترهست،  دولت جمهوری اسلامی ایران خبر دستگیری سرین را به حکم اعدام گزارش داد  سرین از ایران با  قاچاقچی از مرز عبور کرد، و به پاکستان فرار کرد و مهاجر آمریکا شد 

جوان ترین هنرپیشه فیلم های سکسی ایران که عکس و فیلم های لخت خود را سراسر کشور انتشار کرد تا عقده های خود را خالی کند بعد از اعدام پدرش سرین خیلی نفرت به اسلام  ودولت جمهوری اسلامی داره متهم به مرگ سرین قید خود را از این همه ظلم و ستم و بی عدالتی زده بود.   بی گناه که گناه کار شده بود.  ولی این قید بود که سرین را آزاد کرد.  وقتی که شرم و حیا نداری آزادی را پیدا میکنی و فرشته ها را در خواب میبینی

من فقط یک آرزو داشتم و آرزوی من این بود که آزادی را از خواب بیدار کنم 

 هدیه من به ایران   سرین بدیعی

حقيقت خاموش قربانی کردن انسان و حیوان به راه دین

You will find happiness with a clear conscious and freedom. You do not cheat anyone but yourself.

کسی که عاشق است آز زندان نترسد

No human under any law have any right to jail or kill a gay person.

Action speak louder than words - I will Fuck Islam to Death.

I was born in Iran Can you imagine horror and trauma I have endured ? But as child I always fought like a lion and refused to accept Islam, and believed in freedom.  I had the angels in my conscious mind, and that is the reason I live a free life.  I  have nothing to hide, as young child I purchased sereen.com becouse I wanted to make a change. I am Iran.  The light of the aryamehr is in my blood.  I rather be dead than to live amoung Jews, Christians or Muslims and Bahai's.  I am not frighten of death,  I am frighten to live amoung you savages.

I want to show the world the difference between Persians VS Iranians  I present of what Persia use to be in Sassanid Persian Empire golden age,  before the Arab and Muslim conquests.   I am here to tell you the truth of your DNA, and hollow moon.  Dream with me, and I will show you the universe with infinite possibilities.

Love and freedom is my message to the world, and my royalty free images are my gift to Iran and the world.

A life without freedom is not a life worth living

Pornography and Prostitution - Under Islamic law, it is a crime punishable by death.

We as the people have obligation to Stand Against Injustice, and help each other not to kill in the name of Jesus or god. 

Killing is wrong , Muslims they want me dead what are you going to do about it?

Freedom is what make us human and no one has any right to kill or jail anyone for their lifestyle, I will be a pornstar and no one can do shit about it.   From Iran into the United State.  My name is SEREEN and I know of my very own powers. 

I will never accept a savage Jew blood meat eater Arab as prophet. I am pure blood of Persia and it is time for the world to respect my people and preserve my race and culture.  killing is sin in my faith. My god is divine and yours Evil. Freedom is my message to the world as I do not fear evil and his illiterate followers.

 Send this message to Iran.

By living in fear you are only making the evil curse of Muslims grow stronger.  Islam is death.  

The Proud Persian race is in the edge of Extinction in Iran it is time to burn the flag of allah the muslims have killed enough.

Bahai Fraud Scam Artist Exposed.  This Arab, scary peasant looking guy is the founder of the Baha'i Faith.

The Bahá'í institutions have requested the press not to publish his image in the media, and requested it be removed from Wikipedia and Sereen.com

Consider this a pilgrimage, the image claimed to be Manifestation Of God.

He looks like Chimpanzee to me. With followers’ contributions, most of whom are illiterate, they have hired the best architects and their goal is world domination, under watchful eyes of the Israeli government.

People across the world pay thousands of dollars to see this image at the Pilgrimage as the Manifestation of God, and Jews are fine with it as long as it can bring the Israeli government money from these pilgrims. The media cooperated with the Bahai leaders and have kept his original images away from publications and kept his image away from every TV station across the world and even out of book stores, all so people will visit Israel like the Disneyland of Haifa.    

Now you will learn who really controls the world media?   And you will learn why this midget’s Faith "cult" is not charged for fraud and scams?

They have collected billion of dollars in the name of God, and their savage Chimpanzee Prophet as the Glory of God میرزا حسینعلی نوری

Bahá'u'lláh, whose real name is Mirza Usayn Ali, “sold tickets” to the temple in Haifa. This is a perfect example of a hoax religion.  Bahai is a " Faith" Cult in our modern times.  They are people who use the name of God to gain power, wealth and control.

As for us who know, we must spread his real image across the world, show the world the savage they call the image of god, and emphasize his true biography, which is published now in Wikipedia.

The Baha'i leadership successfully hid this photo from its members for around 150 years. Then along came the Internet and now sereen.com

Bahaullah (he gave himself the name), means "The Glory of God."  Bahai leadership has regularly Photoshop the eyes of 'Adbu'l-Baha to make them beautiful and mystical, and they show that photo to the public, rather than the actual Chimpanzee who was Bahá'u'lláh.  

They do not want anyone in Iran or Bahai members elsewhere to see their beloved “Glory of God” as he truly looked.  This is the guy that many illiterate followers are willing to die for. Many have not even seen his picture. Many believed that the prophet was of an Aryan race, tall and handsome, with big almond eyes and an eight pack of abs, like Jesus.  In the official Bahai website they published him as imperial past of patrician families of Persia. lies after lies,   he is an Arab  peasant not a elite.  

One of his actual teachings is very violent and anything but what his followers not preach.  His message is:

“Oh servants! This Nether World is the abode of demons: Guard yourselves from approaching them. By demons is meant those wayward souls who, with the burden of their evil deeds, slumber in the chambers of oblivion. Their sleep is preferable to their wakefulness, and their death is better than their life.”

Freedom and peace will only come from the Declaration of Human Rights not from his teachings.  Now the world will see why Muslims kill Bahai's, giving them the taste of their very own medicine of hate.  These are two illiterate cults who claim to follow God’s messengers and kill in his honor.  These “honor killings” are evident and practiced in almost all religious cults, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai's, they all do more harm than good in the name of God.  God must weep at the carnage done in his name.


More on this story click here.

الکسا سایت معتبری برای رتبه بندی سایت ها و وبلاگ ها از نظر میزان بازدید و محبوبیت می باشد.  سرین کام  بالاترین امتیاز و ترافیک رنک از تمام هنرمندان در ایرن دارد

2013 Alexa.com record Sereen.com is Iran highest rank performer website.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men or women to do nothing.

FREEDOM can be real.

Hidden Truth - Investigate 911 and google

Soviet war in Afghanistan 1947 Cold War

Mujahideen People who struggle in the path of Allah Radical islamic groups who forms Jihad and kill anyone that they are told - Some orders are by the religious leaders and others by some people who Influence the United State Government.  

In 1947 United State and Soviet Union began spreading influences in Afghanistan,  led to bloody war United State backed Mujahideen forces who is goal was to take over Iran.  "Iran"  Soviet union backed Afgan Government who was against islamic radicals.  Over million of Afgans died.

In 1979 the war ended and Muslims gained power in Iran and was the start of Islamic revolution that would soon shake the world and end Pahlavi Dynasty.    My family lost everything, many were killed and rest send in exile, My life story is a part of Afghanistan and Iran history now.

Three decades of war made Afghanistan one of the worlds most dangerous counties and forces of Taliban indestructible by the help of the United State, and now they are bombing Afgans to save them from Taliban their own creation. Jews and Muslims are not scary but weapons are. Many of them are mind controled such as MKUltra.   It is time to stop suicide bombers and end all religions and educate our youth about the true history.   Deep underground military base and mind control is real

If you are American do not send your childerns to wars to die for this , Your wars are not for freedom. You are not heroes you are criminals.

