Sereen 2014 Collection   Angel with shutgun encourage everyone to fight for freedom and equal rights.  Email your concerns to The White House.

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Wild lion Sereen Organization in Iran that protect Gay rights.  


I have issued a written statement to President Obama. Deport Muslims in order to prevent America's destruction.


In Iran Under Islamic laws, Sereen is sentenced to punishment as corruptors of the world." The term, "corruptor of the world" is taken from the Quran, the Muslims' holy book, and ranks among the highest on the scale of an individual's criminal offenses. Under Iran's Islamic Penal Code, it carries a death penalty.  I am in exile.  Iranian Islamic government authorities seized and confiscated all of my assets.  Muslims have taken my home don't let them take yours.   Iran is ruined by Muslims dont be intimidated with Muslims you can not negotiate with killers.  Deport them all.

Sereen fled Iran after releasing his Porn.  Sereen's quest for freedom drove him to the edge of doing the potential suicide of doing porn in Iran.  That courage has made immortal in Iran, even so that the Islamic Republic of Iran can not hide Sereen's story anymore, and they are now forced to publish lies.


The Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013 was done by a devoted Muslim family.  How much more bombing you need to see before taking actions?  Iran, Egypt, Sweden, all ruined By Muslim Immigrants.

Calling the woman a “whore” and a “slut,” how Muslim men describe unveiled women.   Sweden has been suffering from a rape epidemic. Rapists who were born abroad reportedly outnumber rapists born in Sweden four to one. This isn't entirely surprising, considering that Sweden is being colonized out of existence by Muslim hordes exploiting liberal immigration policies. European women have taken to dying their blonde hair black and even wearing head scarves to avoid being attacked by Muslim colonizers, who hold them in total contempt.    

Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the world. 250,000 cases of rape or attempted rape were recorded by police annually.  All by Muslim immigrants.

When an aristocrat becomes a pornstar you will know that the world is about to end.  At least my world came to an end.  I watched my father die.  I do not need to be classy anymore.  As a Persian aristocrat I was taught everything from how to greet foreign dignitaries to proper etiquette including even the correct Persian method of eating, to drunk only in crystal goblets and eat on the finest china.  I have always tried to be a good role model as a child, even under the harsh condition of Islamic law.  My father tried his hardest to bring me up as if nothing was happening even though I was escorted by imperial guards for my protection and was never able to go anywhere by myself.  Finally, after my father's assassination I broke free.  The media walk out of Iran, and the Islamic Republic of Iran tried to hide everything they did from public scrutiny.  It was not until I did my porn that the Iranian people were asking about me and my family.  Now the world will know what has happened to the royal blood of the Sasanian Persian Empire, and Persians will know the truth about Iran.  Not from the media whose lies have sabotaged the Iranian Pahlavi monarchy but by me on my official website which is Iran's highest rank web-site (highest number of hits).  Mine is a story so powerful that even the Islamic Republic of Iran and the world media can not hide it anymore.  And everything I published is royalty free because I simply do not care what anyone thinks.  I am free, and I will never live my life to please the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian people who look down on my life.   What have the Iranian people who criticize me done for my father who was assassinated and died in Iran for the Persians? These critics did nothing.   What makes you think I am going to live like her majesty Farah Diba or Prince Reza Pahlavi as if nothing is happening in Iran? Nor will I commit suicide like Princess Leila Pahalvi and Prince Ali Reza Pahalvi?  No I am Prince Sereen of the Sasanian Persian Empire, and I am a warrior, and I do not care what the world thinks of me.  My roots are deep in Persia, and my message and destiny transcends the Islamic rape of my country.

I do as I please and I want Justice

Lies that are published by the Islamic Republic of Iran in their very own controlled media, with Hezbollah and Mujahideen blog that sabotage every Persian aristocrat and helping recruit and send men to fight in jihadist groups.

همش دروغ سرکوب و سانسور صدای هرنوع عدالت‌ خواهی را با شکنجه و زندان یا اعدام پاسخ می‌دهند. من تلاش خودم رو کردم باقیش با شماست این داستان ایران نه زندگی من

Muslims yet again try to sabotage Sereen in Iran.  Muslims are illitrate peasants who have gotten away with murder and lies but no more.

I will try to deport every single Muslims out of United State tell the world my story,  They have stolen millions of dollars and have killed my father and hide all of the records and now they are trying to sabotage me and have me killed.  Islam is Evil.

Click here to DEPORT every single Muslims out of United State  Keep your country clean from Trash.