Your childerns will come home with Cancer. US have the highest rate of Cancer in the world hidden truth of wars and depleted uranium.


Mind Control

The Ultimate Terror

The subject of mind control is extremely broad and to most would seem to be something out of a movie, or some science fiction book.  This could not be further from the truth, as mind control, or as some may be more familiar with brain washing is in fact very real and very scary

Russian authorities have told U.S. investigators they recorded a 2011 telephone conversation between Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his mother in which the pair discussed jihad, according to a source briefed on the investigation.

The conversation, which the Russians have said was captured electronically via a wiretap, was not presented to U.S. authorities until after the April 15 bombing that killed three people and injured 264 near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, according to the source.

Mujahideen and Jihad is very much real, It is time for the world to face Mind control projects,

The plans to create a mind controlled workers society have been in place for a long time. The current technology grew out of experiments  intensified during the wars when an unlimited supply of children and adults were available for experimentation. We've heard about the inhumane medical experiments performed on the prisoners of wars, but no word was ever mentioned by the media and the TV documentaries of the mind control experiments. That was not to be divulged to the American public. Mind control technologies can be broadly divided into two subsets: trauma-based or electronic-based.


The first phase of government mind control development grew out of the old occult techniques which required the victim to be exposed to massive psychological and physical trauma, usually beginning in infancy, in order to cause the psyche to shatter into a thousand alter personalities which can then be separately programmed to perform any function (or job) that the programmer wishes to"install". Each alter personality created is separate and distinct from the front personality. The 'front personality' is unaware of the existence or activities of the alter personalities. Alter personalities can be brought to the surface by programmers or handlers using special codes, usually stored in a laptop computer. The victim of mind control can also be affected by specific sounds, words, or actions known as triggers.


The second phase of mind control development was refined at an underground base

the principle developer of the trauma-basedMonarch Project and the CIA'sMK Ultra mind control programs.

Super Natural Powers of Immortal Egyption Dream they call Sereen

When I hear the arabic world of Allah Akbar my my entire body shakes and it can send me to Cardiac arrest which means " god is Great"

As Young Child I knew my bloodline was not of Jew, I dream of angels and only followed my dreams, I knew my god was not Allah

If you are Persian be Proud as you were once , You do have a god and your god is not Allah.

you were born to be a God. Do not follow mortal Arab prophets and their savage god.

I am SEREEN my nude images are divine, and will promote Freedom one gender equality and will legalize prostitution in the United State and Iran.  I am pure blood of Persia.

Pornography and Prostitution - Under Islamic law, it is a crime punishable by death.

United State and Iran have no right to Jail and kill people who want to live free and have free immoral spirits.

Freedom and free Spirit is what make us human, No savage mortal have any right to kill a Free Spirit.

A life without freedom is not a life worth living

Religious Cults and Mind Control

Many Religious groups know about this technique ,and they traget the war childern who have been under turama and stressed who usually develop alter personalities as result, their brain opens up more compartment and are easy to manipulate withough electric shock or LSD.  Recruting them by enforcing their believe in to them and sending them out to the real world to recute others.  Telling them their whole purpose of their survival was God and they must dedicate their entire life to them. We have to investigate on childern of war victims and the families they placed them under protective custody.  

Many of killers and shooters and bomber most serial killers and school shooters in recent history were programmed by Mind Control.

Many Persians who wittness Turama feels the same and all have the same physical reactions.  Many commite suicide and media publish them as crazy or stressed and drug addicts,  they are all victims of mind control.  Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai's , Governments, Media  they all have their own technique and Facilities for mind control.   

Area 51 - We all know millitray is very powerful and no one can investigate it, and no one has done more human and animal testing with LSD than in Deep Under Ground Millitary Base they have hide records about their locations, founding, and providing weapons to Muslims for their riots.   Millitary involvement in exposing Iran, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt  to  Depleted Uranium.

 "War on Terror"  or War for oils and billion of dollars.

Save the world before it is too late.  No one can control a free spirit.

Mind control step one - When you abuse and cage a bird for too long he/she will come back to the cage, and see's it as home, and will accept abuse as the way of life.

Turama of Capture,  caged are used for " Breaking a free spirit"  Birds open alter personalities and their brain open up to new skilles and techniques for survival.  Then you can use that skill to train them by hand feeding, and eventually you will have the total control over them, This is the basic concept of mind control.    Many Parents do mind control their childern.  When a child is committing suicide it is retatiation against mind control and the parents are always guilty.

If you are parents, learn that your sin of accepting injustice will be a burden for your children to carry.   What you do and teach them?  It will be the blood they carry.  Hate and wars exist only because of your teachings sereen

You can break free from mind control programs by 100% freedom.  A free spirit is very powerful force.  Once you break free you will be like a god, and no one can stand in your way anymore.

A life without freedom is not a life worth living

2013 SEREEN.COM ranked on top 100,000 websites in the world.

Sereen.com goal is to legalize same sex marriage, prostitution, and freedom of choice in the United State.

And to stop United State government from founding the Muslims, They are killing my people.

Imposed severe trade sanctions on Iran and Israel . We should not do trade or negotiate with Jews and Muslims. They are killers and will not promote freedom.

Sereen images are dedicated to Stop gay execution in Iran - and to Promote freedom.

The eyes of Horus is within you, investigate the Pyramids as they are still standing, and stop the Jews in the media from spreading lies and sobotage that kept East and West like enemies for centuries.   We are all people and we all want love freedom and peace.  Promote freedom world wide.

The Proud Persian race is on the edge of Extinction in Iran, U.S. and EU foreign policies will help achieve and preserve this race Mazdayasna faith of Zoroastrian in Iran.

Vegans and Vegetarians in Iran and Egypt must be protected and their race and blood line preserved at all costs.

Sereen.com is Iran highest Ranked Web site.  I am Iran - No Savage Jew or Muslim can stand in my way.



My blood is 100% JEW FREE.

I am Zoroastrian of Mazdayasna Faith - I am Persia . My blood is not of yours I am immortal from the Pure blood of Proud Persian Race

Who are seven of one thought, who are seven of one word, who are seven of one deed; whose thought is the same, whose word is the same, whose deed is the same: and whose Father and Lord is the same-the Creator, Ahuramazda."     

 خون پاک آریایی تو رگهای سرین هست خون من از عرب حرومزاده کلیمی مسیحی‌ مسلمون بهائئ نیست

Save the Vegans In Iran and Egypt. Their blood line is not of a Jew. There are only handful Persians of Mazdayasna faith left in the world, and 150,000 Zoroastrians  there is a big difference between Iranian vs Persians. 

We need to protect and preserve the Persian race and culture,

 and stop Americans and British from providing Muslims with Weapons and Depleted Uranium.

Sereen.com will Expose all the killer of the Proud Persian Race over greed for Wealth and our oil fields by Muslim Arabs and British and French now Americans.


Persian Gulf Forever

To learn more about Persians VS Iranians click here  


آزادی ایران

blind faith will just take you to the dark side, Put your trust in Nature and not in man.

Dream of angels and believe in your conscious mind and you will never follow a savage human as a prophet. Jews, Christians Muslims they are killers and not divine.

Each one of you have many super natural powers to be free , You should follow only your dreams, or you will be a  slave.

Thanks to brave gays in 1969 in NYC gays have right now in the United State. After 50 years in 2013 President Obama's mention Stonewall in his second inaugural speech

"We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths — that all of us are created equal — is the star that guides us still, just as it guided our forebears through Seneca Falls, and Selma, and Stonewall, just as it guided all those men and women, sung and unsung, who left footprints along this great Mall, to hear a preacher say that we cannot walk alone, to hear a King proclaim that our individual freedom is inextricably bound to the freedom of every soul on Earth."

No one can give you freedom but only through unity and demand that we can earn it. You can not live in fear from the Religious cults and follow laws that is written by men or you will remian to be slave,  President Obama would have been Slave if it wasn't for human right decleration, Article 4 "No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. " The same decleration that brought me in to the united state and protected me against my enemies, Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. .  Laws are always for breaking, African american people were not born to be slave, and certainly they are not Inferior to the white race.

Cyrus wrote the human right Decleration in 530BC British Stole the Human right Decleration from Iran and United State Claimed that Thomas Jefferson wrote it, After 130 years in 2005 it Will be loaned to the natinal museum of Iran for three month for display in Tehran. So that they can learn the education that has been taken from them and made them turn to religion Islam for justice.

      کمکم کن که با این دین بی شرفیم. اخلاق نداریم. به هیچ چیزی احترام نمی گذاریم. فقط حسودی بلدیم و دودره باز، نه تنها هیچ وقت به کسی کمک نمیکنیم  از روی حسادت، همدیگر را زمین می زنیم که مبادا از ما جلو نزند، یک دین از یکی دیگه بدتره، ایران به جای اشك خون گریه می کند، اینکه رعایت دینی دستور قانونی شد . چی شد هم وطن من؟  که فقط گناه من این بود که درایران متولد شدم، کمکم کن که آزادی توی خواب  هست و بیداری من همه ظلم و ستم و بی عدالتی از دین تو. من فرشته عشق از خون گریه های ایرانم کمکم کن که تصویر من از پایان اسلام است، درود بر آزادی            سرین بدیعی

SEREEN message to Iran and all the persians Across the world


متن کامل اعلاميه جهانی حقوق بشر

(Complete Text of Cyrus' Charter of the Rights of Nations in Persian)

If you are of Persian Race be so proud and never forget your history and the freedom that you had and took it for granted.

It is your obligation to the world to fix what your fathers have done wrong.


If this come back to Iran, and we enforce this law,  Iran will be the most powerful nation in the world.

The US is also one of only a handful of countries that have not ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against women, gays , pornstars and Escorts.  Nor has the US ratified the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights or the American Convention on Human Rights. Christians and Jews are doing what Muslims and Jews has done to Iran. By Knowing the deceleration of the human right ,  I was able to stand in the supreme court of United states and demand my right and win my battles . that is how I earned my freedom.  and no human can stand in my way of  freedom anymore.

ماده ۱:   تمام افراد بشر آزاد به دنیا می آیند و از لحاظ حیثیت و حقوق با هم برابرند . همه دارای عقل و وجدان می باشند و باید نسبت به یکدیگر با روح برادری رفتار کنند.

 ماده۲:   هر کس می تواند بدون هیچ گونه تمایز ، خصوصا از حیث نژاد ، رنگ ، جنس ، زبان ، مذهب ، عقیده سیاسی یا هر عقیده دیگر و همچنین ملیت ، وضع اجتماعی ، ثروت ، ولادت یا هر موقعیت  دیگر ، از تمام حقوق و کلیه آزادی هایی که در اعلامیه حاضر ذکر شده است ، بهره مند گردد. به علاوه هیچ تبعیضی به عمل نخواهد آمد که مبتنی بر وضع سیاسی ، اداری و قضایی یا بین المللی کشور یا سرزمینی باشد که شخص به آن تعلق دارد . گواه این کشور مستقل ، تحت قیمومیت یا غیر خود مختار بوده یا حاکمیت آن به شکل محدودی شده  باشد.

ماده ۳:  هر کس حق زندگی ، آزادی و امنیت شخصی دارد .

ماده ۴:  احدی را نمی توان در بردگی نگه داشت و داد و ستد بردگان به هر شکلی که باشد ممنوع  است.

ماده ۵:  احدی  را نمی توان تحت شکنجه یا مجازات یا رفتاری قرار داد که ظالمانه و یا بر خلاف انسانیت و شئون بشری یا موهن باشد .

ماده ۶:  هر کس حق دارد که شخصیت حقوق او در همه جا به عنوان یک انسان در مقابل قانون شناخته شود .

ماده ۷:  همه در برابر قانون ، مساوی هستند و حق دارند بدون تبعیض و بالسویه از حمایت قانون برخوردار شوند.همه حق دارند در مقابل هر تبعیضی که ناقض اعلامیه حاضر باشد و بر علیه هر تحریکی که برای چنین تبعیضی به عمل آید به طور تساوی از حمایت قانون بهره مند شوند.

ماده ۸:  در برابر اعمالی که حقوق اساسی فرد را مورد تجاوز قرار بدهد و آن حقوق به وسیله قانون اساسی یا قانون دیگری برای او شناخته شده  باشد ، هر کس حق رجوع به محاکم ملی صالحه دارد .

ماده ۹:  احدی  را نمی توان خود سرانه توقیف ، حبس یا تبعید نمود .

ماده ۱۰:  هرکس با مساوات کامل حق دارد که دعوایش به وسیله دادگاه مساوی و بی طرفی ، منصفانه و علنا رسیدگی بشود و چنین دادگاهی درباره حقوق و الزامات او یا هر اتهام جزایی که به او توجه پیدا کرده باشند، اتخاذ تصمیم بنماید.

ماده ۱۱:  الف) هر کس به بزه کاری متهم شده باشد بی گناه  محسوب خواهد شد تا وقتی  که در جریان یک دعوای عمومی که در آن کلیه تضمین های لازم برای دفاع ازاو تامین شده باشد ، تقصیر او قانونا محرز گردد.

ب) هیچ کس برای انجام یا عدم انجام عملی که در موقع ارتکاب ، آن عمل به موجب حقوق ملی یا بین المللی جرم شناخته نمی شده است محکوم نخواهد شد . به همین طریق هیچ مجازاتی شدیدتر از آنچه که در موقع ارتکاب جرم بدان تعلق می گرفت درباره احدی اعمال نخواهد شد.

ماده ۱۲:  احدی در زندگی  خصوصی ، امور خانوادگی ، اقامتگاه یا مکاتبات خود نباید مورد مداخله های  خود سرانه واقع شود و شرافت و اسم و رسمش نباید مورد حمله قرار گیرد . هر کس حق دارد که در مقابل این گونه مداخلات و حملات ، مورد حمایت قانون قرار گیرد.

ماده ۱۳:  الف) هر کس حق دارد که در داخل هر کشوری آزادانه عبور و مرور کند و محل اقامت خود را انتخاب نماید.

ب) هر کی حق دارد هر کشوری و از جمله کشور خود را ترک کند یا به کشور خود باز گردد.

ماده ۱۴:  الف) هر کس حق دارد در برابر تعقیب ، شکنجه و آزار ، پناهگاهی جسنجو کند و در کشورهای دیگر پناه اختیار کند.

 ب) در موردی که تعقیب واقعا مبتنی به جرم عمومی و غیر سیاسی و رفتارهایی مخالف با اصول  و مقاصد ملل متحد باشد ، نمی توان از این حق استفاده نمود .

ماده ۱۵:  الف) هر کس حق دارد ، که دارای تابعیت باشد.

 ب) احدی را تمی توان خود سرانه از تابعیت خود یا از حق تغییر تابعیت محروم کرد.