Jews, Christians, Muslims and Bahai's are Iranians  VS  Persians are Zoroastrian and believe in complete freedom

Muslims in Iran have tried their hardest to burn all the old scriptures and force their beliefs on Persian society, and the world.   I am pure blood of Persia and not an Iranian, and the persecuted are my people.  I am exiled from Iran.  I can never go home.  I will be killed in Iran.  They have taken my home and I can not go to my own home.  Some Muslim peasant is living in my home now in Tehran.  Where is my justice? They took Iran now they took my home and furnitures too.  This is Islam for you.  The only law Muslims follow is Quran nothing else.  Let the world know what they have done to me.  

I have refused to be an American or a refugee, I do not need American taxpayers to pay for Iran's mistake and my misfortune.  I am the royal blood of Persia, and untill my death I will remain to be a proud citizen of Iran and self supporting resident of the United States.  As long as Iran suffers at the hands of the criminal mullahs I suffer with it and will try to save it.  Once Persians are ready to fight for complete freedom this law will take effect in Iran.  I have faith in my people. Islmaic Republic of Iran can no longer hide my story the world soon will wake up and seek justice for me.  

Royal Highness Sereen of Sasanian Persian Empire legalized same-sex marriage , Prostitution and Pornography in Iran.  

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This collection is Celebration of freedom Be proud and don't hide your sexuality.

No religious brain dead  zombie can call me a sinner, I do as I please.  The world will see and learn.  I do not care if you like it or not.  I love it and no one can stop me becouse I have a gun.


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I don't consider myself a pornstar. I am just an boy who is free and who loves to have sex with girls, boys, transsexuals, hermaphrodites, crossdressers I never say no to a good sex, and I do make my own porn with my Iphone 5.  I do not hide my actions or feel shy about my sexuality.  I am very refined, cultured and open minded.  I adore African americans and embrace and in love with Asians.  Iran claims there are no gays in Iran shows the world that Iran is the most zealously homophobic country, and I am doing my part to educate my people. is the first gay porn released in Persian in Iran, and it has over 100,000 hits in a month from Iran.  The only website in the world who stood up against Islamic Republic of Iran and Muslims.  


عشق پسر یا دختر نداره حال کنید وآزاد باشید

His Imperial Royal Highness has gone wild.

Prince Sereen is ready to fuck some arse and I phone 5S even made it better. Come and polish my belt buckle with your arse

I stand naked for the world to see not as pornstar but as the official royal blood of Persia.   What is sin to you is divine to me.  I am a proud Persian.  I have a different flag and faith.  We tends to age different have fewer risk factors for disease and tends to be more physically fit and mentally balanced than any of the other people.   It is time for the world to respect my people and preserve my race and culture.

 I am Persian   and not Iranian.  It is time for you to learn the difference between Iranians and Persians.

 Now the world can wittness that not all humans are the same.  Not by media whose lies sabotages the Persian monarchy.  But by me a real Persian.  I am saved and I am here and no one can hide the truth anymore.

Jewish people belief that the Jews are the chosen people, chosen to be in a covenant with God.  My blood is 100% Jew free and I am very proud to be Persian.  Nudity is divine to me, it is time for the world to respect my culture and ways.

Don't let the religious brain dead zombies take away your freedom.

This is the job of every Persian to protect with your life now  

فقــط بچسب به من بی حیا و بی حجاب که سوراخ کون فقط ميخوام،  سرین کون کن خستگی ناپذیر

من دیگه خسته شدم از این ملاهای بی سواد که رئیس جمهور ملت شدن من از ايران بودنم خجالت زده و سر إفكنده شدم.  من دیگه زدم به سیم آخر.  توسری خور نباشید.   شجاع باشید.   نه اسلام رو قبول دارم و نه اهمیتی براش قائلم.  خون پاک آریایی تو رگهای من هست خون من از عرب حرومزاده کلیمی مسیحی‌ مسلمون بهائئ نیست.  کون به هوا ندید برای این دین عرب قاتل جنایتکار به نام خدا.   خاک ایران تو سرتون آبرو هر چی ایرانی بود بردید.  آتش زرثشت پاینده باد ایران.  من فرزند کـــوروشم خون ایـرانی به رگ دارم وبا هیکل رستمم خودم تنها اسلام را نابود میکنم.  تصویرمن از پایان اسلام است.