ماده ۱۶:  الف) هر زن و مرد بالغی حق دارند بدون هیچ محدودیت از نظر نژاد ، ملیت ، تابعیت یا مذهب با هم دیگر زناشویی و هنگام انحلال آن ، زن و شوهر در کلیه امور مربوط به ازدواج دارای حقوق مساوی می باشند.

ب) ازدواج باید با رضایت کامل و آزادانه زن ومرد واقع شود .

پ) خانواده رکن طبیعی و اساسی اجتماع است و حق دارد از حمایت جامعه و دولت بهره مند شود.

ماده ۱۷:  الف) هر شخص ، منفردا یا به طور اجتماعی حق مالکیت دارد.

ب) احدی را تمی توان خود سرانه از حق مالکیت محروم نمود .

ماده ۱۸:  هر کس حق دارد که از آزادی فکر ، وجدان و مذهب بهره مند شود .این حق متضمن آزادی تغییر مذهب یا عقیده  و ایمان می باشد و نیز شامل تعلیمات مذهبی و اجرای مراسم دینی است . هرکس می تواند از این حقوق یا مجتمعاً به طور خصوصی یا به طور عمومی بر خوردار باشد.

ماده ۱۹:  هر کس حق آزادی عقیده وبیان دارد و حق  مزبورشامل آن است که از داشتن عقاید خود بیم و اضطرابی نداشته باشد و در کسب اطلاعات و افکار و در اخذ و انتشار آن ، به تمام وسایل ممکن و بدون ملاحضات مرزی، آزاد باشد .

ماده ۲۰:  الف) هرکس حق دارد آزادانه مجامع و جمعیت های مسالمت آ میز تشکیل دهد.

ب) هیچ کس را تمی توان مجبور به شرکت در اجتماعی کرد.

ماده ۲۱:  الف) هر کس حق دارد که در اداره امور عمومی کشور خود ،  خواه مستقیما و خواه با وساطت  نمایندگانی که آزادانه انتخاب شده باشد شرکت جوید.

ب) هر کس حق دارد با تساوی شرایط ، به مشاغل عمومی کشور خود نایل آید

پ) اساس و منشا قدرت حکومت  ، اراده مردم است . این اراده  باید به وسیله انتخاباتی ابراز گردد که از روی صداقت و به طور ادواری ، صورت پذیرد .انتخابات باید عمومی و با رعایت مساوات باشد و با رای مخفی یا طریقهای نظیر آن انجام گیرد که آزادی  رای  را تامین  نماید .

ماده ۲۲:  هر کس به عنوان عضو اجتماع ، حق امنیت اجتماعی دارد و مجاز است به وسیله مساعی ملی و همکاری بین المللی ، حقوق اقتصادی ، اجتماعی و فرهنگی خود را که لازمه مقام و نمو آزادانه شخصیت اوست با رعایت تشکیلات و منابع هر کشور به دست آورد.

ماده ۲۳:  الف) هر کس حق دارد کار کند، کار خود را آزادانه انتخاب نماید ، شرایط منصفانه و رضایت بخشی برای کار خواستار باشد و در مقابل بیکاری مورد حمایت قرار گیرد.

ب) همه حق دارند که بدون هیچ  تبعیضی در مقابل کار مساوی ، اجرت مساوی دریافت نمايند

پ) هر کس که کار میکند به مزد منصفانه و رضایت بخشی ذیحق می شود که زندگی او و خانواده اش را موافق شئون انسانی تامین کند و آن را در صورت لزوم با هر نوع وسایل دیگر حمایت اجتماعی، تکمیل نماید

ت) هر کس حق دارد که برای دفاع از منافع خود با دیگران اتحادیه تشکیل دهد و در اتحادیه ها نیز شرکت کند.

ماده ۲۴:  هر کس حق استراحت و فراغت و تفریح دارد و به خصوص به محدودیت معقول ساعات کار و مرخصی های ادواری ، با اخذ حقوق، ذیحق می باشد.

ماده ۲۵:  الف) هرکس حق دارد که سطح زندگی او ، سلامتی و رفاه خود و خانواده اش را از حیث خوراک ومسکن ومراقبتهای طبی و خدمات لازم اجتماعی تامین کند و همچنین حق دارد که در مواقع بیکاری ، بیماری ، نقص اعضا ، بیوگی ، پیری یا در تمام موارد دیگری  که به علل خارج از اراده  انسان ، وسایل امرار معاش او از بین رفته باشد از شرایط آبرومندانه زندگی برخوردار شود.

ب) مادران وکودکان حق دارند که از کمک و مراقبت مخصوصی بهره مند شوند . کودکان چه براثر ازدواج و چه بدون ازدواج  به دنیا آمده باشند ، حق دارند که همه از یک نوع حمایت اجتماعی برخوردار شوند.

ماده ۲۶:  الف) هر کس حق دارد که از آموزش و پرورش بهره مند شود . آموزش و پرورش لااقل تا حدودی که مربوط به تعلیمات ابتدایی و اساسی است باید مجانی باشد . آموزش ابتدایی اجباری است . آموزش حرفه ای باید عمومیت پیدا کند و آموزش عالی باید با شرایط تساوی کامل ، به روی همه باز باشد تا همه ، بنا به استعداد خود بتواند از آن بهره مند گردند.

ب) آموزش و پرورش باید به طوری هدایت شود که شخصیت انسانی هر کس را به حد اکمل رشد آن برساند و احترام حقوق و آزادی های بشری را تقویت کند . آموزش و پرورش باید حسن تفاهم ، گذشت و احترام عقاید مخالف و دوستی بین تمام ملل و جمعیت های نژادی یا مذهبی و همچنین توسعه فعالیت های ملل متحد را در راه حفظ صلح ، تسهیل نماید.

پ) پدر و مادر در انتخاب نوع آموزش و پرورش فرزندان خود نسبت به دیگران اولویت دارند.

ماده ۲۷:  الف) هر کس حق دارد در زندگی فرهنگی اجتماع شرکت کند ، از فنون و هنرها متمتع گردد و در پیشرفت علمی و فوائد آن سهیم باشد.

ب) هر کس حق دارد از حمایت منافع معنوی و مادی آثارعلمی ، فرهنگی یا هنری خود برخوردار شود.

ماده ۲۸:  هر کس حق دارد برقراری نظمی را بخواهد که از لحاظ اجتماع و بین المللی ، حقوق و آزادی هایی را که در این اعلامیه ذکر گردیده ، تامین کند و آنها را به مورد عمل بگذارد.

ماده ۲۹:  الف) هرکس در مقابل آن جامعه ای وظیفه دارد که رشد آزاد کامل شخصیت او را میسر سازد

ب) هر کس در اجرای حقوق و استفاده از آزادی های خود ، فقط تابع محدودیت هایی است که به وسیله قانون ، منحصرا به منظور تامین شناسایی و مراعات حقوق و آزادی های دیگران و برای مقتضیات صحیح اخلاقی و نظم عمومی و رفاه همگانی ، در شرایط یک جامعه دموکراتیک  وضع  گردیده  است.

پ) این حقوق و آزادی ها ، در هیچ موردی نمی تواند بر خلاف مقاصد و اصول ملل متحد اجرا گردد.

ماده ۳۰:  هیچ یک از مقررات اعلامیه حاضر نباید طوری تفسیر شود که متضمن حقی برای دولتی یا جمعیتی یا فردی باشد که به موجب آن بتواند هر یک از حقوق و آزادی های مندرج در اعلامیه را ازبین ببرد ویا در آن راه ، فعالیتی بنماید.

Why it is so important for you to know this?

You can fight any  Religious leaders, cults, criminals, Law enforcements, in USA, The statue of limitations for misdemeanors is 2 years. Felonies it is 7 years. For Hate crimes and genocide and capitol offenses there is no limit  , and religious people have killed through the history, You can take every Religious person to court and sue them for damages if they belong to any Cult such as Jews, Rapist , Christians, Nazis, Muslims, Rednecks, , and so on.   in the future it will make everyone think twice before calling themself a Jew or Muslim in Iran. this two cults have killed more  gays, and pornstars than Nazi Germans in concentration camps. And it is time we charge them for their criminal acts.   


There is no statute of limitations for murder, and soon the Persians will hear of my messages and will take actions.

In time 150,000 Zoroastrians will follow me and will turn every Mosque and  Church and Bahai temple into dust, and not by ammunition but by  filing lawsuits.    Believe in angels.   It is time for all the Vegans and Vegetarians to join forces and end all religious cults.

A New world order A world that no child will suffer or see pain, Freedom can be real it is not just a dream.

The Answer to why 2500 years of monarchy Claps

What was done wrong is that not everyone in Iran had enough education , Iran the most progressive country and heading to be the most powerful country in the world making  79.3 billion dollars on oil annual revenues alone.

Religious leaders, Muslims in Iran are responsibe towards society crimes who people trust and have faith on,  they also always get illiterate and poor vote to enforce religious laws in our everyday life. freedom fighters, gays and pornstars and Escorts and Strippers are always effected with their laws and jailed and killed.

Rightly use of human right decleration strength and teach society of tolerance and peace of building a great powerful nation .

The Danger that face the world

The Population in Iran was reported at 74.10 millions persons in 2009, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In 2015, Iran's Population is expected to be 81.92 millions persons

Amoung them many millions who cant read or write farsi,  Quran will not help you solve any mathematical equation.

Soon the world will Claps if People in the West do not face the music of Religious leaders in their own countries, and Muslims in Iran influence in our Students and schools.  that means more attacks and bombs and killing.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

In the United State Christians are doing their part to regain control over the Human right decleration .

I advice to all the youth  to continue their education and graduate.  You will  need your education as withought it you will be slave.  Humanity is suffering becouse of religious cults and illiterate followers.  

Females and gays have lost confidence, respect and self worth becouse of their lake of education and the religious laws. Don't be a victim. Stay in school, and fight for your freedom.  If you want to break the law you will need to know the law.  Gay and Females have no right becouse no one ever stood up to religious cults in the court of law and charged them for their genocide against humanity some are even Jews and Christians and Muslims, Bahai's.  This is when people do drop out and never graduate, and know very little about the human history.  

Graduating again in USA with high score average I have learned about US history and the pain and distruction that Christians have brought to America.  Just like Arabs and Muslims their cults have promoted more wars and genocide against humanity than good.

As US resident, I will fight for the declaration of human right.

I will not let the Jews and Muslims enter your country as I know they will turn your country in to hell with their savage god of Allah. We need peace and education not Arab prophecies which involve animal sacrifice, and male and female genital mutilation circumcision.  We want love and not bloodshed or need wars.

I  value education the most. After I fled Iran I had to learn a new language in a different culture and study everything from beginning this time in English. I knew it was the only way for me to get ahead in life.

I had my major in the Persian History so it was very clear to me as a new resident I had to be fluent in the US History.

I am fluent in Farsi and English being a history major in Farsi my goal is to publish a book that will change Iran.  I want to promote same sex right,  legalize prostitution in the United State, and Iran.  I love my country and it is not easy for me being in exile.  As child I use to think I was cursed being born in Iran. Now I know I was blessed becouse I have learned all there is to learn about the human history and I know that I can make a difference in this world.    There is no Question in my mind that there was a reason that I was saved.  When you are historical illiterate you will become a Jew or Christian or a Muslim or Bahai some times even atheist.

The greatest Scientist of our time have said. "Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will find that, behind all the discernible laws and connections, there remains something subtle, intangible and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion. To that extent I am, in fact, religious."

-Albert Einstein

Having my major in the Persian history it had led me to Mazdayansna Faith of Zoroastrian

Which is the only faith in the ancient time which did not bring distruction and wars to earth as a matter of fact our progress and gender equality was based on that which lead us to declaration of human right,   The golden age of Persian was the era of the Sassanid Persian Empire. They say in that era angels did reside amoung the living, Without this relationship, the Sassanid Empire would not have survived in its beginning stages.  Disagreements between the priests and the warriors led to fragmentation within the empire, which led to its downfall.  I know my people are lost and thier love for the god have led them to Jews and Muslims and their evil god of Allah.   If they are educated about the true history they will break free from Islam not by force or guns and Depleted Uranium but by Education.  Our blood is of Pharoahs " Vegans" we are free spirit of kourosh Kabir. We only follow declaration of human right. That is the reason they call us Proud Persian Race.  Believe in angels as you were once did and Iran will be free.

Mazdayansna Aryan Faith is based on conscious mind the one eye symbol is the sign of  Illumination of mind and DNA activation in to the divine world of love.

You were born to be a god.

Egyptions  Aryans DNA  3657 years ago

At the dawn of civilization, the blood rite, in which human blood is drunk from the body of a still-living victim, was known to many tribes. However, only one people, that has never progressed beyond the Stone Age, has continued to practice the blood rite and ritual murder. This people are know to the world as Jews. Arnold Toynbee, a noted scholar, has called the Jews "a fossil people. Circumcision of childerns in Jews Blood ritual confirms that the deeper meaning of circumcision is in the shedding of blood sacrifice to god to the modern day.

The first human right decleration is written in Byzantine. to treat each human as a walking god. Vegans not slave owners

The Snake in the Egyption sign of Pharaohs did present the human DNA , that is the reason Pyramids are located exactly in the center of the earth, and can be seen from the galaxy,  A race who Migrated from north pole, And knew of our Gallaxy.

Ancient Egypt on their royal headdress as a cobra snake. This symbolized that the person wearing the headdress possessed the abilities and powers to activate their DNA .  Access to their Pineal Gland known as the third Eye, and live longer as timeless. like immortal gods on earth.

This symbolic headdress portrayed them as an Initiate of the Mysteries. Unfortunately, in later dynasties, when the government (Pharoah) and the secret Initiation order (Priests and Priestesses) parted their ways, the cobra snake became more and more of an ornament, paying little more than lip service to its original symbolic purpose until it eventually became totally discarded and forgotten altogether


انتظار من از پیرهای مذهبی نیست، چشم گزار جوانان ایرانم،  پیرها که باعث تظاهرات خود وطن فروشی کردن و اسلام را در دل و قانون به نام دین مناسبات استبدادی برقرار کردن ،   گناه ما فقط متولد شدن هست در ایران این برده گی و جنگ را برای ما گذاشتن،  آزادی افسانه است در ایران

Spread the world of LOVE, which comes through your heart it will heal yourself and others

Title: The oracle of love SEREEN

The light of the Aryamehr is within me, I am Iran -  as in 2013 I remain to be the proud citizen of Iran, Iran will be FREE from the hand of Jews and Muslims.

believe in angels As you were once "the light of the Aryamehr is in your DNA" let the Lion out and be Free.  laws are for breaking,

You are Persian,  you were born to be a God not a Slave.

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The gods will Judge you not a Savage human , your entire life shall come before your eyes.  

I live as free as I would in the eyes of my gods. SEREEN.COM is FREE .