جوانترین و اولین پسری که مبارزه کرد با دولت جمهوری اسلامی با فیلم های لختی خود در ایران و سپاه و بسیجی ها در برابر دستگیری هیچ گوهی نتونستن بخورند.  سرین بدیعی با معروفترین سایت در ایران

خشونت علیه زنان و هم جنسگران در نظامی رخ می دهد که مبتنی بر نابرابری جنسیتی با اعتقاد دینی ارتباط دارد که رابطه جنسی با هم جنس حرام است

Jews Christians, Muslims and Bahai's are disgusted with gays "homosexuality is not only a sin" but they want them dead.

Divine angel SEREEN I am here to kill the sinners.  I will not tolerate injustice  I will not let you jail or kill one more gay guy.

Even the  Supreme Court of the United States have no power over this message.  There is no statute of limitations for murder.

I am here for Justice,  It is time for all the gays to file lawsuit against all Churches and Mosques. Do not let anyone call you a sinner.

 In Iran I was a proud satanic antiallah and in USA it is honor to be an antichrist.  I am here to enforce gay rights.

متن دینی تو زیر پای مقدس شاهزاده سرین بدیعی

Do not accept abuse learn to have zero percent tolerance for injustice

Early 2013 in russia A 23-year-old man named Vladislav Tornovoy has been brutally tortured and killed by his friends in the city of Volgograd in southern Russia after revealing that he was gay. 

The perpetrators reportedly inserted beer bottles in his private parts and cut his penis. Investigators say the victim's head was smashed with a 20 kg rock, making it difficult for the authorities to identify the mutilated body.

No one gives you Freedom you have to  fight for it.

With a Gun     Free

Without a Gun    Dead

Next time media hide the truth about Iran, know that I be killed as soon as I set my foot in the airport.  I defended myself no one helped me.  While they have stole million of dollars from me.   The  Islamic Republic of Iran  Published lies about me and my family,  after my sex scandal  سرین بدیعی they could not hide my story in Iran anymore. We as the people are being played by our media's while they kill us from Iran to United State and steal our money and expose us to depleted uranium and cancer with their staged wars.  Investigative Reporters have a moral obligation to disclose information to the public. Truth and integrity has never been more important to our success.  No one can hide this anymore.  It is going to be all over the world just like my porns. 

And now US media try to take away your guns: Once the US Government signs these international treaties, all US citizens will be subject to those gun laws created by foreign governments.  The laws are designed and intended to lead to the complete ban and confiscation of all firearms.  That be the end of your Freedom.  

Iranians, gays and females are essentially submissive people who are ready to serve.  These people have no inclination to resist, and this has allowed the condemnation and discrimination by religions very powerful across the world.  For the most part, in most places, and for most of history, these minorities have laid low instead of fighting prejudice and injustice perpetuated by religions on them.  

But no more.  It is time to hold a gun and fight for your very own freedom.  You are not equal becouse you allow yourself to be treated as one who is inferior.  When you see abuse, it is up to you to stop it, or it will never stop no matter how much you sit and pray to the god to end injustice.  The adage that God helps those who help themselves is never more true than it is now.  It is time to fight like a warrior, or you will always be called a faggot and sinner and will be beaten up and abused.

Ironically I see more gays getting beaten up in the United State than I saw hanged in Iran.  True, in the US there are more outspoken gays now, and that accounts for a lot of the violence against them whereas in Iran keeping your sexuality a secret is practiced more.  But still, in both countries abuses are rampant.  I feel sad for both, but at same time I am disgusted wondering why cant you fight back like me? I wasn't hanged in Iran nor beaten up in USA.   Anyone who calls me sinner deserves to be shoot, or at least answered with whatever it takes to stop their abuse.  No human can direspect me nor touch me in wrong way,  I have zero percent tolerance for injustice.  I never hide my face, and I am proud of what I do.  Learn to be honest and always fight for freedom.  Do not accept abuse as a part of life, not your life, not anyone else's life.

I get disgusted when I see gay Jews,  gay Christians, gay Muslims and gay Bahai's because they are following a false religion that condemns them, and they even give these cults money.   They abuse you and call you sinners, and yet you accept them and belong to their churches, temples and mosques, and when gays are hanged in Iran and beaten in Russia you wonder how did that happen?   It is time to learn a valuable lesson from Russia with its Christians abusing gays and Iran with Muslims doing even worse.   So why do you join their cults and donate money to their cause and allow them to spit in your eye and call you a faggot, a sinner.  Such misguided behavior is beyond imagination.