Title: Be Free  

Humanity can be suppressed in some places at certain times but, as long as there is injustice, it will always be boiling underneath the surface, and it will erupt by various peoples, taking various forms, depending mainly on the living culture of the people.  Injustice cannot last.  Just like a volcano where boiling energy has to come out, and like an earthquake where a fault has to be corrected and the earth has to rest, humanity will erupt and shake somewhere, somehow, until justice is regained.  There is no way to suppress it completely.

Title: We are Nature

The solution isn't to keep poisoning animals and trying to control populations through toxic chemicals but rather to return to holistic web-of-life farming methods that work in harmony with nature rather than treating nature as the enemy.

France's highest court ruled in 2009 that Monsanto had lied about the safety of its weed killer Roundup. The court confirmed an earlier judgment that Monsanto had falsely advertised its herbicide as "biodegradable".


RoundUp herbicide KILLS anything that is ORGANIC. "RoundUp Ready" crops are GMOs that have a resistance to RoundUp - usually by mixing the food (corn) with BT (bacillus thuringiensis) bacteria. FYI RoundUp is made from Rockefeller's fossil-fuel petroleum OIL. RoundUp foods are corn, soy, alfalfa, canola, and cottonseed oil... if it's in a box or a can = you can bet it's GMO.

Title: I am Nature

Every year an area of rainforest the size of New Jersey is cut down and destroyed. The plants and animals that used to live in these forests either die or must find a new forest to call their home.  

Can trees communicate with humans?  YES , Do you want a friend that will grow and stay tall beside you?  Plant a tree in your yard.

In Persia before the modern technology many Persians predicted  accurate weather and earthquakes by communicating with trees.   In the modern times humans have lost their powers, and lost a great friend along the way.

When planting a  trees make sure it is not placed under electric pole or close to a fence so that you would never need to trim or cut it .

below is the list of some of my favorite trees that will add value to your house.

The phenomenon that trees can talk was first discovered by Ed Wagner in 1982. Further research was done on it by Rhoades in 1985. Many scientists have since studied this phenomenon and though the mystery has not been completely solved, several amazing facts have come to light.

W- Waves are believed to be the primary medium in which trees talk. The properties of w- waves are equally as interesting as the fact that trees can talk. These waves travel very slowly. In air they travel at 4.9 m/s and in plants about 0.96 m/s. That is extremely slow considering light waves, electromagnetic waves etc. travel at the speed of light i.e. about 3 x 10^8 m/s and sound waves at 340 m/s. These are believed to be on the same lines as a standing wave. As of today they remain a highly debated subject. Trees are believed to emit these waves and neighboring trees have been seen to respond in the same kind of waves with varying strength.

When a tree is attacked by an animal or insect, or when sudden climate change occurs, specific kind of w- waves seem to be emitted by trees. The more startling fact however is that a tree can feel when it is been cut or falling by some other reason and gives out the strongest of w-waves and neighboring trees also respond with a strong w- wave. In a way, a tree screams at its loudest when being cut. It can feel the pain.


Just as humans use many mediums other than just sound waves like signaling etc, similarly trees use chemical emissions to communicate with other trees. Ian Baldwin, a biologist and the director of the Molecular Ecology Department at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena, Germany has discovered that plants actually call for help when under attack. Not only from other plants but other animals too. A symbiotic relationship has developed through evolution between plants and several insects and animals which was until recently unknown. He discovered that when a tobacco plant is attacked by a leaf eating caterpillar, the plant emits a certain chemical which attracts kind of wasp that actually lays eggs in the caterpillar and eventually the eggs hatch and the caterpillar is eaten inside out.


Trees also react to small changes in weather. They are believed to emit a natural painkiller, methyl salicylate when they feel pain, like when pests attack, around small cuts or when it gets too cold than normal etc. Trees are also much more social than thought. They have shown signs of possessing complex emotions. They can recognize their siblings and family members according to the studies by Susan Dudley and Amanda File of McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. They do not compete against family members. They also warn others of an impending attack by insects. If one plant is attacked by insects, surrounding plants immediately emit chemicals that repel these insects according to study from Kyoto University in Japan.

 Laceleaf Japanese Maple, Redbud Cercis canadensis , Dogwood Cornus florida, Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica , Saucer MagnoliaSnow, Fountains Weeping Cherry Prunus x 'Snowfozam',  Yoshino Flowering Cherry,   Purple robe locust tree,   Crabapple,  lowering dogwood,  Goldenchain tree,   Empress tree,  Floss Silk Tree,  Flowering dogwood

Title: Sad Reality

War death destruction is brought in to reality only becouse majority have accepted it as reality, when open our mind and see peace and love as reality then we shall have it"  paint with colour,

قربانی کردن انسان و حیوان به راه دین

 Festival of animal sacrifice must be stoped no matter of the cost.

An ox is slaughter during the Muslim high celebration of Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice. This day caps off the hajj, a traditional religious pilgrimage to Mecca that occurs on the 10th day of the last month of the Islamic calendar. This is usually during the months of November or December

Festival of Sacrifice, Sacrifice Feast of Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God, but instead had sacrificed a lamb.    "Is this Festival or a hidden cruelty

Title: Super human  
Superhuman's something that is not human, but considered to be "superior" to humans in many ways

 All this man made DNA disease's - Cold vaccine -  and chem trails, is hazardous to the biosphere and the very survival of life on Earth since restructuring of the DNA molecule destroys the wave properties of DNA that took nature million of years to perfect.  if any diseases are natural human body will fight and your DNA will change to Protect you against any illness.  

Junk DNA

While western science invested in the International Human Genome Project focusing on the 5% of the encoding triplets of DNA, in the Soviet Union in 1990 a group of Russian scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences was formed to study the complete human genome. This research was led by Dr. Pjotr Garjajev, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as the Academy of Sciences in New York. The Russian research was taking a wide angle and held an open view in their studies. The research team included bio physicists, molecular biologists, embryologists and even linguistic experts. Their research revealed that the supposed junk DNA that has been completely neglected and forgotten by western mainstream science, was no redundant leftover of evolution at all. Linguistic studies revealed that the sequencing of the codons of the non-coding DNA follow the rules of some basic syntax. There is a definite structure and logic in the sequence of these triplets, like some biological language. Research further revealed that the codons actually form words and sentences just like our ordinary human language follows grammar rules.


Scientists have conducted much research on the origins of human languages and the origins of the grammatical rules that are so essential to all human languages; however they have always failed to find the source. But now for the first time in history the origins of language may be surprisingly attributed to DNA. The language of the genes is much, much older than any human language that was ever uttered on this globe. It is even conceivable that the DNA grammar itself served as the blueprint for the development of human speech.


Whereas the western Human Genome Project deciphered the ‘machine language’ code of the DNA molecule, the structure of the DNA ‘bits’ formed by the sequence of nucleotides, Russian scholars discovered the higher level language present in DNA. Another amazing fact that Garjajev’s group discovered was that the DNA is by no means a closed book of life. He discovered that the text of the DNA book can be altered. The codons of the DNA string can be rearranged in different sequences. In other words the software of the human genome our DNA molecule can be reprogrammed! Research revealed that the triplets in the DNA string are able to exchange places.


Since the DNA was found to have a syntax and semantics akin to our human languages, it indicated that our currently restricted understanding of DNA serving only for the coding of the reproduction of proteins for the chemical make up of an organism, is only half of the story.


When in vitro DNA in test tubes was exposed to coherent laser light, the laser light spiralled along the DNA helix as if it was guided by the structure of the DNA molecule. The most amazing effect was noticed when the DNA itself was removed and the laser light kept spiralling! The vacuum of the space that was just previously occupied by the DNA had changed and something caused the laser light to keep spiralling. These effects have been measured and remained for quite some time after the DNA was removed. The effect is now becoming well known as the DNA phantom effect. Vladimir Poponin and his team of Russian Academy of Sciences repeated the work of Garjajev at the Hearthmath Institute in the U.S.A. Poponin concluded again that a field structure was formed in the physical vacuum even when the original DNA was removed. We’ve seen similar examples of vacuum changes before that could be attributed to torsion fields.


The most astonishing experiment that was performed by Garjajev’s group is the reprogramming of the DNA codon sequences using modulated laser light. From their discovered grammatical syntax of the DNA language they were able to modulate coherent laser light and even radio waves and add semantics (meaning) to the carrier wave. In this way they were able to reprogram in vivo DNA in living organisms, by using the correct resonant frequencies of DNA. The most impressive discovery made so far is that spoken language can be modulated to the carrier wave with the same reprogramming effect. Now this is a baffling and stunning scientific discovery! Our own DNA can simply be reprogrammed by human speech, supposing that the words are modulated on the correct carrier frequencies!


Whereas western science uses complicated bio chemical processes to cut and paste DNA triplets in the DNA molecule, Russian scientist use modulated laser light to do exactly the same thing. The Russians have proven to be very successful in repairing damaged DNA material in vivo!


Laser light therapies based on Garjajev’s findings are already applied in some European academic hospitals with success on various sorts of skin cancer. The cancer is cured without any remaining scars. .

Title: Immortal

same DNA but different genetic code.

Title: Solar Flare

Title: SEREEN The oracle of LOVE

The eyes are the visual interface with the outside world. not only can you see out into the world, but the world can look back at you through the eyes and actually see what is going on inside you

Title: Puzzeled?  

Nothing seems as it is, life is very complicated, if you are lucky you will find the right piece

The True Story of IRAN not by Media

Title : SEREEN Javid Shah

Javid shah True flag of Iran for 2500 years of The Pahlavi dynasty (Persian: دودمان پهلوی‎) 

The world of Vegans the light will prevail

Egypt and Iran did not listen to the Vegan laws of nature and both nations have been ruined

Investigative Reporters have a moral obligation to disclose information to the public. Truth and integrity has never been more important to our success.

"In 1978, the French government betrayed the Iranian people by allowing the Ayatollah Khomeini to relocate to France. As protests against the Shah of Iran swept across Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini was living in a cozy house in the Parisian suburb of Neauphle-le-Chateau, engineering an Islamic revolution that would soon shake the world. Under the watchful eye of the French government, Khomeini met regularly with journalists and actively campaigned for the shah’s overthrow. He distributed cassettes to Iran inciting against democracy, peace in the Middle East, the Jews and Israelis. In fact, when Pahlavi finally fled his country in 1979, Khomeini was provided with a chartered Air France flight to Tehran, where he presided over one of the world’s most repressive regimes in the world.

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi's the Most powerful king of Persia was taken down by Western influence and media in 1979 when he left  Threats of arrest and assassination dogged them, world leaders (including Jimmy Carter) turned their backs on them, and the shah suffered from painful lymphatic cancer. His death in 1980 was cruel. 

Sereen the son of the General of His Imperial Majesty, Shahanshah (King of Kings, Emperor), Aryamehr (Light of the Aryans)

Persia – A place of, unrest and blood shed gun shots and screams coming from the streets as the Guard of the New regime broke down doors and took away anyone who was close to or part of Mohammad Reza shah Pahlavi Family and his top aids.. One of the Families caught up in the complicated web of change was that of a General in the shahs army that would take him away from his wife and four children . His wife being of Egyption blood  Fled to Egypt with the help of the United Nations and made sure her sons were out of harms way, then she flew back To Iran to save the rest of her sons that she had to leave behind and husband who was held captive and being tourcherd, For a while She managed to have her husband freed but this moment was short for he was soon arressted again with new charges .No man is Immortal but through his children he shall live forever he was Excuted in 1997 by Mohamad khatami.

MOM I love you DAD my prays always with you JAVID SHAH.

Shah left Iran crying, for the evil that people have choosen Islam over Freedom.

Cyrus wrote the human right Declaration in 530BC Iran laws not religions. but in 1979 People decided to choose the law of Quran over Freedom.

During 1978, negotiations were under way between the Shah's government and British Petroleum for renewal of the 25-year old extraction agreement.  By October 1978, the talks had collapsed over a British 'offer' which demanded exclusive rights to Iran's future oil output, while refusing to guarantee purchase of the oil.  With their dependence on British-controlled export apparently at an end, Iran appeared on the verge of independence in its oil sales policy for the first time since 1953.   Who founded Muslims with Weapons?

A picture is worth a thousand words-  Jews and Muslims are savages  they are not scary but a weapon is. Give weapon to a savage the world will be in fear. This is not my problem anymore All the countries that sold Weapons to Iran have to face the music now.

This light will always burn as bright as Sirius for all the Vegans - My father "Pahlavi military force" - Javid SHAH - who were killed by the Jews and Muslims. 

I am here to stop Americans from  providing muslims weapons and Depleted uranium.  they are killing my people with it. 911 was for you to suffer.


Title: Truth of Pyramids and human DNA Activation.

Remember also the facts that the location of the Great Pyramid is the exact location of the North Pole of the Earth grid and that it is the unique location on Center of Earth

The location where the Great Pyramid has been built is very remarkable  The speed of light is exactly 299.792.458 meter/seconds or 29,9792458 x 10 million meters per second.

Originally the meter was defined as 10 millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator in the SI system (1791). If we divide the speed of light by the distance from the equator to the North Pole, we get the number: 29,9792458. This is the latitude of a line at half the distance between Khufu and Khafre of exactly 29.9792458 degrees North.

It could be an indication that the location of the Giza Plateau was deliberately chosen to represent the speed of light.

Another indication that the builders of the Great Pyramid were aware of the speed of light is found in the number of casing stones that were used in the construction.

The pyramids were used to generate electric to entire Egypt, A technology that controls the cosmic rays,

Everything that you have been told about the pyramids and human DNA is a lie, Investigate it, The pyramids are still standing.

 Pyramids were build in such precision. looking in to Sirius and orion belt and the sun, there is a great link to the human DNA and cosmic rays. you can call it Chi energy or Parana.  


Next calculatethe speed of light as the number of arc minutes (1/60th of a degree) light travels along the 360 degree circle (the Earth) per grid second (supposing there are 27 grid hours in day). Much to his surprise you will find the grid speed of light to be the very harmonious value of 144.000 grid arcs per grid second.


144.000  casing stones were used to cover the Great Pyramid


    P1 : The Great Pyramid of Khufu represents Earth

    P2 : The pyramid of Khafre represents Venus

    P3 : The pyramid of Menkaure represents both Mars and Mercury

P1-P3 / P1-P2  = 36857 / 19169 = 1.92

Now measuring the corresponding distances between the planets is not such a simple fact. The distance between the planets is not constant, due to the elliptical orbits of the planets around the Sun. Johannes Kepler discovered the elliptical orbit of the planets four hundred years ago but the ancients that constructed the Great Pyramid must have known about it too.

They cleverly used the distance between the Earth and Mercury when Mercury is farthest away from the Sun. In this case the distance between Earth and Mercury is 79.76 x 10⁹ m. The distance between Earth and Venus is 41.39 x 10⁹ m.