Today females demand to be equal, but many are religious and under every single religious teaching a man is superior to woman.   As long as there are religions, females are and will never be equal.  And as for gays and pornstars, they are always in danger.  I have seen Muslims kill gays like turkeys on thanksgiving, When the Muslim population numbers grow large enough in the USA, every gay guy will be killed, and no media or Jew or Christian will help him either.   Muslims love to kill gays.  Watch this images and you will see what Muslims are about.  This is not from the government.  It is from people, just normal people like you and me, who go to watch Muslims kill gays like going to movies.  The only thing is missing is coke and popcorn. Gays are nothing but the scum of the society in Iran and now that is being copied in Russia. Almost no one there would feel remorse for homosexuals and pornstars.

My father was in the Iranian army, and he witnessed Muslim rituals like stoning adulterers, gay killings, and not just by Islamic guards but sometime by ordinary people, neighbors or family members.  They have the insane belief that for each gay person that you kill you will get a point to go to heaven and be closer to god.  White blood they call it which is Halal,  Red blood is Haram.  If you are gay you are Halal.  The Islamic laws are very simple when it comes to homosexuals and pornstars.  That is the reason why Iran doesn't have any admitted gays nor any pornstars (beside me).  Every Persian  is so frighten that no one has any courage to fight them.  They have accepted this brutality and discrimination of the severest kind as part of everyday life, and some really believe anal sex is evil and a sin.  In Iran you can not and will never have gay rights.  Unless the gays get a gun in Iran and learn to defend their freedom like a wild lion rather than be killed and hanged like a sinner -- unless they organize and take action, noting will change, and the cause of real freedom will never advance.

Iranian Newspapers have published me as a dangerous gay psychopath killer pornstar spy.  I rather be that than a dead sissy - It is legal to kill in self-defense.

If you are like me and have zero percent tolerance for injustice from the religious zombies then you need a gun

No human gave me freedom is free becouse I put my own life on the line and fight for it in the Supreme Court of the United States.

Persians are Zoroastrian and carry a lion flag , Iranians are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahai's they have Arab Heritage and follow Arab mortals as Prophets.  Nudity is sin to them but it is Divine to us.  There are only 150,000 Persians left in the world.  Persian race is on edge of extinction.

Zoroastrians regard the existence of evil as necessary and that men achieve goodness through battling it. They also view life as struggle between the Angels and the devil Ahriman (Prince of Chaos and Darkness) and believe that man has a free will to choose between angel and the devil and that gods has given man intelligence to carry out the fight which provides man with the insight that the good life is sometimes hard but the consequences of evil are worse. Angel power is almost equal to that of Evil.

I don't fear of religious people they fear me.  I will make a new breed of Gays who will fight for freedom. Warriors.

Next time some one call you a faggot file lawsuit or punch them in the fucken face,  Make them scared of you not the other way around.  Be a wild lion not a pussy cat.

 I rather fight with a gun for freedom,  than to accept mortal Arab orphan as prophet or to follow european British peasant slave Jesus as my savior.  Persian Empire was way far superior before they set their savage illiterate feets in to my divine land I use to proudly call Persia.  My name is Sereen and I am immortal from the pure blood of Persia.

" The immortals" was named by the herodotus of greek when he entered persia  "

The Cyrus Cylinder of Human Rights Declaration.

Love                Peace             Freedom

Good Deeds            Good Thoughts            Good Words.



NEXT time you hear "NO GAYS IN IRAN"   Tell them the world Youngest pornstar is from Iran the one that Islamic Republic wants to kill.

A life without freedom is not a life worth living

I am Zoroastrian and strongly believe in Angels and freedom my blood is of immortal angels I do not fear mortals.  

If you are gay carry this with you, it will protect you against Evil   Believe in Angels, You are divine.

Explorations in the Outer Realms of Human Thought 

Albert Einstein's views on God developed as he sought to understand the fundamental nature of the universe and existence. As Einstein delved into the science of the universe in which we live, he also sought an understanding - through his own insight rather than religious doctrine - into the nature and cause of existence. Einstein's conclusions on the nature and cause of existence mirror Zoroastrian precepts.  Believe in immortal Angels.

All beings originate from Spiritual realm. All of them also need to descend to the material part for their further development

Learn be honest.   Do not cover your face and live in a shame or try to be discrete.  There are thousands of you in every race. offer educational movies that include  Hermaphrodites, Intersexuals, Gays, Transsexuals, Crossdressers, Femboys,  in English and Persian.