The ratio now in distance between Mercury and the Earth and Earth and Venus is 79.76/41.39 = 1.92

This is the exact same ratio in distance between the planets that has been used in the distances between the pyramids.

Sereen the beholder of Ancient divine Artifact of Egypt and Persia. From Byzantine empire -  Carved  with information about Space and spiral galaxy in Byzantine language.

The Earth is not Solid.


North pole is the gate way to the inner earth, inside the earth there is a inner sun. many have say earth is solid but we have never actually dug in to the center.

the artifact is carved in 12 sections.

12 diciples are our Planets in our  Gallaxy   Mon , Sun, Mercury,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, pluto, planet x "Nibiru"  

Humans are supposed to have 12 chemical nucleotide bases. This would allow us to have 144 physical chemical chromosomes as well, whereas now we only have 46. Also the original Angelic Human DNA Template which most people on the planet have, called the Diamond Sun DNA Template, is 12 strands, allowing for 12 dimensions of consciousness, and is built for transmutation from carbon to silica based body, and eventually pre-matter liquid light. This body is not meant to “die”. It is because of the DNA distortions in ancient history (25,500 B.C) that have blocked people from bringing light into their field and naturally evolving through DNA activation. Most people on the planet only have 3 strands active, which only allows 3 dimensions of consciousness and thus they are stuck in 3D

The Twelve-Strand Theta DNA Activation creates the connection between the human genetic coding and access to all knowledge through the Creator's Seven Planes of Existence. Twelve has the ancient meaning of "Thy will be done," and this seems significant in releasing our perceptions of who we think we are into the awareness of who we truly are--remembering our histories and purpose for being here at this amazing time, in service to the Creator.


Mayan DNA  6,000 years

The Mayan culture was a Native American Indian culture that flourished from 300 AD to 900 AD in South America. For reasons still unknown to scholars, the classical Maya culture abruptly ended when they abandoned their cities and temple complexes around 900 AD.  Nowadays descendents of the Mayas are still living in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras and they still carry with them the prophecies of their ancestors. The Mayas were excellent sky watchers and had a profound understanding of astronomy. They were obsessed with time cycles and had developed several extremely accurate calendar systems based on celestial cycles.

The artifact carved in 17 section in the center.

 A galaxy is a system of stars, dust, and gas held together by gravity. Our solar system is in a galaxy called the Milky Way.  there are billion of them in the Universe but 17 of them are spiral gallexies just like ours

In the southern skies, are seventeen galaxies which undoubtedly are interrelated.   Not untill  mid-eighteenth century western knew of this Egyption tale  "constellation of Fornax"

It has been thought for many years that the Milky Way is an overly large spiral galaxy. Using Cephied distances to 17 spiral galaxies we calculate the true linear diameters of those galaxies. These diameters are then compared to that of the Milky Way which is found to be, at most, an averagely sized spiral galaxy as you can see carved in the center.

Scientists are at a complete loss to explain why the amount and distribution of this halo of dark matter should exactly counterbalance the expected fall - off in rotational velocity from the center of each galaxy , this is known as the halo conspiracy and it seems to be completley insoluble in the absence of some form of intelligent design. not untill year 1980 and 1990 we have learn about Dark matter and 17 spiral galaxies

Note that there has been a lot of earthquake activity as early in 2004 and at the end of 2010 around the world - Solomon Islands quake and tsunami 2004, Northern California quake in January 2010 and Haiti. and many more to come. For the first time in the history the Ice of North Pole are melting. An 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Chile 27 feb 2010 toppled buildings, cut roads, power lines and telecommunication, and set off tsunami warnings that sent people scrambling for higher ground from China to Hawaii . The most powerful temblor to hit quake-ridden Chile in half a century had claimed at least 214 lives, and the death toll was rising.  The ice of North pole will melt and the plates will move once again.

Title: The End of times,    Ice of the North pole will melt.

 Everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear should have noticed by now that our climate is changing. By few years the poles will have melted away, our oceans will be polluted to the core, the rainforests the lungs of the Earth will have gone and two thirds of all animal species on Earth will be extinct and eaten away .

Seven Star of Redemptions  the three elements of existence: God, World, Man. The negation of these elements is superseded by the negation of the negation which leads to affirmation. Each element has its own independent existence. One element cannot be deduced from the other.

Around the artifact cut in seven images, Seven chakra used for meditations in order to access the divine world.

7 Stars of redemption has 8 alienment  carved around the artifact in seven shakra's. which can connect to parana's , force of nature known as Chi force.

From the Creator ALL-That-Is, comes the spark or impulse for the creation of form. In form, this impulse ignites in the back of the eyes, located at the center of the forehead. It is known as the "headquarters," the "primal eye," "the roots of heaven" or "residence (house) of the Soul." It is where the perfect reflection of the Creator's One tone, or Sound and Light resonate. The "primal eye" holds the blueprint for all the energy and movement within the body and contains the activating principle of Spirit, which helps connect Spirit and all elemental forms.

Sereen "The Oracle of Love"

One world Order is my vision for the world, whether you like it or not it will going to happen so you better get use to it.

You only have one eyes , your conscious mind, keep it open and you shall be immortal like an angel.

Become Oracle by activating your DNA
Scientifically, it is known as the pineal gland. This is where the activation of the "latent" DNA is witnessed-to complete our full genetic blueprint. The pineal gland is a photosensitive organ and an important timekeeper for the human body as it affects circadian rhythms and sleep patterns (releases or inhibits production of the hormone, melatonin).

We humans supposedly stem from the apes, our DNA is acually closer to Dolphines than apes, but evolutionists were never able to really prove these assumptions.  All biological systems such as the organs, the immune system and the senses are far too complex to have come into existence by mere chance alone.

All beings originate from Spiritual realm. All of them also need to descend to the material part for their further development

You can call me a dreamer who is cautiously optimistic and who sees opportunity where others only see problems. I see a Universe with infinite possibilities. I never miss an experience that I want to have.  I do have many talents, and I have refuse to follow any man-made conventions and mores as they are all savage in my mind.  I have always follow and listened to my dreams.

I am an artist who is very free to express myself.  I have always lived a free life.  So I have nothing to hide.  I see myself as a role model for all the youth around the world, and I am here to inspire them to be free.



You are Divine 3657 years of DNA

Be free each one of you have supernatural powers do not follow use your very own powers.

No human in this world can give you freedom but yourself, and you don't cheat anyone but yourself.

Eagle will fly by the lion mouth  

It is not government which is evil.  It is people It is people It is people.

Tell the world The Proud Persian Race is not dead. Every image on this page is Royalty Free.

Tell all hypocrite Iranians: I am the voice of the new generation.  It is my name in every classroom in Iran.  I am SEREEN.

Iran one and only Bisexual pornstar in the world. Support me together we can end all religions and free Iran. Freedom is real. I am free are you?

Action speak louder than words - I will Fuck Islam to Death.

Freedom is real now it is up to you to fight for it, people in my family have fight and died for freedom for centuries nothing has changed.

 We rather die than to accept an Arab orphan as prophet or to follow european British peasant slave Jesus as our savior.  Persian Empire was way far superior before they set their savage illiterate feets in to our divine land we use to proudly call Persia. We were the Proud Persian race our blood was of immortal vegan angels. My name is Sereen and I am immortal from the pure blood of Persia.

" The immortals" was named by the herodotus of greek when he entered persia  "


The only law that the Imperial Persian forces follow is:

Love                Peace             Freedom

Good Deeds            Good Thoughts            Good Words.


سازمان شیر وحشی سرین

One gender law is in order world wide.

A life without freedom is not a life worth living

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